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Best Lower Chest Exercises For Defined AF Pecs

If you are passionate enough about maintaining a well-toned body, then you already know the role of lower chest workout routines in achieving a sculpted ...

by Jessica Bennet

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If you are passionate enough about maintaining a well-toned body, then you already know the role of lower chest workout routines in achieving a sculpted physique. The lower chest is one of the problem areas. You need to invest time in the right kind of lower pec workouts to get strong pectoral muscles. Here is an article that takes a deep dive into the five best lower chest workout routines to help you say goodbye to shapeless pecs. 

Top 5 Lower Pec Exercises For Defined Pectoral Muscles

    Pecs also known as pectoral muscles are formed by two muscles known as the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. The pectoralis major is the largest muscle in the region. It is a fan-shaped muscle and helps to rotate the upper limb.

    Lower Chest Exercises

    The Pectoralis minor is a smaller muscle that originates from the 3rd-5th ribs. Pecs help you to push open a door, wash your hair, and get up from the floor. Altogether they protect your body from potential injuries.

    So, an individual should provide extreme importance to lower chest workout exercises. Here are the five best lower pec exercises for well-toned pecs. 

    1. Chest Dip

    It is a common chest exercise that targets the chest, biceps, and triceps. To perform a chest dip, you must grasp tight on a parallel bar and raise your body using your chest and arm muscles.

    You need to keep your legs behind the body while performing chest dips. You can use dip stations or even two sturdy chairs to do this lower chest workout. The workout can help to build upper body strength and muscle mass. 

    2. Straight Bar Dip

    It is a variation of chest dip, that can promote core muscle strength. It targets the chest, triceps, and shoulders. You have to stand between two parallel bars or dip bars. Grab the bars with an overhand grip. Lift yourself and let your arms fully extend while you can freely hang between the bars.

    You need to engage your core muscles to gain stability. Hold the position for a few seconds, then unlock the elbows and slowly lower your body to initiate the dip. You must avoid leaning forward and always keep your torso upright when you perform a straight bar dip. 

    3. Incline Push Up 

    As the name suggests, an incline push-up is a variation of the classic push-up. The workout helps to tone your lower chest muscles. Unlike classic push-ups, you don’t need to push your whole body weight in the incline method.  Find an elevated surface, it can be a bench, step, or any sturdy platform.

    Make sure the surface is firm and stable. Place your hands on the elevated surface wider than shoulder-width apart. Keep your legs behind, so your body must form a straight line from head to heels. Bend your elbows and slowly lower your body until your chest touches the surface. Push up and regain the starting position. 

    4. Decline Bench Press

    Decline bench press is an excellent way to strengthen your lower chest. It is a variation of the traditional bench press that can target the lower pectoralis major and anterior deltoids.

    To successfully execute a decline bench press you need to lie on a decline bench. Keep your feet firmly positioned on the floor. You must adjust the angle of the bench to a comfortable position. Grab barbells with your hands, your palms should be facing forward.

    Lift the barbell off the rack and hold it directly above your chest. Then slowly lower the barbells to achieve the starting position. 

    5. Standing Cable Crossover

    It is another versatile lower-pec workout that targets chest muscles and delts. You need to use a cable machine for standing cable crossover. Initially adjust the pulleys on the machine. Stand between the pulleys, you need to face away from the cable machine. Keep one foot forward to maintain stability.

    Hold the pulley’s handle in each hand and engage your core. Bring both handles together in front of your body. You should cross the pulleys over at chest levels. Hold the position and slowly return the handles to the starting position. 

    All these are effective lower-pec workouts for attaining a muscular-looking lower chest.  Besides they can add variety to your lower chest workout regimen as well. 


    In conclusion, these are some of the best chest exercises for physical fitness. It is important to use proper technique and form while performing these workout routines to prevent injuries. An individual must perform warm-up exercises before attempting lower chest workouts.

    Do not forget to maintain stable breathing throughout the regimen. If you experience any kind of discomfort during a workout, stop the exercise immediately. You can consult a trainer to get personalized advice and guidance. 

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