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What Is The Arnold Split? Ultimate Guide For Bodybuilders!

There have been a lot of discussions going on with the Arnold split and how it has helped people achieve their set goals, how it ...

by Jessica Bennet

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There have been a lot of discussions going on with the Arnold split and how it has helped people achieve their set goals, how it improves their physique, and a lot more. Feel like it’s a bit late to come into this discussion, but still, better late than never right? The name of this program comes from the legendary figure of bodybuilding Mr. Arnold Schwarzneggar. The 7-time Mr. Olympia winner used to do this solid routine to get to that level of physique we see on cameras.

Arnold Split is a 6-day workout routine curated to enhance your muscle mass and improve your physique. In this program, the full body routine is split into three parts: chest and back, shoulders and arms, and legs. These muscle groups will be trained for two days a week. Arnold Split is a bit demanding in your body so it is usually suggested for experienced lifters. This article will give a brief overview of this program and its pros and cons as well.

Is This The Ultimate Greek God Routine?

Arnold Split is not for the faint-hearted, this workout routine as mentioned before can be a bit demanding. But for the advanced lifters, it might be a great option to push their limits and see how much astounding stuff your body can perform. This routine is typically split into three: chest and back, arms and shoulders, and legs. Usually, lifters work around 3 to 4 sets with repetitions ranging from 6 to 25 in a single set.

With its high intensity comes the demands for a good recovery period, care for nutrition as well as consistency. The rest period is really important with such high volumes of training. With this format of training, two muscle groups for two days, those targetted areas will get solid rest for more than 24 hours.

Another integral part is nutrition. Nutrition should not be taken lightly. One must ensure that they are consuming nutrients as required and if not supplement them properly. The next part is consistency. Dreaming of Arnold split only gets you further in your dreams, not in reality. Self-discipline is integral and maintaining a solid routine is how people achieve ultimate results.

Arnold Split Workout Routine Program

Now let us see some of the positives and negatives of this routine. We are starting with the pros as per usual.

Pros Of Arnold Split

🔅 Well-Rounded Physique

Starting off strong, the major advantage of this split routine is obviously the physique that it helps build. Targeting muscle groups evenly also aids in this progress. Plus there is time to target weak areas so that you would not get hurt in the process. Be thoughtful about the programs that you select and ensure that you are not targeting the same areas again and again rather evenly.

🔅 Supports Optimal Recovery

Even though you are training six days a week, there is more than enough time for the hard-trained muscle groups to recover. Ideally, the resting period for the muscle groups will be more than 2 days making the recovery smoother and faster.

🔅 High-Intensity Routine Without Much Fatigue

For such circuits, the workout is high-intensity but when it comes to individual muscle volume it is not that huge. This is a major benefit of training opposing muscle groups. This allows one to work with high intensity. There won’t be problems training the upper body back to back as the muscle groups targeting the chest and back are different from arms and shoulders. 

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Cons Of Arnold Split

🔅 Busy Schedule

Following this routine means your time is spent majorly on this split training. This means there won’t be enough time to try out other workouts. You may be able to insert a small cardio but nothing major like HIIT or prepare for a marathon meanwhile. Plus one has to count on the time required for exercise selection, waiting for the equipment, and planning.

🔅 Not For Everybody

This workout strategy is only advised for people who are experienced when it comes to lifting. Ideally, 2 years of experience is required. In addition, if you were on a break and returning to the gym, then it is not advised to follow this routine.

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Arnold Split can be a great option for lifters who want something more to challenge them. It is best advised for advanced lifters who have 2+ years of experience. Training 6 days a week, twice on major muscle groups can be tedious for inexperienced people. It has a mental and physical toll so this program is not suitable for beginners or people who have taken long breaks from the gym and are just making a return. 

This routine can give impressive results for people who are consistent with the routine, have a well-structured plan, and are mindful of their nutrition as well as recovery. Planning your workouts is a major part of this split. With that being said we are coming to the end of this overview.

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