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How Long Does It Take To Notice Weight Loss? Track Your Journey!

If you are consistently trying to shed some extra pounds, you will definitely reach your goal. However, weight loss is a slow process you need ...

by Karen Smit

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If you are consistently trying to shed some extra pounds, you will definitely reach your goal. However, weight loss is a slow process you need to cultivate some patience before involving in weight loss management.

Based on your body weight and desired goals, the time taken to notice significant changes may vary. This essay focuses on the time taken for significant weight loss while considering the stages of noticing weight loss.

The article will provide an overview of all the aspects of losing weight to embrace a healthy-looking body. Before understanding the days required let’s take a look at what is weight loss.

What Are The Different Stages Of Noticing Weight Loss?

    In simple terms, weight loss is burning more calories while consuming less food. This will let the body utilize the stored calories to make energy and lose weight. Noticing reduction in the weight will vary from person to person. There are different stages of noticing weight loss. Some of the general stages include:

    The Different Stages Of Noticing Weight Loss

    1. Personal Awareness

    When you start putting in some effort, as a first positive sign you will notice changes in the cloth fit. You will also feel lighter and skinnier than before. 

    2. Physical changes

    Slowly, your efforts will change your physical appearance. People will start to comment on your healthy figure. You can also find profound changes while looking into the mirror. 

    3. Tracking Results

    Keep track of your weight loss journey. Take measurements and check your progress regularly to get concrete evidence of weight reduction. 

    4. Health Improvements

    Healthy weight loss can potentially impact other bodily functions as well. You will start to notice an improvement in digestion, healthy metabolism, increased levels of energy, high stamina or physical performance, and reduced fatigue. 

    5. Improved Mental Health

    When a person starts to shed some unhealthy weight, it can positively impact mental health also. A slender-looking figure can increase the level of confidence. It will result in the reduction of stress and anxiety. Altogether a person will have a positive outlook towards the body. 

    Now you know what weight loss is and the various stages of noticing weight loss. Individuals begin their journey with a target. You might have seen most of them start with 15 pounds because it is a reasonable aim. Do you know how long does it take to lose 15 pounds? It will take only 2 to 4 months to lose 15 pounds.   However, some factors can affect this. Some of the common factors that can influence the weight loss include:

    • Starting size – A heavy person may take more time to lose weight than others. A person with high unnecessary weight holds excess body fat that takes extra time to lose. 
    • Diet – A healthy diet can accelerate an individual’s weight loss. A person should follow an appropriate diet routine suitable for their body. 
    • Exercise – A healthy diet is not enough to lose weight. Follow a regular exercise regimen along with other strategies to achieve your desired body goals. 
    • Daily activities –  If you are someone with a sedentary lifestyle, it can be difficult to lose body mass. Inactivity will increase your fat deposit which can slow down your body. You have to incorporate activities that can improve metabolism, and other kind of treatments to achieve a healthy figure. 
    • Genetics – It plays a crucial role in storing and use of calories. If you have a family history of obesity or overweight, it may be a challenge to lose some pounds. However, the right method of exercising, training, diet, and rest can help to tackle the issue. 

    Giving significance to these factors and tailoring your weight loss strategies can help you achieve all your goals. Sometimes, people following all the right things to get rid of their weight may hit a weight-loss plateau. A stage where your weight won’t change even after doing everything. The coming section will provide all the information to overcome this stage. 

    How Many Weeks Is Considered A Weight Loss Plateau?

      You hit a weight loss plateau when your body weight stops changing. Hitting it is common and happens to almost everyone who tries to lose weight. It can happen even if you are following all the methods to lose weight. The presence of glycogen and slower metabolism can be two of the most common reasons behind this. Getting past weight loss plateaus is easy. The following steps will help overcome the condition. 

      • Make sure you haven’t made any changes to your weight loss strategies. Reassess your habit and get back on the track.
      • Consider cutting more calorie intake, but do not put yourself in the risk of overeating. 
      • Including more activity in daily life can help to get past the weight loss plateau. 
      • Reevaluate your exercise regimen and include more aerobic exercises. 

      A weight loss plateau is not permanent, it may last only for 4 weeks. Making adjustments to your routine can help to overcome this easily.  


      Embracing a healthy-looking body requires some patience and effort but it is never an impossible task. If you are keen on achieving a healthy weight, you have to follow a balanced diet, regular exercise, and daily physical activities.

      You will start to notice significant changes in your weight within a few months as well. Only a healthy approach and outlook toward reaching your body goals can alter your physical and mental health. If you need personalized guidance consulting a dietician or fitness trainer will help you enhance the results.

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