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Stuxnet – Nitro Zeus – Operation Olympic Games & The Iran Nuclear Deal

An in-depth documentary revealing the history of Stuxnet being just a very small part of an apocalyptic cyber warfare arsenal known as Nitro Zeus. In ...

by Alexander Higgins

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An in-depth documentary revealing the history of Stuxnet being just a very small part of an apocalyptic cyber warfare arsenal known as Nitro Zeus.

In the most indepth documentary to date on the Stuxnet industrial infrastructure worm, which has spread across the world and destroyed 1,000 nuclear centrifuges in Iran, CIA and NSA whistle blowers come forward to reveal the history of the worm in the Zero Days.

They also reveal how the worm isn’t even the tip of the iceberg in the massive cyber warfare arsenal that the United States starting building a decade ago as part of Operation Olympic Games, capabilities that many nations around the globe now have built.

The documentary is a stunning reminder of all of the Fake News we where told by the corporate media when this virus was first discovered and while these leaks were first coming out.

It is also a reminder of Obama’s war on whisteblowers,  why Obama was forced to make the Iran nuclear deal because of the acts of war America was caught committing, and the power of the complete control of the NSA surveillance state as explained by showing their capabilities in action in wars overseas.

It is perhaps more relevant today with all of the Fake News the corporate media is spreading about Russia hacking the U.S. election system. Watching this documentary makes it clear Russia would never launch such a cyber attack because if it did America would retaliate by unleashing its cyber ware arsenal.

As the documentary explains the new cyber warfare capabilities are the most significant advance in weapon technologies since the Atomic bomb. In fact the NSA and CIA whistleblowers that have come forward in the documentary make the case it might even before more powerful given the ability to completely take out everything on a target nation’s electricity grid effectively sending the nation back to the dark ages. Of course that has additional consequences such as no clean water and as the world witnessed with Fukushima nuclear reactors going into meltdown. That is if the United States doesn’t decide to destroy them outright as part of the attack.


Zero Days Trailer

This is currently available on demand for free for Showtime subscribers.

You can also use your cable provider to watch the entire documentary on Zero Days Films

As the Daily Beast writes:

The Terrifying U.S.-Israeli Computer Worm That Could Cause World War III

In 2007’s Live Free or Die Hard, Timothy Olyphant’s evil cyber-terrorist Thomas Gabriel initiates a paralyzing attack on the nation’s technological infrastructure—seizing control of its transportation, communication, military, and power systems—which Justin Long’s nerdy hacker dubs a “fire sale” due to the fact that in such an assault, “everything must go.” As befitting an entry in the popular action franchise, this catastrophe concludes with Bruce Willis’s cop John McClane saving the day through acts of superhuman physical heroism. Replete with Gabriel using his high-tech gadgetry as a way to soothe his damaged ego and steal lots of money, it’s a familiar Hollywood saga, albeit with a modern digital twist. Except that, according to Alex Gibney’s new documentary, Live Free or Die Hard is anything but outlandish fantasy.

In Zero Days, Gibney provides a comprehensive overview of the Stuxnet worm—a sophisticated piece of malware that, on June 17, 2010, was found by a Belarus security expert on one of his client’s machines in Iran. Though it was immediately apparent that the virus was deadly, it would take considerably more analysis—including by Symantec security response professionals Eric Chien and Liam O’Murchu—before its true potential was revealed. Those revelations were at once awe-inspiring and unsettling, as Stuxnet turned out to be a complex program designed to infiltrate, target, and sabotage the centrifuges at Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility. It was equipped to do this even though Natanz’s systems were disconnected from the internet. And it was to perform its mission without “command and control” input—meaning that its groundbreaking code would initiate and carry out its tasks wholly on its own (or as Chien says, “There was no turning back once Stuxnet was released”).


If that makes Zero Days sound like a compelling recitation of already-known facts, that’s because it is—including with regards to its supposed “bombshell.” That comes from a former Cyber Command official (whose ID remains anonymous on-screen) who verifies that, yes, America and Israel were behind Stuxnet, and that in fact it was only the point of the spear, as a more wide-ranging virus known as “Nitro Zeus” was concurrently developed in case Israel and Iran ever went to war. Though it was shelved (for now) by President Obama’s 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, “Nitro Zeus” was, in effect, akin to Live Free or Die Hard’s “fire sale”: an agent of apocalyptic cyber-destruction that would disable the country’s air defenses, power grid, traffic, health, and communication infrastructures.


Given that Stuxnet didn’t permanently stymie Iran’s nuclear capabilities, and that the country successfully retaliated against us with two subsequent computer attacks, Zero Days makes clear that we’re already enmeshed in this terrifying new cyber-reality. And unfortunately for us all, we’ll need more than John McClane to help avert forthcoming global disaster.


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