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Benefits Of French Onion Soup: Surprising Results Awaits You!

There is nothing more to comfort food than a well-made, warm bowl of soup and there is no wonder why people often equate comfort food ...

by Samantha Grace

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There is nothing more to comfort food than a well-made, warm bowl of soup and there is no wonder why people often equate comfort food with soup. So how about adding a bit of nutrition and health benefits along with your comfort food sounds?

That is what French onion soup is all about. Being a popular soup, you might be well familiar with it, but are you aware of the different health benefits that this simple yet filling soup holds?

Along with taste and satisfaction, French onion soup is highly beneficial for your body in multiple ways, and that is what we will be talking about in this article. So, if you want to know more about French onion soup nutrition, jump in!

What Is French Onion Soup? Nutritional Facts Explained!

Benefits Of French Onion Soup

As the name suggests, French onion soup is a simple dish with minimal ingredients. However, along with the great taste, it also replenishes your body with some of the most valuable nutrients. Here are a few nutritional facts of the recipe that you should know:

➡️Vitamin D

For adults, it is helpful in protecting from conditions like osteoporosis and assists in reducing inflammation. The vitamin also helps with glucose metabolism, immunity functions of the body, and cell growth processes. 

➡️ Calcium

Calcium is vital for building and maintaining bone health and is needed by the heart, muscles, and nerves to carry out their functions properly. It is also effective in protecting the body from conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. 

➡️ Iron 

It is one of the most important metals that your body needs, as it is a vital part of hemoglobin. This mineral also helps to enhance memory, improve your sleep quality, and even provide nourishment to your skin. 

➡️ Potassium

It is very much involved in the functions of the nerves as it helps them to respond to stimuli and helps the muscles to contract accordingly, even the muscles of your heart. It also helps to reduce blood pressure in the body and in its water retention power.

➡️ Dietary Fiber

If you are experiencing issues with digestion or the gut, it is a very effective component that can soothe such issues. It also helps to lower the cholesterol levels of the body and supports healthy weight loss too. 

What are the health benefits of french onion soup?

Earlier we saw some of the valuable nutrients of French Onion soup and rather than being served as a tasty, comfort food, here are some benefits of the soup that will make you love it even more;

✅ Contains low-calorie

Comparing it with some other creamy soups that people prefer, the calories for French onion soup are quite low, making it a better choice. So, if you are someone who is trying to watch your calorie intake, then French Onion is a perfect recipe for you. 

✅ Filling and satisfying

We often struggle with overeating or fail to choose the right portion size for the food that we tackle. But the rich flavors and satisfying nature of this soup will help you curb your appetite and thereby rescue you from overeating. It also never fails to leave a sense of satisfaction and comfort with its indulgent experience. 

✅ Great source of antioxidants

The caramelized onions used in the making of the soup are one of the best sources of antioxidants for the body. The action of the anti-oxidants is effective in protecting your body from oxidative stress and issues of inflammation. It’s even effective against a few chronic diseases, too. 

✅ High in fiber

Being a good source of fiber, the onions in the soup help you to soothe different functions associated with digestion and gut health. The increased amount of fiber in daily diet can also help reduce cholesterol and reduce the risks associated with diabetes and heart disease. 

✅ Quite Versatile

French Onion soup is a simple dish made using some of the simplest ingredients that can be found in any kitchen. Even though this quality of the dish comes underthe category of health benefits, the fact that it can be customized according to the person cooking it makes it even more appealing.

You are free to choose the kind of ingredients, seasoning, and other additions according to your preferences and health conditions, making it a perfect fit for your diet. 


There is no doubt that French Onion soup is one of the best comfort foods out there but along with appreciating the soup for its taste, we must also give credit to its high national value. It is one of the easiest and most highly rewarding soups and the fact that it can be prepared easily in our kitsch with the simplest of ingredients takes it to another level. So, with French onion soup, here ends your quest to find the perfect food with the right balance of taste and nutritional value. 


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