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Neuriva Reviews: How Does This Formula Help To Improve Brain Function?

Neuriva is a brain health supplement that helps boost mental clarity, concentration, and overall cognitive performance. Neuriva has been receiving much hype lately, as it ...

by Kendra Reed

Neuriva is a brain health supplement that helps boost mental clarity, concentration, and overall cognitive performance. Neuriva has been receiving much hype lately, as it is said to be very effective. This supplement has been tested for 30 to 35 days by our supplement testing organization. In this Neuriva review, I plan to share all the findings and other details. 

Neuriva Reviews: Is This A Reliable Remedy For Enhancing Memory Power?

In this review, we look for details regarding a supplement, such as how it works, the ingredients used, its manufacturing standards, whether it causes side effects, its pros and cons, pricing, refund policy, customer opinion, and much more.

Before opting for any health supplement, we should have a clear-cut analysis of it, since it is a matter of our health. There are plenty of Neuriva reviews out there. However, they seem to explain the supplement in detail, which I plan to do to help you determine if the Neuriva nootropic supplement is safe and worth trying. 

Cognitive decline is something most people become victims of due to aging, injury, or inheritance. Brain health problems can be prevented to an extent, with the help of supplements like Neuriva. It acts as a natural solution to improve brain health without any side effects. Keep reading to learn more about what this supplement has in store. 

Neuriva Review
Product NameNeuriva
Product TypeBrain health supplement
BenefitsBoosts memory, concentration, reasoning, learning, accuracy, and focus
Key IngredientsVitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12, Coffee fruit extract, Phosphatidylserine
Other FeaturesVegetarian, gluten-free, non-GMO, decaffeinated
Recommended Dosage1 capsule daily at bedtime
ManufacturerReckitt Benckiser (NEURIVA brand), made in the USA
Third-Party CertificationYes
FDA ApprovalNot FDA-approved, manufactured in an FDA-approved facility
Manufacturing StandardsStrict, sterile, precise working facilities
Pricing$29.78 (1 bottle), $59.56 (2 bottles), $89.34 (3 bottles)
Return Policy30-day refund or replacement policy through Amazon
Suitable PopulationAdults only (not recommended for those under 18, pregnant, or nursing mothers)
Side EffectsGenerally safe; may cause nausea, and drowsiness; avoid alcohol around dosage time
Customer ReviewsPositive feedback on improved cognitive skills without side effects
Expert OpinionLegitimate and effective brain health solution; seek medical advice if on other medications
Where to BuyExclusively available on Amazon

What is Neuriva?

Neuriva is an advanced brain health formula that helps boost the six indicators of brain health. It helps improve memory, concentration, reasoning, learning, accuracy, and focus. This capsule is vegetarian, gluten-free, non-GMO, and decaffeinated. Neuriva cognitive support formula comes in an easy-to-swallow capsule form, which makes it convenient to take daily.

What I find impressive about this supplement is it has only natural ingredients that help target the root cause of the problem. It is unflavored and proven to be safe and non-habit-forming. Each Neuriva bottle contains 30 capsules, providing a month’s supply. The manufacturer recommends taking this mental clarity supplement once daily to see effective results. 

How does Neuriva work?

Neuriva mental health supplement works to improve brain health naturally by addressing the underlying cause of cognitive decline. This supplement contains natural ingredients that help increase BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) levels that play a major role in the growth, survival, and maintenance of the brain cells. 

Also, these Neuriva ingredients support better memory and learning. It is formulated with neurofactors, phosphatidylserine, and B vitamins. Taking this supplement regularly helps reduce fatigue, regulate blood sugar, and improve overall energy while boosting cognitive skills.

Neuriva focuses on improving mental alertness, memory, learning, reasoning, accuracy, concentration, and focus. This supplement acts as an all-natural solution to prevent cognitive decline or brain damage. 

Neuriva Supplement

Pros and cons of Neuriva supplement

In this Neuriva review, I will list the pros and cons to get a brief idea of the supplement. This way, you will know what to expect from this supplement. 

  • This brain health capsule is unflavored and is proven to be non-habit-forming. 
  • Neuriva contains only high-quality, safe, natural ingredients. 
  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • It is vegetarian, non-GMO, gluten-free, and decaffeinated. 
  • Provides faster results.
  • Neuriva is manufactured in strict, sterile, and precise working facilities that are third-party certified. 
  • Not suitable for those under 18. 
  • Overdosing may be harmful. 

