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When’s The Best Time For Sauna: Before Or After Your Workout?

All of you might have heard about saunas. The word ‘sauna’ is of Finnish origins and is used for the room and the steams that ...

by Jessica Bennet

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All of you might have heard about saunas. The word ‘sauna’ is of Finnish origins and is used for the room and the steams that we immerse ourselves in. Nowadays, Saunas are getting extremely popular and finding their way into spas, gyms, and retreat centers. People go there to socialize and spend time together and this has been trending in the influencer realm as well.

You must have seen a minimum of one post from your favorite fitness influencer sitting and sweating in the sauna. There are so many benefits that are commonly associated with these steam rooms like alleviating pain, increasing blood circulation, reducing stress levels, soothing skin problems, and improving cardiovascular health.

Most people like to get into a relaxing sauna after their workout. But if you are confused about engaging in a calming sauna before or after the workout you will shortly get your answers. We will see some more details like what types of saunas are there, saunas before or after a workout, the benefits of saunas, the drawbacks, and a lot more. So without wasting further time let us get right into it.

Types Of Saunas

  • Wood burning: Sauna rocks are heated using a wood-burning stove. Here the temperatures are usually high but the humidity is low.
  • Steam room: The main feature is that these steam rooms are maxed at 100% humidity. It is ideal for those who prefer wet heat. It is also called Turkish bathhouses.
  • Infrared rooms: Here the lightwaves do the job of warming your body. These specialized lamps heat the body without warming the entire room.
  • Electrically heated sauna: An electric heater is either fixed to the wall or the floor and that heats the room. This room has less humidity but higher temperatures.   
Best Time For Sauna

Sauna Before Or After A Workout: Which Is Best?

Generally using saunas after your workouts is considered ideal by many and we are listing here some of the major reasons that we believe it is best to hit a steamy sauna after your gym session.

Muscle recovery: Saunas are said to support optimal muscle recovery. The infrared saunas were especially found to be efficient in doing this job. Sessions as minimum as 20 to 30 minutes had positive impacts on the recovery of muscles. Some athletes do saunas to improve their performance and endurance as well.

Cardiorespiratory health: Cardiorespiratory health is associated with the capacity of your muscles, heart, and lungs when you work out. Better cardiorespiratory health is linked with better heart health and reducing the risks of heart conditions in the long run. Sauna is also believed to positively impact heart health as it is said to improve resting heart rate

Improve your skin health: Sweating may help in improving your collagen production. It also improves your blood circulation which also supports good skin. Plus sweating can help with clearing out pores of bacteria which is good for your skin.

Relaxation: Well after an intense workout session it would be nice to sit and chill in a hot room maybe with your favorite workout buddies. You can use this chance to unwind a bit before going for other stuff.

Drawbacks Of Saunas

Well, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. So let us see some of the drawbacks of using a sauna.


You must remember to hydrate yourself well before and after using a sauna. Also, make sure not to spend too much time in the sauna as it might cause dehydration. If you are feeling way too thirsty, or experience a headache, or get very thirsty then get out of the sauna immediately.

Health conditions

If you have health conditions like asthma, any other breathing issues, heart conditions, hypertension, low blood pressure, epilepsy, or people who are taking stimulants, tranquilizers, and certain drugs must consult with a doctor and ensure that it is safe to get into a sauna. Expecting mothers also fall into this category. Sauna might not be suitable for everyone and it is best to get an expert opinion before doing it.

Final Thoughts

A sauna might be a good idea if you love the heat and want to sweat it out. There are many many benefits associated with it. Some of them are proven whereas others are not. The sauna is a huge part of Scandinavian culture. It is getting very popular in other countries as well. Sauna before or after a workout is up to your preference. Some people prefer it before going to the gym as it makes them warm up. Then others would like to sweat even more and relax in the sauna. 

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