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Hillary Clinton Loses 32,423 Votes in Day 5 of Wisconsin Recount

In the Wisconsin Day 5 Recount Update 32,423 votes for Hillary Clinton were erased resulting in a 28,830 vote net increase for Donald Trump. Update: ...

by Alexander Higgins

This article was created after thorough research and has been improved with the assistance of AI technology. Furthermore, our dedicated editorial team has meticulously fact-checked and polished its content for accuracy and clarity.

In the Wisconsin Day 5 Recount Update 32,423 votes for Hillary Clinton were erased resulting in a 28,830 vote net increase for Donald Trump.

Update: In Michigan, over 1/2 of Hillary Clinton’s Detroit vote count is faces disqualification.

Trump officially won Wisconsin by over 22,000 votes in Wisconsin but thanks to Jill Stein a recount is currently underway.

After day 3 of the recount the official updated recount results for Day 3 on Wisconsin Board of Elections update page showed Hillary Clinton losing 18,422 votes while Donald Trump lost 3,289 resulting in a net increase of 15,133 votes.

Today the recount results for day 5 were released and it now shows Hillary has lost 32,423 votes and Donald Trump has lost 3,593 votes resulting in a net increase of 28,830 votes for Donald Trump in results reported so far, which includes counties that are still reporting results.

The corporate media is currently only reporting counts from the 23 of 72 counties that have completed counting so far, which exclude Milwaukee county, in which President-elect Donald Trump has officially picked up 143 net votes on Hillary Clinton due to the discovery of 105 total net votes for Trump and the removal of 41 net votes for Clinton.

There are major discrepancies in the original and recount totals in the Milwaukee County wards which could indicate potential fraud.

In day 5 of the Wisconsin recount update Hillary Clinton lost a total of 32,423 votes.

In day 5 of the Wisconsin recount update Hillary Clinton lost a total of 32,423 votes.

As with Day 3 of the results most of the votes have been lost in Milwaukee where Hillary has lost 32,423 votes compared to Donald Trump’s 3,593 votes.

After Day 5 of the Wisconsin Recount, Hillary Clinton has lost 32,428 votes in Milwaukee County

After Day 5 of the Wisconsin Recount, Hillary Clinton has lost 32,428 votes in Milwaukee County

So far the corporate media has only reported on counties where vote counting has been completed.

Outside of Milwaukee county Trump has lost 302 votes and gained 386 votes for a total net increase of 84 votes and Hilary has lost 293 votes and gained 351 votes for a net change of 58 votes.

The Wisconsin Board of election still has not issued an explanation for the discrepancy that was first discovered by HNN after day 3 of the recount despite HNN’s report trending as a top story in Google News for Hillary Clinton Wisconsin Recount.

HNN article tops Google News trends for Hillary Clinton's Wisconsin recount.

HNN article tops Google News trends for Hillary Clinton’s Wisconsin recount.

The only update from the board is Milwaukee County results have not been completed yet and that absentee ballots have not have also not been counted yet.

As Heavy explains in their day 5 coverage of the Wisconsin recount:

The Commission spreadsheet does not tally the recount results but rather simply lists them by municipality, contrasting them with the original returns. Heavy went through the spreadsheet and tabulated the data submitted so far for each municipality by county for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

You can find the raw data here. The totals do not yet include the City of Milwaukee. That is because, although the Day 5 spreadsheet shows large deficits for both candidates for City of Milwaukee wards, absentee ballots have not been included yet in the totals, so they are extremely misleading. It is not yet possible to tell how many votes Clinton and Trump lost in the City of Milwaukee wards.

As explained below absentee ballots can not possibly explain for votes missing Hillary Clinton votes and if the missing votes do come in as a result of absentee ballots a pure statistical analysis can mathematically prove they are fraudulent due to the highly abnormal proportion of absentee ballots for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

In addition to this mathematical proof of fraud, there would also be additional circumstantial evidence as Democrats were caught in ballot stuffing operations in Broward County Florida, where officials are said to have uncovered 10s of thousands of forged ballots which were being fabricated by employees locked in an office, and outside of Philadelphia, where the FBI raided an office to seize materials being used to forge ballots for Democrats.

According to the official original vote counts, Hillary Clinton won Milwaukee county by a little over a 2 to 1 margin winning 288,797 votes compared to Donald Trumps 125,846 votes which represents a 2 to 1 margin.

There are nearly 500 wards in Milwaukee county while 25 of the precincts came in for Hillary with margins higher than 50 to 1 in favor of Hillary which is way above the county wide average of 2 to 1 and of course way out of line with the statewide total where Hillary lost the popular vote.

The highest ratio came in 242 to 1 in favor of Hillary of with six coming in at ratios 100 to 1 or higher.

A purely technical statistical analysis might not uncover these deviations as it appears there was a concerted attempt to distribute anomalous vote margins across the county so they would appear normal.

For example beyond the first 25 there are approximately 90 precincts with win margins of over 10 to 1 after which the win ratio decreasing on an almost bell-like curve down to a 1 to 1 ratio on the left hand side of the curve. The other side of the curve becomes completely lopsided as Donald Trump actually won a few precincts in the count.

However while a naive statistical analysis might not uncover these anomalies a more rigorous analysis would  as it is nearly unfathomable to have a candidate win a precinct by 242 to 1 margin, winning several by 10 to 1 margins  and yet while she losing precincts not that far away these.

