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5 Exercises For Strengthening Your Triceps: Best For Muscle & Strength

Exercising your triceps helps you improve your posture and the strength of your back and shoulders. If you are wondering where the triceps are, they ...

by Jessica Bennet

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Exercising your triceps helps you improve your posture and the strength of your back and shoulders. If you are wondering where the triceps are, they are a group of muscles located at the back of your upper arm. There are three parts to this triceps.

They are called lateral head, medial head, and long head. Today we will be looking into the tricep that is located on the outside of the arms called the lateral head.

The lateral head is the strongest head of this muscle group. Now to improve the strength of these muscles one must perform actions that properly engage this lateral head. Fair warning overdoing them without giving enough rest might also cause irritation, injuries, and discomfort.

What Are The Best 5 Triceps Exercises For Lateral Head?

Here is a list of triceps exercises that focus on the lateral head. These exercises are carefully selected as there are many variations to them and can be performed within the comfort of your home as well. So without further ado, let us get right into it.

1. Tricep pushdowns

Tricep Pushdowns

Tricep pushdowns effectively target the lateral head of your triceps without causing too much strain on your elbow joints. Start by positioning your feet close to each other and bending your knees slightly. Be mindful of leaning a bit forward and do not forget to engage your core muscles.

Position your shoulders and keep your arms close to your body, tucking them a bit inward. Now pull the weight down while exhaling and lower to your upper thigh region. Slowly inhale and control your weight as you release it upwards.

If you do not have access to a cable machine, you can do a similar variation of this exercise with your resistance band. You can attach your resistance band to a stable surface and do a similar version to train your lateral head at home.

2. Bench dips

Bench Dips

Now you don’t need any equipment for this next exercise. All you need to find is a stable bench. You will position yourself at the edge of a bench, placing your palms shoulder-width apart on the bench. Walk your feet outward and lower yourself until your elbows form a 90-degree angle.

Push back up and repeat the process. You can do 3 sets for 10 to 12 reps. If that’s difficult, you can reduce the reps. Or you can decrease the level of difficulty by placing your knees closer together. Make sure not to flare your elbows outward too much. And don’t perform the range of motion very fast.

3. Pushups

Pushups Exercises

Pushups work all your tricep muscles and it can be done without the help of any fancy equipment. Now, to get the most out of pushups, make sure you are doing a narrow grip version.  To perform this variation, start by forming a plank. Place your palms just 2 inches away from each other, almost forming a triangle.

Now, as usual, lower your body down and get back to the plank position. Perform a comfortable number of reps and slowly work your way upward. Now if you feel like these narrow-grip pushups are like a walk in the park for you, switch to diamond ones to get your game up.

4. Dumbbell french press

Dumbbell French Press

There are many variations to this dumbbell French press. One can perform it standing, seated, or even lying down. And as the name of the exercise suggests, you might need dumbbells for this one.  For the laying-down version, start by holding your dumbbell up very firmly.

Now take a breath and lower the dumbbell, keeping your elbows tight and stable. Lower it to the point where the dumbbell reaches the ears. Now exhale and bring your dumbbell back up to the initial position.  

5. Tricep kickback

Tricep Kickback

Another exercise that gives enough attention to the lateral head would be the classic tricep kickback. You can do it with dumbbells or opt for a cable machine as well. You can perform two variations of this exercise if you are doing it with dumbbells.

I would suggest using the support of a bench if you have any back pain, though. So for this version, put one knee on your bench and place that side of the arm on the bench as well. Maintain good posture; do not crouch your shoulders.

Now, with your free hand, lift the dumbbell and position it at your elbows, forming 90 degrees. Push your dumbbell backward, keeping your arms and elbows straight. Then slowly bring it to its initial position.

You can do it without a bench by slightly bending your knees and positioning yourself, leaning a bit forward. This way, you will be able to perform dumbbell kickbacks with both hands at the same time, unlike the first one.


We looked into some of the exercises that people can do to perfectly engage their triceps, specifically the lateral head. Make sure to perform them in the right form to avoid any injuries, and use the right breathing techniques to get the most out of these exercises.

Also, if you have any medical conditions that limit your movements or have any injuries in the first place, consult with your medical advisor or fitness expert before doing so. Improve your reps and sets carefully to not cause any discomfort to the trained areas.


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