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Buffalo Hump Vs. Dowager’s Hump: Understanding The Differences

Both buffalo and dowager’s hump might seem a little confusing as they are really similar. But both of them are different. Buffalo hump is caused ...

by Kendra Reed

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Both buffalo and dowager’s hump might seem a little confusing as they are really similar. But both of them are different. Buffalo hump is caused due to fat deposition.  When the fat molecules gather around your neck it might cause a bulging not necessarily causing any huge complication.

Dowager’s hump is rather a spine condition causing the curvature. Both these humps can affect your posture and even your self-esteem. It is extremely important to talk with your doctor and find the underlying issue of the hump.

There are chances that this hump might be caused due to any underlying medical condition and if that is the case, then it is best to not ignore them.

So in this article, we will be getting into both these humps. we will see buffalo hump vs dowager’s hump, what are the treatment options for both these conditions, and the preventive measures too. So without delays let us get into it.

Buffalo Hump Vs Dowager’s Hump

The main difference between both these humps would be the causation. Buffalo hump is caused due to deposition of adipose tissue whereas dowager’s hump is caused due to spine conditions causing it to curve excessively forward. A hump might also be a tumor or cyst that needs to be checked out.

Defference between Buffalo Hump And Dowager's Hump

This is another major reason why you shouldn’t dismiss any abnormal growths just because it is not causing any difficulties or pain.  Excess fat deposition might be a symptom of Cushing syndrome as this condition may cause excess fat production might be an effect of increased cortisol levels. Using some prescription medications and steroid medications might cause this side effect.

Dowager hump might be caused as a result of some spine degenerative condition, or bone health issues, or the issue might be present from birth. Osteoporosis might also be a major culprit for both these conditions.

Dowagers’ hump might manifest some other issues like rounded shoulders, tighter hamstrings, feeling extreme tiredness, severe headaches, and pain or stiffness in your shoulder blades and back.

How To Treat Buffalo Hump?

Treating buffalo hump must be done by carefully analyzing the root cause and targeting them. There are cosmetic procedures to get rid of the fat humps. But they might make an appearance up until the root cause is resolved.

Humps caused due to medications can be discussed with your doctor and if they give the permission to use an alternative then go for it. But never switch your medication or stop using it without your doctor’s consent.

In some cases, doctors might suggest weight loss, dietary modification, and introducing exercise regimens as well.

How To Treat Dowager’s Hump?

Dowager humps can be managed with some exercises like chin tucks, scapular squeezes, and doorway pectoral stretches. As said before with the treatments of buffalo hump, getting into the underlying cause and addressing them is the best way to get rid of dowager humps too.

You can also ask for physiotherapy to help you with better mobility and posture.

Preventive Measures For Buffalo Hump

We cannot predict the circumstances that might be causing these humps. However, following preventive measures might make your chances of getting humps low.

Make sure that you are consuming your required intake of vitamin D and calcium. Exercising regularly might aid in reducing thinning of the bones and obesity.

Preventive Measures For Dowager’s Hump

There are other things to be kept mindful of like maintaining a good posture. Taking breaks from your phone and your computer is also advised. Looking down at them for longer hours might cause discomfort to your spine.

Bending forward is not an alignment that comes naturally with your body. It might put your neck and spine under stress.

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We went into detail with these humps and looked deeper into buffalo hump vs dowager’s hump, the treatment options, and tips to prevent them. Buffalo hump is also called dorsocervical fat pad and is caused due to an excess accumulation of fat in your back causing a hump-like appearance.

Dowager hump, also known as kyphosis, is a spinal condition on the other hand that might be congenital or caused due to some spinal or bone health issues. Buffalo hump might be due to weight gain or can be a symptom of other medical conditions like cushings.

If you have these humps then it is best advised to not ignore them rather consult with your medical practitioner. While this might appear as non-problematic, if they are manifested symptoms then it is better to address them than ignore them.

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