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Seafood To Avoid For Diabetes: A Guide to Mindful Eating!

Diabetes is a condition that is quite common among many people in our society today. If you are someone who is diagnosed with diabetes, then ...

by Samantha Grace

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Diabetes is a condition that is quite common among many people in our society today. If you are someone who is diagnosed with diabetes, then extra caution should be taken while following a diet. Certain foods should be completely avoided and there are some food items that you can enjoy tension-free.

Among different types of food items, seafood items are something that everyone likes. But is it safe for you to have it if you are diagnosed with diabetes? While most of us are quite sure about sweets, the case with seafood seems to be quite confusing. So, to make things clear, here we will be discussing more about what seafood is bad for diabetes so that you can avoid it easily and keep your body healthy.                   

Seafood – Taste And Nutrition Alike

The different kinds of delicacies that fall under the category of seafood are something that everyone prefers. They are known for their unique taste, texture, and, above all, their high nutritional value. For a person who is not a great fan of meat, seafood is the next best choice when it comes to meeting the protein and other vital nutritional needs of the body. Some of the most preferred and eaten foods are known to be great sources of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and other vital nutrients and minerals.

The Seafood To Avoid For Diabetes

These contents are known to be effective in regulating the functions of the heart, meeting the protein needs of the body, and also support different other vital functions. However, with all these benefits, there are a few seafood items that you should avoid from your diet if you are suffering or diagnosed with diabetes. 

What seafood is bad for diabetes?

As mentioned, the majority of the seafood that is popular among people is known for its taste and nutritional value alike. But there are certain foods that you should keep away in order to take care of your health if you are suffering from diabetes.

Having an understanding of this food item will help you to fashion an effective and beneficial diet for yourself and stay healthy. So, if you are wondering about seafood that is not good for diabetes, here are a few that you should take note of; 

  • Seafood with high sodium

Seafood is known for its high sodium content which is often not good for people with diabetes. The high sodium content can increase blood pressure, which is already a prevailing problem in people with diabetes. So consuming such food items can worsen the condition. Among the popular seafood available in the market certain canned and processed seafood are known for their high sodium contents. 

  • Seafood with high mercury content

Some of the most commonly used fishes such as sharks, King mackerel, and swordfish are known for their high mercury content. The high concentration of mercury is not ideal for the proper health of your nervous system. For people with diabetes, this additional quantity of mercury is an added risk to their already disturbed nervous system. 

  • Deep-fried seafood

Deep Frying seafood increases the contents of fat and calories in it, along with increasing the carbohydrate content. This addition can lead to an increased level of blood sugar which is not ideal if you are diagnosed with diabetes. So avoiding fried seafood is one of the best ways to go. 

  • Seafood with high levels of unhealthy fats

Majority of the seafood is known for its healthy fat content but due to different preparation methods have the chance to introduce unhealthy fats into these food items. The case is prominent when it comes to seafood items that are prepared using heavy cream or butter. These kinds of food items have the chance to increase your cholesterol level and also lead to unhealthy weight gain. These situations are not good for your health if you are suffering from diabetes. 

Seafood choices promoting healthy blood sugar levels

Here we have looked at some of the seafood items that you should avoid if you are suffering from diabetes. Now, here are a few food items that you can choose without being worried about making your health worse. Some of the best seafood good for diabetes include;

  • Tuna
  • Salmon
  • Scallops
  • Shrimp
  • Cod
  • Haddock
  • Trout
  • Lobster

While these are some of the best-recommended seafood for people with diabetes., you should also be mindful of the mode of preparation, the additional ingredients used to make the recipe, and the quantity that you consume. 


Seafood is always a crowd favorite and is known for its great taste and high nutritional value. But for people with diabetes, there are certain foods that they need to avoid to stop the condition from getting worse.

We have added the list of such foods and also the ones which can be quite beneficial for the body too. Keeping track of these food items and using them responsibly will allow you to enjoy these delicious treats without damaging your health even more and your body will benefit from the high nutritional value that it has to offer. 

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