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Chamomile & Lavender Tea Benefits: Exploring The Nutritious Effects! 

Chamomile and lavender tea are much in vogue and have become a recent favorite among health enthusiasts. Although this herbal tea with its immense medicinal ...

by Samantha Grace

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Chamomile and lavender tea are much in vogue and have become a recent favorite among health enthusiasts. Although this herbal tea with its immense medicinal properties existed even a thousand years ago, it was not until recently that it became an internet sensation.

So what’s all the hype about them? Let’s dive in and see the benefits and side effects (if any) of Chamomile and Lavender tea!

What Are The Benefits Of Chamomile And Lavender Tea?

Benefits Of Chamomile  & Lavender Tea

✅ Improves sleep quality

Chamomile, which is being used extensively in traditional medicine for its calming and soothing properties, is known to induce sleep. Lavender, on the other hand, as an aromatherapy agent, has shown a calming effect on the body and mind.

Hence, research shows that consumption of this “caffeine-free” tea right before sleeping improves the quality of sleep. It is even used to treat insomnia in certain cases. The flavonoid apigenin, which binds to the benzodiazepine receptor of the brain, is responsible for this sleep-inducing impact of the tea. 

✅ Enhances gut function

The anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile and lavender help with an upset stomach. When consumed as a tea, they improve digestion by relaxing the stomach muscles. Lavender, which breaks down food by triggering bile production, also helps in nutrient absorption. They are used to cure digestive problems like gas, bloating, nausea, and diarrhea.  

✅ Relieves menstrual cramps

The anti-spasmodic property of chamomile helps alleviate intense period cramps to some extent. Besides, Chamazulene and alpha-bisabolol, the anti-inflammatory substances in chamomile, provide solace by reducing inflammation and pain. 

✅ Improves skin health 

Chamomile and lavender are used worldwide in the skin care industry and their benefits are huge. The natural polyphenols and phytochemicals in the tea help treat various skin conditions and allergies. They keep the skin healthy and glowing with its anti-aging properties.

By fighting free radicals, they make skin smooth and supple. Chamomile has been used traditionally to reduce skin irritation, heal wounds, and treat eczema. On the other hand, lavender is used to cure acne and promote hair growth

✅ Treats cold and sore throat

Inhaling chamomile and lavender tea steam helps with nasal congestion and sore throats. Besides, when consumed regularly, the anti-viral properties of these substances prevent infection. It also boosts bodily immunity to fight the flu and the common cold. 

✅ Treats sunburn

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of chamomile and lavender provide sudden relief from sunburn. It fights the harmful UV rays of the sun and protects us from potential skin diseases

✅ Reduces anxiety and improves mood

The abundance of glycine, the amino acid known to relieve stress in chamomile, calms down your nervous system and improves mood. Besides, the aromatic flavor of lavender also helps you feel better when you are feeling low. It also enhances the levels of serotonin and melatonin in the body, which helps deal with anxiety and stress.  

✅ Reduces risk of cancer

The high amount of antioxidants in chamomile tea fights free radicals and reduces the risk of cancer. Cells proliferate abnormally in cancer tissues. Flavonoids like Apigenin and Quercetin present in chamomile fight cancer cells and also have cancer prevention potential. 

✅ Lowers blood sugar level

Drinking chamomile tea regularly helps lower blood sugar levels. The pancreas plays a key role in maintaining blood sugar levels. The anti-inflammatory properties of this tea keep the pancreas healthy and blood sugar levels in control. Consuming chamomile tea daily helps prevent hyperglycemia, high blood glucose levels, and diabetes. 

✅ Improves heart health

The free radicals in our body are detrimental to heart health. sufficient supply of antioxidants is essential to protecting our body from free radicals. This can be achieved with a cup of chamomile tea. Chamomile tea is shown to reduce the risk of high cholesterol and blood pressure levels, which are the main causes of cardiovascular diseases

✅ Prevents bone decay

The antioxidative property of chamomile tea reduces the hyperoxidant stress which leads to osteoporosis, a common bone disease in adults. Besides, the anti-estrogenic effects of chamomile tea enhance bone density.

Side effects of chamomile and lavender tea

Chamomile and lavender tea are generally considered safe for consumption. The only known side effect is an allergic reaction to lavender or chamomile in some people. However, pregnant women and people taking medication for diabetes, malaria, tuberculosis, asthma, etc. are advised to consume them only after consulting with their doctors. 


Chamomile and lavender might not be everyone’s go-to tea preferences. But it is a healthy beverage, much better than its green and black counterparts. The benefits are immense, and the side effects are almost none. It is much more than just an aromatic, calming drink, and we think you should give it a shot!


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