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How To Remove Lash Extensions? Find Easy Ways!

Many individuals resort to eyelash extension treatments to get longer, fuller, and darker lashes. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent synthetic or natural fibers glued to your ...

by Lexie Kiara

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Many individuals resort to eyelash extension treatments to get longer, fuller, and darker lashes. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent synthetic or natural fibers glued to your natural lashes and only a professional can carry out the lash extension treatments. Artificial extensions will help to enhance the appearance of your eyes without the use of makeup and mascara.

Even though many undergo extension treatment to achieve stunning looks most individuals refuse to go to a professional for their lashes safely and effectively. The best way to get rid of your synthetic lashes is to consult a pro however, you can safely remove the lashes from the home as well. In this essay, we will explore the different ways to remove eyelash extensions safely from the comfort of your home while considering different eyelash extension styles and techniques. 

Before learning about the removal process, it is important to understand different eyelash extension styles to learn the perfect way to remove them. 

Various Eyelash Extension Styles

The shape of a person’s eye determines eyelash extension styles. According to the shapes, eyes have been categorized into almond eyes, round eyes, hooded eyes, and monolid eyes. Based on these four major categories there are various subdivisions as well.

Steps To Remove Lash Extensions

A professional can easily identify your eye shape and determine the perfect extension style for you. The common styles include:

1.1. Classic 

The classic eyelash extension is the best option if you are looking for a natural eyelash appearance. To achieve a classic extension look, a lash artist will attach one extension to each of your eyelashes with a special glue. It gives a subtle and natural enhancement to the lashes. 

1.2. Russian Volume

If you want to achieve a dramatic look to the eyes, You may like Russian volume extensions. It gives a fuller lash look by attaching multiple synthetic lashes to your natural eyelashes

1.3. Mega Volume

As the name suggests, mega-volume extensions involve the use of ultra-dramatic dense lashes to achieve a bold look. If you are a lover of extra glamorous-looking lashes mega-volume eyelash extension styles are for you. 

1.4. Hybrid

Hybrid lash extensions are a combination of classic and volume lashes. It gives a customized look with a balanced appearance. 

Now, let’s move on to the process of safely removing your eyelash extensions. 

The Process of Safe Removal Of Eyelash Extensions

There will come a time to say goodbye to your eyelash extensions. Consulting a lash artist is the easiest and most effective way to remove your extensions. It won’t take more than 30 minutes. However, you can use the following techniques to safely remove your extensions without anyone’s help. 

2.1. Protect The Under-eye

The first step to remove your extensions is to protect your under-eye area using an under-eye pad or gel pad. You should also refrain from plucking your extensions to avoid the shedding of your natural lashes. 

2.2. Choose An Oil or Glycerin Based Product

Oil and glycerin can break the extension adhesive and cause your lashes to fall off. Use clean and sterile cotton pads to gently apply the products to your lashes. 

2.3. Use Appropriate Adhesive Remover

Use a professional eyelash remover, nothing is going to work better than get-based adhesive removers specially designed for eyelash extensions. When the removers dissolve the glue, the liquid may run into your eyes so do it with utmost care. Using gel removers can help to avoid this situation. 

2.4. Remove The Lashes

You can gently remove the lashes after dissolving all the adhesive. If you find it hard to pluck some lashes, avoid forcefully removing them. These stubborn lashes will fall off after a few days. Use a tweezer or spoolie brush to carefully pluck the lashes. 

2.5. After Care

Once you completely get rid of all the artificial lashes, you can use a lash cleanser to remove the remaining glue particles from the lashes. A gentle oil-based make-up remover can also perform this job perfectly. 

2.6. Give Proper Nourishment

Your natural lashes need essential nourishment after the safe removal of extensions. To support the regrowth of your natural lashes use lash serums and lash moisturizers daily. This step will reduce the risk of lash damage as well. After completing the lash extension removal process, let the lashes recover fully. Avoid rubbing your eyes to reduce the risk of damage. 


Follow these steps to safely remove your lash extensions. It is possible to remove eyelash extensions regardless of the type of extension style. You have to be careful while performing the removal process. Always use high-quality products to remove your extensions. Use only clean and sterile types of equipment and brushes to apply the product to the lash extensions. Besides, it is vital to follow aftercare to restore the health and strength of your lashes. 

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