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Is Ceviche Healthy For Weight Loss? 5 Reasons To Add It To Your Meal

Weight loss is often a challenging task for people living with excess weight. Making small dietary changes can ultimately favor your weight loss goals. But ...

by Susan Debicki

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Weight loss is often a challenging task for people living with excess weight. Making small dietary changes can ultimately favor your weight loss goals. But adjusting to a new way of eating is indeed a demanding responsibility. The beginning stage is always difficult, you may need to deal with cravings, tasteless foods, and fatigue when you make a drastic shift in your diet plan.

If you are keen on shedding some pounds, you don’t always have to deal with tasteless food to keep track of your weight loss diet. It is true healthy food can be boring sometimes. But there are plenty of dishes that can be healthy and tasty at the same time, all you need to do is do some research and spend some time to find the perfect dishes that not only promote weight loss but also satiate your taste palate. 

Ceviche is such kind of a dish, it is a Peruvian dish served as an appetizer. The dish is vibrant and brims with exploding flavors. Besides it can effectively support your weight loss plan. Let’s find out more about ceviche and how it works to achieve your body goals. 

What Is Ceviche?

    Ceviche or seviche is a flavorful dish made with raw fish or shellfish marinated in lemon juice or any other citrus juice. The best part is ceviche doesn’t require heat, the citrus juices put the raw fish under the spell of a chemical process called denaturation.

    Simply put, the acid in the citrus juice will react with the proteins in the fish, and as a result, heat will be released. The heat produced by the chemical reaction can slowly cook the fish. Ceviche is served with various seasonings, such as onions, cilantro, and chili peppers. 

    Women Eating Ceviche

    Let’s list out the elements that make ceviche the favorite healthy option of weight loss enthusiasts, dieticians, and nutritionists. 

    Ceviche For Weight Loss – Is It A Perfect Weight Loss Solution?

      Ceviche can be a healthy weight-loss option for the following reasons. 

      1. Low in Calorie

      Ceviche is made of lean seafood or fish and it is served with healthy veggies. Lean fish are low-calorie foods, when you incorporate them with raw vegetables, it can elevate the dish into a more healthier version. When you eat a bowl of ceviche, you are consuming fewer calories than other dishes that incorporate fish. 

      2. High Protein Content

      Everyone knows that seafood is a rich source of protein. The chief ingredient of ceviche is seafood. So, when you consume a bowl of ceviche, you consume almost 32.9 grams of protein. High protein intake will make you feel fuller for longer periods, and give you the satisfaction of eating a full meal. It can reduce overeating and aid in weight loss

      3. High Nutrient Density 

      The dish is a rich source of vitamin C, calcium, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and other essential nutrients. The nutritional benefits of the dish vary according to the changes in the seasoning. Commonly used vegetables like onions, bell peppers, and citrus fruits promote nutrient absorption and needed vitamins, needed for weight loss.

      3. Absence Of Unhealthy Fat

      Compared to fried food and other processed foods, ceviche has low traces of unhealthy fat. Mainly because of its peculiar cooking method ceviche contains little to no unhealthy fat. It is prepared with minimal added fats, which makes it a healthier option for people looking to lose some weight. 

      4. Hydration

      Drinking plenty of water is vital for proper functioning of digestion and muscle function. Ceviche is well known for its hydrating element. The ingredients not only help your body hydrate but improve digestive functions and gut health as well. It will lead to accelerated weight loss. 

      5. Stops Cravings

      Another helpful aspect of ceviche is its ability to provide satisfaction. The healthy combination of protein, fat, fiber, and vegetables makes you feel full and keeps you feeling satisfied. Even though ceviche is an appetizer, it can be eaten as a simple meal if you want to concentrate on weight loss. The feeling of satisfaction and fullness after eating ceviche will reduce your cravings and urges to snack on other high-calorie foods.

      The healthy seafood delicacy is a great option for people looking to lose some healthy weight because of these reasons. However, you need to consume ceviche in moderation to achieve the desired goals. 


      In conclusion, low-calorie content, high protein levels, nutritional benefits, low levels of unhealthy fats, and other beneficial factors place ceviche as a healthy dish for weight loss.

      Remember, the dish is not a magic portion of weight loss, you have to follow healthy lifestyles, exercise routines, and a balanced diet to achieve a healthy body. Avoid adding fried chips, avocados, and other high-calorie content ingredients to the dish. If you have seafood allergies you should choose an alternative option. 

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