Perhaps most notable is in the case of Milwaukee’s Ward 34 where Hillary won by a nearly a 100 to 1  margin in the original vote which had 795 votes for Hillary Clinton to only 8 votes for Donald Trump.

In the recount Hillary has lost 215 votes in the ward and now only has 580 votes in the recount.

That is compared to Donald Trump who has picked up 190 votes in the ward in the recount and now is listed as having 198 votes in the recount.

The recount total of 580 votes to 195 votes is much more reasonable at ratio at nearly a 2 to 1 margin, which is also inline with the Milwaukee city wide average for Hillary Clinton in the original count.

A 100 to 1 ratio before the recount down changing to a 2 to 1 margin after the recount is significant.

Even if Hillary’s missing votes are absentee ballots and 200 more get added back it would the recount margin closer to 4 to 1, again closer to the city wide margin of 2 to 1 and nowhere near the original 100 to 1 margin recorded.

Hillary Clinton's original win margins in Milwaukee County are statistically abnormal and after the recount some wards have come more in line with a 2:1 margin.

Hillary Clinton’s original win margins in Milwaukee County are statistically abnormal and after the recount some wards have come more in line with a 2:1 margin.

It is just as unfathomable that this word would come in at 2 to 1 margin, or even a 4 to 1 margin, after the recount while the precincts next to ward 34 have astronomical margins in Hillary’s favor and others are more inline with the city average.

Similarly Ward 31 has an anomalous 10 to 1 vote margin in with 565 original votes for Clinton to 61 original votes for Trump, which there are no recount results for yet.

However Ward 32 originally was counted at a 5 to 1 ratio for Hillary, 1,209 votes to 238 but after the recount the numbers have changed 862 to 238 which is closer to a 3 to one ratio.

Meanwhile, neighboring Ward 33 has a much more reason 2 to 1 margin of 1,213 to 687 as does Ward 35  with 581 votes for Trump to 242 votes for Clinton

Placing these margins on a map shows how these anomalies jump out.


As reported after Day 3:

In the Wisconsin Day 3 Recount Update 18,422 votes for Hillary Clinton were erased resulting in a 15,133 vote net increase for Donald Trump.

Unless the official data is in some manner inaccurate or incomplete, this would suggest that 10,000s of thousands of votes are being during the recount process

Coincidentally, Jill Stein has just withdrew her Pennsylvania recount petition claiming she couldn’t afford to posted the 1 million bond required.

Of course that is absolutely false given she has raised nearly $7 million from donors to fund her recount and the withdrawal comes as Trump’s lead in PA has shrunk from 71,000 to 49,000 after officials included overseas and absentee ballots that were originally not included.

The recount in concession effectively ends any chance of the election being overturned in Hillary’s favor unless recount petitions are filed in additional states.

A spreadsheet showing the counts in the screen shot can be downloaded here.

Anyone can reproduce these results as follows from the original spreadsheet using the following method:

  1. Download the Day 3 updates from the Wisconsin Election Board website here.
  2. Insert 3 columns after row N
  3. Label the new columns N – Counted, M Change Trump, N Change Clinton. At this point
    1. Column Y will show the recount change for Donald Trump
    2. Column Z will show the recount change for Clinton
    3. The values in Y and Z will be negative for the entire original vote if the recount hasn’t been completed otherwise it will show the net change from the updated results.
    4. We will use column N to double checked recount has been performed to excluded losses that haven’t been counted.
  4. Entire the following formulas in row 3 for each column:
    1. N =IF(Q2=””,0,1)
    2. M =IF(Q2=””,0,Y2)
    3. O =IF(R2=””,0,Z2)
  5. Select in Row 2 select Cells in N, M, and 0 and while holding shift scroll down to the last cells in the sheet and then Choose Fill and Down from the home menu.
  6. Sum the results by adding the following formulas:
    1. In cell O3638 enter the formula =SUM(O2:O3637)
    2. In cell P3638=SUM(P2:P3637)
  7. Totals should now match the screen shots above.


Notes on the spreadsheet, some have suggested the math is wrong or the data is being read wrong.

The math is not wrong and it has been double checked by hand. The data, as explained below is self-explanatory is not being read wrong either.

The only explanation is the Wisconsin Board of Election for some reason posted incomplete or inaccurate data or for some reason tens of thousands of votes are being invalidated during the recount process.

So far the Wisconsin Board of Elections has only posted commentary of the addition of new votes being added to the original results and has not commented on why any votes have been removed from the original results.

Columns F-L contain the current official vote counts. This can easily be verified by comparing sums for all precincts in each county to the official county by county results which are online here.

Here’s the official Adams count results:


These can be confirmed as columns L-F in the spreadsheet by inserting a column and summing up the votes for the county.


Columns Q-R show the recount results.

If these columns Q-R are populated, then the recount has been done for the precinct and the difference between the original vote count and the recount vote count is displayed in Columns Y-AE.

If columns Q-R are not populated, the recount has not yet been reported and Columns Y-AE show the negation of the original recount columns.

Finally, not shown are Columns AG-AM which are merely the percentage change from the original count and the recount.


Since there are no results for most of the precincts we can filter to only show the precincts which have been recounted by clicking the filter icon in our modified spread sheet and unchecking the “O” checkbox.

This will show only the relevant precincts were the recount has been completed.

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