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NY Times Attacks Trump’s Twitter Account As Fake News While Lying About Ivanka

The NY Times openly lies about Donald Trump and Ivanka on Twitter while labeling his Twitter account as a media outlet being used to spread ...

by Alexander Higgins

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The NY Times openly lies about Donald Trump and Ivanka on Twitter while labeling his Twitter account as a media outlet being used to spread fake news.

Last night Donald Trump announced that Ford has reversed their decision to move Lincoln factories to Mexico but instead will work with the Trump administration to keep the factories and the jobs inside the United States.

Of course, this has sparked outrage in the liberal elitist media who immediately went to work claim Donal Trump is lying about the announcement even though it has been confirmed by Bloomberg and other news outlets.

In smearing the announcement, the NY Times attacked Donald Trump’s Twitter account as being used as media outlet to spread this fake news.

The NY Times then went onto to spread lies about Ivanka being in charge of Trump’s blind trust.

This was done to smear Trump by fabricating a conflict of interest because Trump’s daughter attended yesterday’s meeting with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Meanwhile following the meeting Abe described trump as a “trustworthy leader” in a conference with the press.


Of course, this yet another example of the “real news” smearing Donald Trump in a partisan attack based on lies.

You will undoubtedly watch on TV or read in liberal news sources today repeated smears that Trump is lying about this.

Here’s Bloomberg confirming Trump was not lying or pretending. It is also important to not that statement “Trump was busy pretending” also indicates clear bias not withstanding the fact they are lying about what he was “pretending” to do



But not only is the New York Times and other media outlets are claiming Trumps tweet is yet another lie they are going as far as citing Trump’s  tweet as an example of how Trump is competing with the believed corporate media by spreading fake news.



And just a few tweets down, this reporter states another lie claiming that Ivanka is in charge of Trump’s blind trust when Donald Trump doesn’t even have a blind trust and has made no indication he will open one.


A blatant outright lie. Doesn’t matter, the corporate media is trapped inside their own bubble and what they say is “real news” – even if is a blatant lie – and anything that conservatives say is “fake news”.

Of course, this is merely a fabrication to add to an ongoing smear campaign against Trump and his family to lay the groundwork for future propaganda attacks claiming conflicts of interest.

Reuters reported ABE found Trump trustworthy and feels confident they will be able to build a relationship of trust.

Japan’s PM Abe meets Trump, says confident can build trust

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe described Donald Trump as a “trustworthy leader” after meeting the U.S. president-elect on Thursday to get clarity on statements Trump had made while campaigning that had caused concern about the alliance.

Abe, speaking after the hastily arranged 90-minute meeting at Trump Tower in Manhattan, reporters: “The talks made me feel sure that we can build a relationship of trust.” But he would not disclose specifics because the conversation was unofficial.

To put the icing on the case these lies come right not long after they beg Twitter followers to support their quality journalism by enrolling in a paid subscription to the New York Times.


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