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Milwaukee Wisconsin Recount Hillary Clinton Vote Fraud Anomalies?

As Wisconsin recount results come in Milwaukee wards are showing anomalies that indicate potential absentee ballot fraud. Update: A federal judge has halted the Michigan ...

by Alexander Higgins

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As Wisconsin recount results come in Milwaukee wards are showing anomalies that indicate potential absentee ballot fraud.

Update: A federal judge has halted the Michigan recount after the discovery of statewide voter fraud in Michigan.

The Wisconsin Board of Elections of elections is withholding Milwaukee absentee ballots from the official recount which as of day 5 shows Hillary Clinton losing 34,243 votes.

In doing so they may be telegraphing to the public there has been vote fraud conducted on behalf of Hillary Clinton as the missing votes, whether or not they are all absentee ballots, vastly favor Hillary Clinton by a margin of 10 to 1.

The anomalies come as massive vote fraud was uncovered in Democrat strong holds in Michigan just before a Federal Judge has halted the recount there.

According to the official original vote counts, Hillary Clinton won Milwaukee county by a little over a 2 to 1 margin winning 288,797 votes compared to Donald Trumps 125,846 votes which represents a 2 to 1 margin.

Digging into the recount results more glaring anomalies pop out, including one ward which Hillary won by a margin of 242 to 1 and six with margins higher than 100 to 1.

As the recount continues, some of these originally reported vote margins are being revised way downward more inline with the win margins of neighboring wards and with the county wide average.

For example, Hillary Clinton won Ward 34 by a margin of 100 to 1 in the original count but the recount now has it 2 to 1.

Oddly Hillary only won neighboring wards 33 and 35 by 2 to 1 margin which is inline with the county average.


Despite only a 2 to 1 win margin county wide some Milwaukee wards have anomalous win margins for Hillary Clinton in the original vote count. As the the votes are recounted, some of these margins are coming more in line with the county average.


Ward 32 originally showed a 5 to 1 victory for Hillary but but after the recount the margin is now closer to 3 to 1, again much closer to the county average.

In neighboring Ward 31 the original count shows Hillary winning by 10 to 1, but there are still no count results for the precinct.

Such huge discrepancies in win margins from neighboring wards could be an indicator of vote fraud for Hillary Clinton and the anomalies in Milwaukee county are widespread.

Should the missing votes reappear in the form of absentee ballots and they continue to favor Hillary Clinton at a 10 to 1 margin, in a state where she lost and in a county were she only one by a 2 to 1 margin, it may indicate vote fraud.

This same strange phenomenon is occurring in the Pennsylvania recount where officials have discovered 22,000 ballots which were not reported in the original vote count and where 90% of them are in favor of Hillary Clinton.

There is not only the mathematical discrepancies but additional circumstantial evidence. Before the election the FBI raided a democratic office outside of Philadelphia with a warrant seeking materials used to produce fake ballots.

In Broward County Florida, the democrats were caught opening 10,000s of thousands republican ballots and changing the votes and illegally processing over 150,000 ballots.



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