Neuriva ingredient analysis

Neuriva brain support supplement contains only high-quality, trustworthy ingredients proven for their safety, effectiveness, and legitimacy. The manufacturer ensures the supplement is vegetarian and free of any additives, chemicals, toxins, or stimulants. Let us look at the Neuriva ingredients. 

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 possesses various benefits, such as lowering cancer risk, better mood, improving immunity, supporting nerve function, and managing blood sugar levels. According to the Mayo Clinic, Vitamin B6 is said to be very important for normal brain function. It helps boost brain function, prevents Alzheimer’s disease, and improves focus. 


Folate is known for its ability to aid in the production of RNA and DNA. The National Library of Medicine states that this ingredient helps improve brain function and lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. 


Vitamin B12

According to Healthline, Vitamin B12 helps improve bone health, eyesight, mood, energy, hair, skin, and nails. It plays a major role in brain health as vitamin B6 deficiency can cause memory loss. This ingredient helps slow down cognitive decline and improve memory. 

Coffee fruit extract

The coffee fruit extract is highly known to protect the brain and WebMD states that this ingredient helps prevent dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other age-related cognitive declines. Also, it helps improve brain function naturally. 

Coffee fruit extract


According to the National Library of Medicine, Phosphatidylserine improves cognitive function while slowing down the aging of the brain. It supports better memory, learning, concentration, problem-solving, and communication skills. 


How to use Neuriva?

Neuriva is available as easy-to-swallow capsules, which the manufacturer recommends taking once daily to see effective results. Each bottle of this cognitive function booster contains 30 capsules, which provides a month’s supply, and it is advised to take one capsule daily at bedtime. Neuriva is for adults, so those under 18 should not consume it. Also, pregnant or nursing mothers should not be trying these capsules. 

Remember, overdosing on Neuriva supplements won’t bring faster results, and may be harmful, and underdosing might not provide you with the results you wished for. So, ensure you follow the correct Neuriva dosage to get optimal results. If you have a medical condition and are under strict medication, consult the doctor before taking the supplement.

Neuriva Supplement Facts

Claims vs facts

Tested facts

Claim: provides faster results. 

Facts: just like this supplement claims, it provides faster and more effective results. When I looked into Neuriva reviews and testimonials, it stated that the supplement provides the claimed benefits. 


Claim: Neuriva brain health formula claims to support brain health naturally by fighting the root cause of cognitive decline. 

Facts: Well, these brain enhancement pills are formulated with natural, scientifically proven ingredients that address the underlying cause of the problem. 

Regulatory compliance 

Claim: The manufacturer asserts that this supplement is all-natural and vegetarian. 

Facts: It is evident that this supplement is natural, safe, and free of chemicals, toxins, or stimulants. 

Manufacturer and credibility

Neuriva is made in the USA and the manufacturer is Reckitt Benckiser. Its brand is NEURIVA and is promoted by Amazon. This shows the trustworthiness and credibility of the supplement and the manufacturer.

Neuriva mental support formula is manufactured in strict, sterile, and precise working facilities, and as a dietary supplement, it is not evaluated by the FDA. However, it is third-party certified, which proves its legitimacy. Also, the Neuriva ingredients are natural and are proven for their safety and efficacy, and each batch is third-party tested before dispatch. 

Cost and value of Neuriva supplement

Neuriva seems to be a better choice to improve brain health naturally than Alpha Brain and Nootrix Brain Boost as it is more cost-effective and efficient. 

Supplement NEURIVAAlpha BrainNootrix Brain Boost
Supplement form: Capsulated formCapsulated form Capsulated form
Net quantity:30 capsules 90 capsules 60 capsules 
Ingredients:Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Coffee fruit extract
Vitamin B6
Oat extract
Phosphatidyl serine 
Cat’s claw extract
DMAE Bitartrate
L-Glutamine HCI
Bacopa Monnier 
Ginko Biloba extract 
Siberian Ginseng extract
Alpha Lipoic extract
Phosphatidyl serine 
Results: Users have reported getting faster and lasting results within a few weeks of using the supplement. It took around three to six weeks to see results. The users failed to get the results at the promised time. 
Manufacturer:Manufactured in strict, sterile, and precise working facilities that are third-party tested. Manufactured in good working facilities. Manufactured in the USA under good manufacturing standards. 

Unlike other nootropic brain supplements, Neuriva has put much thought into the ingredient quality, which is why it contains only high-quality ingredients. Also, the manufacturer has prioritized the customers’ safety by ensuring each batch is third-party tested before dispatch. Considering the brand reputation, customer reviews, results, availability, and affordability, Neuriva seems to be the better choice. 

