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What Is A Bro Split? Workout Plan For Beginners!

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you might have heard about several workout splits. Those are ways of structuring your exercise routine by dividing the ...

by Jessica Bennet

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If you are a fitness enthusiast, you might have heard about several workout splits. Those are ways of structuring your exercise routine by dividing the workouts into different muscle groups or movement patterns.

This allows you to focus on specific areas during each workout and gives other muscle groups much-needed time to recover. The bro split is one such workout split that works well for beginners.

In this article, we will discover more about what a bro split is and will answer the common question that many have: “Does a bro split really work?”. Understanding the ins and outs of a bro-split can let you decide whether it would be actually beneficial for you or not. 

What Is A Bro Split?

Bro Split Workout Plan

A bro split is a type of workout split that focuses on training each major muscle group once per week. The name bro split comes from the fact that many “gym bros” (the most passionate and helpful fitness fanatics in the gym) use this technique as their workout split. It is also popular among beginners due to its simplicity and effectiveness in muscle growth

If you break down a typical bro-split routine, it will look something like this: 

✔️ Monday: Chest Day

Workouts: Barbell bench press, dumbbell incline bench press, decline hammer strength machine press, pec dec, and push-up.
Sets: 3 each

Reps: 10 each

✔️ Tuesday: Leg Day

Workouts: Barbell back squat, machine hack squat, leg press, leg extension, leg curl, and calf raise.
Sets: 3 each
Reps: 10 each

✔️ Wednesday: Shoulder Day

Workouts: Seated shoulder press, Arnold press, lateral raise, upright row, reverse fly machine, and shrug.
Sets: 3 each
Reps: 10 each

✔️ Thursday: Back Day

Workouts: Deadlift, lat pull down, hammer strength row, cable row, and straight arm lat pull down.
Sets: 3 each
Reps: 10 each

✔️ Friday: Arm Day

Workouts: Barbell bicep curl, preacher curl, incline dumbbell curl, dip, skull crusher, and dope press down.
Sets: 3 each
Reps: 10 each

✔️ Saturday & Sunday: Rest

Does bro split really work?

Bro-splits can be effective for muscle growth, especially for beginners and some intermediate lifters. The bro split is usually easy to follow and understand, and it allows you to dedicate a whole workout to a specific muscle group, enabling intense training.

In general, it is better to begin your fitness journey with a workout. But as you progress, you should consider exploring other split routines that offer higher training frequency or incorporate more full-body exercises. 

Pros and cons of bro split 

The opinion on whether bro-split will be efficient in giving you the desired muscle definition or not is extremely polarized. Some people stand by the split and others don’t. To make an informed decision on whether it would be suitable for you or not, consider the following comparison of the pros and cons of bro-split:


  • Simplicity: Easy to follow and understand when compared to other workout splits, making it a great doorway to get into the fitness realm. 
  • Muscle Focus: This allows you to dedicate a whole day of workout to a specific muscle group, enabling intense training. 
  • Recovery: Provides ample rest for each muscle group, since each of them is trained only once per week.


  • Lower Frequency: Training each muscle group only once a week might not be optimal for achieving the desired muscle growth. 
  • Muscle Neglect: The bro split may overlook smaller stabilizer muscles that contribute to overall physique and performance. 

Which is better, full body or bro split?

Choosing between a full-body workout routine and a bro split depends on your individual fitness goals, experience, and convenience. Here are some reasons that might make full-body workouts better than bro-splits:

  • Trains all major muscle groups in each session, instead of one at a day. 
  • Trains all major muscle groups 2-3 times per week. 
  • More focus on functional movements, which you need for longevity and to improve the overall quality of life. 
  • Full-body workouts burn more calories per session, which is more beneficial if you are aiming to lose some weight
  • Missing out on a day, I wouldn’t neglect a muscle group entirely for the whole week. 
  • If you are aiming to improve your core stabilization and posture, full-body workouts might be a better option than bro split. 

If you are still unsure about what to choose, you can include both full-body workouts and cardio workouts in your routine if you want to. You just have to plan your week in a way that can incorporate both styles alternatively. 


Bro split is a workout routine that is followed by both beginners and pros alike. The split divides each major group of muscles into separate days, giving each group added intensity. The split is simple and easy to follow, and it often dedicates 2 days a week for resting and recovery.

It can help you build muscles and improve strength. However, instead of sticking with the same reps and weights, you might want to eventually increase them to get a more desirable result. In some aspects, full-body workouts can be more beneficial, but you should weigh what your requirements and experiences are before selecting either. 

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