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Not Losing Weight On Semaglutide: Exploring Reasons And Solutions!

A weight-loss journey with medications like semaglutide and ozempic is promising. It brings people one step closer to achieving their health goals. Semagutide has become ...

by Karen Smit

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A weight-loss journey with medications like semaglutide and ozempic is promising. It brings people one step closer to achieving their health goals. Semagutide has become popular due to its significant results in the weight loss journey. The drug, which can suppress appetite and slow down digestion, worked wonders in the lives of people with obesity.

However, some people do not tend to lose the desired amount of weight on a semaglutide medication. What could be the possible reasons? Read on to explore the possible reasons for not losing weight on semaglutide and to understand the best ways to maximize weight loss on semaglutide. 

What Is Semaglutide?

Semaglutide is an injectable drug that was created to treat obesity and type 2 diabetes; it has become well-liked as a drug for weight loss. Semaglutide aids in bringing blood sugar levels back to average. Additionally, it lessens hunger and slows down digestion, promoting weight loss

Losing Weight On Semaglutide

Along with wegovy injection and ozempic injection, semaglutide is an active ingredient in FDA-approved drugs.  

Why Am I Not Losing Weight On Ozempic?

Most people find that semaglutide and ozempic work well; these frequent mistakes could prevent you from seeing the desired weight reduction outcomes. 

It may be the beginning of the medication

Everybody reacts to semaglutide differently. Some people lose weight rapidly, while others might not see results for several weeks. 

During the one-year and four-month Ozempic experiment, some participants lost weight more slowly than others, but most participants started losing weight within the first four weeks. In another study, participants who took 1.0 mg of semaglutide for 56 weeks dropped 13 pounds on average. Just like any new treatment plan, beginning semaglutide medication necessitates patience.  

The dosage may be too low

To reduce side effects, medical experts start semaglutide at a modest dosage of 0.25 mg once a week for the first four weeks. After the first four doses, the dosage will increase to 0.5 mg per week for the next four weeks.

Depending on how the body reacts to semaglutide, the doctor may raise the dosage every four weeks until it reaches the maximum maintenance dosage of 2.4 mg for Wegovy and 1 mg for Ozempic.

The entire scaling-up process might require three months. According to studies, 25% of individuals taking low doses of semaglutide may gain weight, unlike those on higher dosages, who see more weight loss.  

Skipping the doses

Progress may be greatly affected by skipping the weekly Ozempic or Wegovy injections. Predicting the bodily reactions to taking the prescription inconsistently can be challenging. Try taking the dosage on the same day every week to avoid forgetting. The best weight-loss results can only be attained through consistency in medication, eating habits, and exercise.  

Not maintaining a proper diet

Semaglutide can aid in weight loss; however, it is most useful when combined with a healthy lifestyle. It is essential to maintain a diet that is calorie-conscious and well-balanced. Medication alone might not make up for a poor diet. 

Semaglutide proved helpful in reducing weight, even in clinical trials, when paired with lifestyle modifications. The trial participants were encouraged to make these beneficial dietary adjustments. Burning more calories than intake is the fundamental principle of weight loss. Your calorie intake may still be higher than your energy expenditure if you’re not losing weight. 

Not Physically active

Regular exercise and a healthy diet are beneficial for weight loss with semaglutide. In addition to enhancing overall metabolic health and assisting with calorie burning, exercise enhances the benefits of medication. 

Try to incorporate at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise, like walking or swimming, or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity, like running, every week. Engage in strength training exercises for all main muscle groups at least twice a week.

Other factors like sleep deprivation, stress, constipation, hitting the plateau point, and pre-existing health conditions can be a reason for not losing weight on Ozempic and semaglutide.  

Tips To Maximize Weight Loss On Semaglutide

Some general tips that help maximize weight loss using semaglutide and Ozempic are:

  • Maintaining a healthy diet
  • Regular exercise
  • Healthy changes in lifestyle
  • Monitoring the progress and keeping track of the changes
  • Avoiding alcohol
  • Giving yourself time to adapt to the medication 

How Long Does Semaglutide Take for Weight Loss?

After beginning semaglutide medication, patients may experience some results in four weeks. With increased physical activity and improved food and exercise habits connected with the drug’s use, it may take up to three months before patients notice a noticeable difference in their original body weight and waistline.  


As discussed in this article, many reasons hinder weight loss on semaglutide. While most people start experiencing slight changes in the first four weeks, a few are unlikely to respond to the drug. It is advisable to consult a doctor or a physician if a person on semaglutide medication fails to achieve the desired results. 

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