Neuriva side effects and interaction

There is no room for Neuriva side effects as the manufacturer ensures the safety of the supplement. So far, no major side effects have been reported regarding this mental clarity supplement since it contains only high-quality natural ingredients and is manufactured in strict, sterile, and precise working facilities that are third-party certified.

However, one may experience nausea, feel sleepy, or tired after taking this supplement. It is advised to take Neuriva pills with lukewarm water and this dietary supplement may interact with alcohol, so avoid consuming alcohol 1 hour before or after taking the supplement. In case, you are taking other medications or have an existing health condition, consult the doctor before using Neuriva brain health capsules. 

Neuriva refund policy

You are not eligible for a return or refund policy provided by Amazon if the seal of the bottle is open or the supplement has any damage. Avoid using the supplement if the seal is broken or damaged. Amazon provides a 30-day, refund or replacement policy if any of the above-mentioned conditions apply.

Neuriva customer review and testimonials

When looking at the Neuriva customer reviews and testimonials, I was able to find that this supplement provided faster results and met all conditions of the users. This formula helped the users restore cognitive skills naturally without any side effects.

They were able to improve concentration, accuracy, reasoning, focus, and learning abilities. It is to be noted that no complaints or side effects have been reported regarding the Neuriva brain health supplement as it exceeded the users’ expectations. Let us look at some of the customer testimonials. 

Richard Williams, New York City

“I was able to improve my mental sharpness and overall brain health with the help of this supplement. It was a game-changer for me as it helped restore cognitive abilities and maintain mental acuity throughout the day. “

John, Los Angeles

“Taking this supplement for a month brought drastic changes in my cognitive skills. I had become very forgetful and slow in learning and calculating. However, Neuriva made it easier for me to improve my memory, learning abilities, concentration, and reasoning. “

Antony, San Francisco

“I did not notice any changes by using Neuriva for a month, but after taking it for three months, I could feel that my brain health improved. “

Hazel Grace, Wahington D.C

“Neuriva helped lift the mental fog, memory loss, and lack of concentration. It provided various benefits in improving cognitive skills with no side effects.” 

Expert opinion on Neuriva

As a medical reviewer, by analyzing and studying the supplement in detail, it can be said that Neuriva is a legitimate solution to improve brain health naturally. Neuriva memory boosting supplement seems genuine and trustworthy as it meets all safety guidelines.

With thorough studies, it can be concluded that this cognitive support formula is worth trying as it is authentic, safe, and effective. However, Neuriva is not suitable for those under 18, pregnant, or nursing women.

Also, do not consume alcohol before or after an hour of consuming the supplement as alcohol has a high chance of interacting with the supplement. If you are taking cancer medications or are diagnosed with other serious health conditions, take the opinion of a doctor before consuming Neuriva capsules.  

Where can you buy Neuriva?

Neuriva supplements are exclusively available on Amazon, but there are many replicas available to scam unaware customers with low-quality, cheap supplements. Ensure you purchase the authentic supplement only by checking its manufacturer and brand. Neuriva is reasonably priced compared to other brain health supplements. One bottle costs $29.78, two bottles cost $59.56, and three bottles cost $89.34. 

Conclusion on Neuriva Reviews

By reviewing this natural brain booster, it can be said that Neuriva is a better choice for enhancing cognitive abilities naturally. It contains all the goodness of natural ingredients that help treat the root cause of the problem.

What stands out about Neuriva is all ingredients are 100% natural and are manufactured in strict, sterile, and precise working facilities that are third-party certified.

Also, these memory enhancement pills are vegan, unflavored, non-GMO, gluten-free, and decaffeinated. Neuriva exceeds in terms of providing faster results, authenticity, brand reputation, affordability, and availability, as evident from the Neuriva reviews, which makes it worth trying.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I skipped a day’s dose?

Do not overdose on Neuriva if you accidentally skipped a day’s dosage. Instead, start taking the supplement the next day onwards. 

2. Does Neuriva really work? What if it doesn’t work for me?

The manufacturer assures that Neuriva works for everyone regardless of age. The users have reported better cognitive performance after taking Neuriva for three to six weeks. 

3. Will Neuriva cause any side effects?

Neuriva is proven to be safe and side-effect-free. Also, there is no room for error as it is vegetarian, non-GMO, decaffeinated, and free of additives, chemicals, toxins, or stimulants. 

4. Is Neuriva habit-forming?

No, Neuriva is tested to be non-habit-forming and safe for daily consumption. 

5. Is Neuriva approved by the FDA?

Neuriva is not approved by the FDA, but it is manufactured in a lab facility that is FDA-approved and GMP-certified.


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