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Are Bananas Good For Diabetics? Know The Real facts!

Diabetes has been recognized as a common health condition that has been affecting millions of people worldwide. Even though people rely mostly on medications, dietary ...

by Kendra Reed

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Diabetes has been recognized as a common health condition that has been affecting millions of people worldwide. Even though people rely mostly on medications, dietary choices are of prime importance. Following a balanced controlled diet is as important as taking any medicine. Plenty of fruits and vegetables are available in the market today that tend to help in managing diabetes more healthily however people seem skeptical about eating fruits such as bananas as they are rich in sugar. This article explores the impact of bananas on diabetes management and their benefits.

Effect Of Bananas On Your Blood Sugar 

If you are a diabetic patient, you should be very careful while consuming bananas as they are rich in carbs which break down into sugars inside the body and can potentially boost blood sugar levels. Ripe bananas contain more sugar content, and hence the chances of blood sugar spike also remain high. Green (less ripe) bananas consist of more resistant starch and less sugar.

Bananas For Diabetics

Fibers and this starch which shows the behavior of fibres help in slowing down the digestion process and enhance the process of carbohydrate absorption.  Furthermore, they help in regulating blood sugar levels.

Therefore, people with diabetes are mostly recommended to take unripe bananas over ripe ones. Dieticians also advise such patients to keep track of the portion sizes of the bananas they consume. Try to take smaller bananas as bigger ones are filled with carbs which can directly impact the blood sugar balance. 

Benefits of eating a banana

Even though bananas are advised to be consumed with caution, they can be considered an incredible source of energy and offer multiple health benefits. They are packed with plenty of nutrients such as carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals including vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Potassium, Magnesium, etc which are renowned for providing cardiac support and also aid in maintaining blood pressure.

In addition, the fiber present in bananas, especially in the less ripe bananas, helps in slowing down the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. It also promotes a feeling of fullness which acts as a key factor in effective weight management. The resistant starch found in unripe bananas helps in improving insulin sensitivity in people suffering from metabolic syndromes including diabetes. The starch also supports the gut bacteria and improves insulin function thereby helping diabetic patients in efficiently balancing their blood sugar levels.

How to include bananas in your daily routine?

There are plenty of ways you can incorporate bananas easily into your daily eating routine.

As bananas are known for their effect in boosting energy, you can eat them as a quick snack whenever you want. Banana smoothies for breakfast have been a trend these days as they appear to be a both delicious and nutritious way to consume bananas. You can easily blend the fruit with milk or yogurt for a highly nutritious smoothie.

You can also use bananas as a topping for your cereal and oatmeal to add extra nutrients and natural sweetness. If you are a muffin lover, you can try replacing your usual options of baking muffins and pancakes with mashed banana as it is considered to be a healthier alternative. You can consume bananas in any way that you prefer be it raw or boiled or as an ingredient, you could even invent a recipe if needed. 

Who should stay away from bananas?

Even though some people say bananas have the potential to cause blood sugar spikes, moderate consumption is considered safe for diabetic patients. That being said, you cannot entirely be sure of anything so try to recheck your diet plan with your physician before deciding on anything substantial, particularly if you are taking any medications for diabetes or any other medical conditions as certain medications when paired with specific diets may cause side effects. Furthermore, people suffering from kidney diseases are advised to limit their consumption of bananas as they are opulent in potassium.

Bottom Line

Banana is an incredible food that everyone should include in their daily diet routine, there are numerous benefits associated with taking them including a boost in your energy levels. While Bananas contain sugars that should be considered carefully by diabetic patients, you can easily incorporate them into a balanced, diabetes-friendly diet. The things one should consider while doing so include monitoring the portion sizes of bananas that you consume and trying to integrate them into a healthy diet that contains proteins. Try to go for a nearly-ripe banana, not a fully ripe one, you can also spread your intake so that it will help you in reducing the glycemic loads and balancing the blood sugar levels.

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