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Low-Impact Exercises For Seniors: Stay Active Safely!

Exercise is a life-changing practice for all. If you are old or young, exercising regularly can empower the body to stay fit and healthy. Exercise ...

by Jessica Bennet

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Exercise is a life-changing practice for all. If you are old or young, exercising regularly can empower the body to stay fit and healthy. Exercise can have a significant impact on physical and mental health.  Being physically active can electrify the muscles and cells in the body resulting in an energy rush in the body.

Exercise works for all ages, but some workouts can be intense and might not be suitable for adults over 50 years of age. What I am trying to imply is that intense exercises are not the best exercises to start right away. Senior citizens can perform intense exercises once their body adapts to lifting heavy weights. Many adults find achieving and maintaining physical health more challenging as they grow due to chronic pain caused by wear and tear conditions. 

Therefore, introducing low-impact exercises is a good idea to begin with. Low-impact exercise can enhance mobility slowly enabling the body to shift to high-intensity workouts gradually. 

What Is Low-Impact Exercise?

Low-impact exercises are those types of exercises that are easier to carry out on the body and their effects are slower. Low-impact training sessions are carried out for longer periods to have that jarring effect on the body. The impact of these exercises aims to provide several benefits in a way that is relatively gentle to the joints and muscles. Some of the low-impact exercises are given below:

  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Rowing
  • Swimming
  • Yoga
Low-Impact Exercises

Apart from this, there are also low-impact training exercises that can be executed at home or any place you are comfortable with. It will not need any gear or equipment to perform these exercises. The following are the low-impact training exercises given below:


A bodyweight squat is an effective low-impact exercise. The exercise is performed by standing with the feet slightly wider than the shoulders and arms down at the sides. Then, squat down by putting your chest up, hip out and knees wide. Stand back up when the knees are extended. 

Seated Hamstring stretch

Sit in a chair with both feet resting on the ground. Lift the leg in an upward direction gently in a licking motion until the leg is parallel to the floor. Hold the leg for 30 seconds and then bring the feet back to the starting position. Repeat this with the other leg


Step-ups are easy to perform as they require a staircase to perform the exercise. Step in the first stair with the right leg and then lift the left leg. Hold the position for a few minutes with the right leg on the stairs and then put the left foot down followed by the right. Continue this on each leg. 

Jumping jacks

Start doing this exercise by jumping in such a way that the motion of hands and legs are simultaneously raised apart in a wide manner. The hand is raised to the top of the head on the first jump and it is brought back to the resting position on the second jump.

Single leg stand

This is a simple exercise performed by standing against a wall for support. Place the legs hip distance apart, slowly lift one foot off the ground, and keep it slightly bent while standing. Hold the position for a few seconds and repeat with the next leg. 

How Effective Is Low-Impact Exercise?

Low-impact exercises are as effective as high-intensity workouts. Low-impact exercises may take some time to show potential results. Regular exercise is intended to support endless benefits. Gradually adding weights to the low-impact exercises may help to combat muscle degradation and gain strength. It can help restore muscle mass.

Degeneration of muscles can lead to difficulty in the balance. In case of mobility issues, low-impact exercise can be highly effective in helping joints move freely and naturally and improve mobility. 

Can You Lose Weight With Low-Impact Exercise?

Yes, weight loss is possible with low-impact exercises. However, it may not show instant improvements in weight management. Low-impact exercises will result in slower weight loss due to less impact on the body. However regular practice of low-impact exercise can help the body adapt to the process.

The body gradually improves its fat-burning ability. Low-impact exercises are highly effective in the long run. In addition to weight loss effects, it also provides cardiovascular protection and recovery from joint pain. 


Low-impact exercises are ideal for seniors as it doesn’t require them to sprint or engage in heavy workouts. Muscles and joints tend to be stiff in adults over the age of 50 years. Therefore, these low-impact exercises can gradually enhance mobility. These exercises are equally effective for old and young people.

Since it has lower effects on the body, please do not be obsessed with the exercises to bring the potential benefits out instantly. Burning out the energy will result in exhaustion and fatigue. Therefore, continue the low-impact exercises and allow the body to work its magic. 

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