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Green Juice For Weight Loss: Effective Strategies And Benefits

Green juices are basically juicing green vegetables to get a nutritious drink. There is no fixed recipe and hence you can take the liberty and ...

by Susan Debicki

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Green juices are basically juicing green vegetables to get a nutritious drink. There is no fixed recipe and hence you can take the liberty and combining veggies and greens to your liking. Some people also add fruits to the mix for a bit more sweetness. Green juice can be refreshing, delicious, and a feel-good drink.

You might have seen green juices in the hands of influencers or some aesthetic picture collage. Or you might have seen green juices presented as some elixirs for weight loss and skin-beauty hacks. So it is high time we see what is the deal with green juices and how they impart any benefits, especially for weight management.

Many people have promoted green juices, suggesting that they support weight loss. The main advantage is that for people who don’t like eating veggies. Juicing might be a good option for those people to get their veggies in. We need to see if there is more to green juices than this.

So it is only fair that we look into it and understand the actual potential of how much this drink can contribute to healthy and sustainable weight loss. So without further ado let us dive right into it.

Benefits Of Green Juice For Weight Loss

The major advantage of green juices is how much nutrients we can quickly get. The thing is while juicing you are combining many veggies. Eating that much might be a bit difficult but juicing them makes it more convenient and easy to take in as well.

Weight Loss Green Juice

Research has shown that improving your fruit and veggie intake over time is seen to assist in decreasing body weight as well as reducing your risk of weight gain in the future.

Some studies have also shown that certain compounds in fresh juices may possess prebiotic qualities which can support a stronger gut by promoting good bacteria. Another aspect is that green juices are easy to digest. It is very easy for your digestive system to process juice. Green juices are very low in calories too.

Drinks that are low in calories and at the same time healthy seem like an ideal addition to one’s weight loss journey. Plus they are very customizable. You can add and swap out ingredients. Especially for people who hate some veggies but want to incorporate them into their diet, then they can just slowly add the particular veggie in small amounts and gradually increase the quantity. 

Drawbacks Of Green Juice For Weight Loss

A major disadvantage would be the lack of protein, healthy fats, and sodium. Do not just drink juice all day, every day just for weight loss. Humans need many other nutrients than what is contained in green juice to function properly. It is unwise to overindulge in green juice as it might negatively affect your kidneys.

Green vegetables are a rich source of oxalates and if they reach high levels in your body it can harm your kidneys. Plus if your green juices are high in fruits then it might negatively impact the blood sugar levels for diabetic patients.

The main problem with juicing is you are missing out on fiber. So if you want to include the fiber from the fruits and veggies then blend them. But if you are not a big fan of that or hate the pulpy texture then juicing is the better option.


Green juices juices can be healthy for your body. But in excess it causes more harm than good. Green juices must be considered as healthy supplementation to your meals. Depending just on juice diets for weight loss can cost way too much. It is nearly impossible to get sustainable weight loss by just drinking juices.

Human beings require several other nutrients for optimal functioning. They can be a good way to increase your nutrient intake but should not be seen as a sole tool for weight loss. 

So if you want to get the benefits of green juices make sure to take it along with nutritionally balanced and healthy meals. This way you can ensure that your body receives every nutrient in the right amount. Starving yourself with just juices is not the key to weight loss but good meals in calorie deficit and a proper physical routine are the key.

Do not expect miraculous weight loss benefits from drinking green juices all the time as the chances you are not even losing fat but the water weight which you will gain back instantly once you are eating solid foods. So consume the green juices in moderation.

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