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10 Best Bff 2-person Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Bond!

Yoga is a mindful and quite rewarding process that you can take up to ensure the well-being of both your body and mind. The endless ...

by Jessica Bennet

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Yoga is a mindful and quite rewarding process that you can take up to ensure the well-being of both your body and mind. The endless list of benefits of doing yoga is familiar to all but how about adding another one more to the list?

Are you aware of the different two-person positions in yoga which will help you to amplify the benefits of doing it alone? If not, here are 10 different best bff 2 position yoga poses that you can try with your partner or best friend which will definitely benefit you both. So, read on to know more about it. 

Top 10 Bff 2-person Yoga Poses You Must Try!

So, here are the 10 best bff 2- 2-person yoga poses that you can easily try. 

Top 10 Bff 2-person Yoga Poses

Boat Yoga Pose             

This pose is mainly aimed at strengthening your core muscles and increasing balance. To do this pose, sit on the ground opposite to your partner. Clasp your hands together and keep the arms staring. Press the bottoms of your feet and raise them to form a V-shape. Hold for 5 deep breaths to get the best effect.      

Double Plank Pose

By doing this pose, it puts your upper body and core strength to the test. Come into a plan position with your shoulder over your wrists. Let your partner come into a position on top of you with their fewer on your shoulder and hands near your heels.             

Double Tree Pose

This is a balancing pose and to do that, stand side by side with your partner. Keep your feet about a foot apart and make sure that your hips are touching. Keep your inner leg form and raise your leg, bend the knee, and place it on the weather side of your thigh or calf. Keep your outer arm around the other person and keep both the other arms together in a prayer position. 

Partner Downward Facing Dog

Doing it with a partner, this position will give you a deeper stretch than the normal downward-facing dog. You can start this position with one person getting into the traditional downward dog position. Once the first person is comfortable the second person can get into the downward dog position by placing the hands a couple of feet in front and the feet on the other person’s lower back. 

Double Dancer Pose

You might be familiar with the traditional dancer pose but doing it with a partner will allow you to open your heart more and get a better stretch in shoulder and hip flexors. Stand opposite to your partner and slowly lean in until your stretched left arm touches each other’s shoulder. Now bend your right leg back, grab ahold of it, and raise it high in the air. 

Partner Twist

To do this position, sit down in a meditation pose with your backs touching. Slowly bend your right leg over the left thigh. Keep your arm on the ground and bend your left leg towards the right glute. Ask your partner to follow the opposite. Cross both your arms in opposite directions over the tight so that you meet in the middle. Repeat the same on the opposite side.  

Partner Bound Angle Pose

Start by sitting back to back, with one of your legs bent and soles touching the ground. The other person will have to straddle the leg out and prepare to lean forward. The person with the bent legs has to lean back on the other person in order to deepen the stretch. 

Airplane Plank

To do this pose, one person must lie on the floor with both legs extended straight in the air. Now the person lying on the floor will bend their knees so that the other person can plan their hips onto their feet. They slowly grab the hands and lift the person up while the person on top tries to keep the body straight. 

Folded Leaf Pose

You can easily transfer to this pose from the airplane plank pose. Here, the base partner will allow the top pone to fall gradually with their hand slightly touching the belly of the base partner. The base partner can also offer support by placing a hand on the back or shoulder of the flyer. 

Flying Bow Pose

It is one of the most advanced yoga moves for two people. The initial part is the same as that of the airplane plank but here, the base partner places the feet on the top partner’s glutes and lifts them into the air. The one on top will then slowly bend their head leaning backward and reach their feet with their hands. 


It is a well-known fact that practicing yoga is one of the best ways to keep your body and mind clean, calm, and healthy. Just like normal yoga poses, practicing bff 2-person yoga poses will help you to get an enhanced effect and also help you to build a better connection with the person that you are doing it with. Remember to keep in mind that communication is the key and that you always do what is best for you and your partner. 

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