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Wood Therapy: What It Is, Working, Benefits And More!

One of the popular massaging techniques available today, wood therapy has been garnering much online attention, especially through social media platforms such as TikTok where ...

by Kendra Reed

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One of the popular massaging techniques available today, wood therapy has been garnering much online attention, especially through social media platforms such as TikTok where the #wood therapy has got around 382 million views already. 

An ancient body contouring method that originated in South America, wood therapy involves a non-invasive treatment to reduce cellulite and tone up your body. Also called Maderoterapia, the term ‘Madero’ means wood in Spanish, this is a holistic and natural process that guarantees complete rejuvenation from harmful cellulite and unhealthy fat build-ups around your body.

This article explains what is wood therapy and examines how it works and some of its benefits. So go through the article without much ado and learn everything you need to know about wood therapy!

What Is Wood Therapy?

Originating in Columbia, Wood Therapy is an ancient body massaging technique using specially designed wooden tools. It is a natural body sculpting technique which is also called maderotherapy.  The major claim of the practitioners is that it is a holistic treatment to reduce cellulite. 

Wood Therapy

It involves a vigorous massaging process using handheld wooden tools such as vacuum-suction cups and rolling pins. According to the claim of the practitioners, the method will make your body silky and smooth. It also helps to tone up your body and eliminate unwanted fat stored inside it. The process involves applying friction on certain parts of your body using these tools and creating friction on the skin. 

As a result, the blood flow in your body starts increasing and it breaks down fat deposits.  Even though there aren’t many scientifically backed-up claims to support these arguments, many people believe that this method is useful.

How does wood therapy work?

Wood therapy massage uses some special wooden tools that are put in specific parts of your body to apply pressure. These are usually the problem areas of your body that need to be toned and sculpted.

One of the ways through which the process works is by increasing lymphatic drainage. The massaging stimulates your lymphatic system and through this, the unwanted body fat and cellulite are eliminated. The process also leads to increased relaxation and reduced stress levels. 

What are the benefits of wood therapy?

Some of the purported wood therapy benefits include:

  • Cellulite breakdown-wood therapy is considered a holistic treatment option for cellulite reduction. The process increases lymphatic drainage and helps in breaking down fat and cellulite.
  • Relief in pain and stiffness- By increasing blood circulation, wood therapy can reduce pain and stiffness in your body. It also relieves inflammation and improves flexibility in your joints.
  • Improved skin tone and elasticity- Another purported benefit of wood therapy is skin tone improvement. Being a body sculpting method, it contours the body and reduces love handles and muffin tops.
  • Aid in weight loss- When lymphatic drainage is activated it leads to the elimination of fat tissue. The process also boosts metabolism and reduces back and belly fat.
  • Reshapes your body- By setting the tone of your body and helping you to eliminate unwanted fat buildups, wood therapy reshapes your body. 

How fast does wood therapy work?

Some experts of wood therapy claim that with consistent practice there will be considerable changes after weeks. They have claimed that their clients noticed gradual changes in their bodies within 8-12 treatment sessions with wood therapy massage.

The cellulite reduction was claimed to be clear after 3-6 sessions. And fat deposits started to reduce after 6-12 sessions.  They also claimed to have smoother and tighter skin after 3-6 sessions of wood therapy. 

Wood therapy before and after

There are certain steps you need to follow before and after the wood therapy massage. Before the treatment, contact a medical provider and ensure that you don’t have any medical condition that might cause harm due to the process.

Also, avoid eating before 2 hours of the treatment and drink a lot of water. Now after the treatment, try to follow up with the sessions that are remaining. Also, drink a lot of water and follow a lighter diet. Following some mild exercises such as Yoga might improve the body tone and sculpt further. 


Wood therapy is an ancient body massaging technique that originated in South America. It employs certain handheld, wooden tools to put pressure on the problematic areas of your body. The process claims to result in cellulite reduction, lymphatic drainage, and improved relaxation.

Even though there is no proper medical evidence to support these claims, there are several people who practice these methods and have benefited from it. If you are interested in going for a wood therapy massage, make sure you don’t have any health conditions that might get triggered. As in any case, medical discretion is a crucial step to take before you commit to such practices.

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