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Best High Volume Low-Calorie Foods: The Secret To Fit & Healthy! 

If you are trying to lose some pounds off of your weight scale, you should watch the amount of calories you’re consuming. But eating less ...

by Jessica Bennet

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If you are trying to lose some pounds off of your weight scale, you should watch the amount of calories you’re consuming.

But eating less calories often means less volume of food, leading to hunger. But there are some food options that are less calorie-dense and high in volume. These foods can make you feel full and satisfied while hitting your calorie reduction goals. 

In this article, we will discover some of the best high-volume, low-calorie foods you can include in your diet to support your health and fitness goals. So, if you are tired of always feeling hungry and craving your favorite calorie-dense foods, sit back and read this article for a healthy and effective solution. 

What Are The Best High-Volume, Low-Calorie Foods?

High-Volume, Low-Calorie Foods

High-volume, low-calorie foods are a perfect choice if your goal is to cut back on calories and still feel full after a meal. These foods are often packed with fiber, water, and sometimes protein, making them the ideal solution for weight loss. Here are some of the best foods you can eat without having to worry about gaining weight: 

✅ Leafy Greens

Leafy greens such as kale, arugula, and spinach are nutrient-rich foods that are low in calories. A 100-gram serving of leafy greens contains only about 15–25 calories. You can eat them raw in salads, sautéd with olive oil, or added in soups.

✅ Zucchini

This is a vegetable that is common in home gardens and supermarkets. They are used in several cuisines, raw, cooked, or fried. With just about 17 calories per 100-gram serving, you can fill up on zucchini without having to worry about your calorie count.

✅ Watermelons

This sweet and watery fruit is one of the best fruits that will make you feel full with low amounts of calories. It is packed with vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the health and functioning of our body, but only contains about 46 calories per cup of watermelon slices.

✅ Broccoli

Broccoli is one of the popular healthy vegetables commonly used in most American households. They contain significant amounts of protein and minerals but only have 30–34 calories per cup. Eating broccoli raw is the healthiest option, but you can also cook it or roast it according to your preferences.

✅ Carrots 

Carrots are tasty fruits that are high in fiber, vitamin A, and potassium. They are good for eye health, maintaining blood sugar balance, and making you feel fuller longer. One medium-sized carrot only contains 25 calories. You can slice the carrots round or into sticks and eat them raw or dipped in hummus or a yogurt-based dip.

✅ Cauliflower

Similar to carrots, cauliflower is also high in fiber, which means that it can also make you feel fuller longer. One cup of chopped cauliflower only has 27 calories in it, making it one of the best high-volume, low-calorie foods. Some of the popular ways of consuming cauliflower include roasted cauliflower salads, cauliflower fried rice, roasted cauliflower, and kale soup.

✅ Mushrooms

Mushrooms are low-calorie foods that are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Certain mushrooms are also a good source of vitamin D.  1 cup of sliced mushrooms contains about 16 calories, and you can serve it with soups, salads, or other complex dishes.

✅ Chicken Breast

Chicken breasts are delicious and nutritional food. 1 cup of skinless chicken breast contains about 231 calories. Though this amount is higher than the rest of the foods we have mentioned here, it provides about 61% of the daily recommended protein intake.

Protein can make you feel full with less volume of food, and it is essential for bone and muscle strength. Consuming chicken breast grilled or boiled with vegetables can be the best low-calorie meal that can satisfy your cravings.

✅ Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are also a good fiber source and have some protein traces that can make you satiated. It contains only about 60 calories per tablespoon. One study has found that chia seeds mixed with yogurt for breakfast increased feelings of fullness and reduced food intake.

✅ Egg Whites

Including egg whites in your diet is one of the best ways to get the feeling of fullness while keeping your calories in check. The egg white of one raw large egg only contains about 17 calories. However, it will give you about 22% of your daily protein value.

You can make scrambled eggs or omelets by filtering out the yolk and adding some pepper, salt, and vegetables such as mushrooms and tomatoes for a tasty and healthy meal.


Reducing your calorie consumption is essential for losing weight. But it will make you feel hungry all the time, leading to tiredness and sluggishness. But some food options have a high volume compared to their calorie value, making you feel full and satisfied.

These foods are often filled with water, protein, and fiber. Some of the best high-volume, low-calorie foods include broccoli, leafy greens, zucchini, watermelons, carrots, cauliflower, mushrooms, chicken breast, chia seeds, and egg whites.

You can consume these foods without having to worry about their calorie values. To support your overall health, it is best to follow a balanced diet that includes a variety of healthy foods, including fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens.


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