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5 Symptoms Of Slow Metabolism – How Can We Enhance Its Rate?

Have you ever wondered why people who are slim and skinny never get huge despite their high intake of food? You may have seen some ...

by Kendra Reed

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Have you ever wondered why people who are slim and skinny never get huge despite their high intake of food? You may have seen some people slashing the buffets in marriages or events and maintaining a fit body without any challenges. If you are an overweight person, then you will want to know the secret behind managing your weight. 

Well, it is none other than the rate of metabolism in the body which is responsible for burning fats and calories. A person with a slimmer and more toned body has a higher rate of metabolism than people who are overweight or obese.

A slower metabolism may take some time to burn calories and fats. Due to slow metabolism, some fats may too inside the cells resulting in increased weight. If you are someone who has a slow metabolism, then do not worry this review is drafted to explore various factors revolving around slow metabolism. Before we highlight slow metabolism, let us understand slow metabolism. 

What Is Slow Metabolism?

Metabolism is a biological process that involves various chemical reactions to proceed with the operation of converting calories into energy. Metabolism helps the body get enough fuel to run throughout the day. The rate of metabolism determines the amount of fuel being burned in the body. 

When the metabolism rates are too low, the digestive process becomes slower than usual, resulting in trapping the fats in the cells and turning carbohydrates into sugar – instead of energy. A slower metabolism burns fewer calories which means more of them get stored leading to weight gain. 

People with slower metabolism have low energy levels and have high risks of gaining weight or diabetes. Addressing the root cause of metabolism can heighten its function. Slow metabolism can be improved by properly guiding the body toward healthy metabolism.  

Man Feeling Bloated

What Causes Slow Metabolism?

Slow metabolism is the lowest metabolic rate of the body to burn and convert food into energy. There are several causes for slow metabolism. We have undermined some of the factors that are the leading cause of slow metabolism. 


Hormone production plays an important role in the secretions of chemical reactions. Excess availability of hormones like cortisol or insulin levels can alter the speed of metabolism

➰ Age

As we age, our bodies undergo various changes in hormones, muscles, and cells. When the body becomes weaker it burns fewer calories, leading to excess weight


Side effects from the medication can imbalance the natural processes of the body causing poor metabolism levels which can increase the appetite and calorie intake

Slow Metabolism Symptoms

Slow metabolism is shown transparently by the bodily process. Many signs show the effects of slower metabolism. Some of the slow metabolism symptoms are given below:

Low Energy Levels

Constantly feeling out of energy is a sign of a slow metabolism. The inability to convert calories into energy leads the energy levels to dip down.

➰ Cravings

If you have a sweet tooth every time then insulin levels may not be balanced. Craving for sugary products is a sign of an unhealthy metabolism. Excess consumption of sugar products may lead to health problems. 

➰ Feeling Bloated

When the digestive system is compromised, the foods are not digested properly. This is one of the many signs that the body is not able to break down foods due to slower metabolism. 

How To Fix Slow Metabolism?

A slow metabolism can be overturned in many ways. But there is no quick solution to this frustrating situation. Here are some of the techniques that can help improve metabolism gradually over time. 

Healthy And Regular Diet

Eating a healthy diet may not solve the problem. Eating smaller meals helps the body to digest all the food particles. 

Be Hydrated

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Staying hydrated is important for the body to assist in producing chemical reactions which are responsible for effective digestion

Regular Exercise

Exercising regularly is crucial for the body to move the muscles. This will help the body to burn calories trapped between the tissues and muscles. 

Final Say

Simply implementing these strategies may not be effective. Consistency is the key to improving health benefits. Along with these methods, getting quality sleep is highly important. Sleep is the natural healing process of the body. The effects on metabolism are shown when the body undergoes proper sleep. Sleeping helps the body relax and calm the mind. Maintaining a healthy diet and workout routine can elevate the metabolism 

In case of any other medical condition. It is crucial to address the underlying condition with the assistance of medical experts. Finding a solution to the root cause and maintaining consistency is the key to improving metabolism as well as overall quality of life. 

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