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Is Vaseline Good For Your Eyelashes? Debunking Myths!

What is Vaseline? Is it beneficial for your eyelashes? Come let’s explore this.  Vaseline is an American brand of petroleum jelly. Petroleum jellies are known ...

by Lexie Kiara

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What is Vaseline? Is it beneficial for your eyelashes? Come let’s explore this. 

Vaseline is an American brand of petroleum jelly. Petroleum jellies are known for their lubricating and coating properties. The benefits of petroleum jelly range from medicinal properties to skin care. Vaseline is one of the most famous and popular petroleum jelly brands since 1870.

It has a lot to provide for the betterment of your daily life, which includes treatment for dry chapped lips, softening heels, removing skin soreness, as a moisturizer, a makeup remover, soothing razor bumps, dealing cracks on the skin, and the list goes on like that. Now, coming to the topic:

Is Vaseline An Addition To Your Eyelash Care?

Vaseline For Eyelashes Beauty

As it has already been said, vaseline has to have hydrating and moisturizing properties. As per several studies, it was found that Vaseline does not have a direct impact on promoting eyelash growth. Whereas, it can moisturize your lashes well.

This helps to lock in the moisture and prevent the lashes from breaking. It makes your lashes strong and healthy. Vaseline is very thick, so the application of Vaseline to the lashes makes them appear thicker and more voluminous. 

How do I use it?

As it is already known, the eye is a delicate organ. So the utmost care should be taken while dealing with it. Eyelashes and the products you apply to them also have a huge impact on the health of your eyes. Below are the ways in which you can apply Vaseline to your eyelashes. 

  • The first and foremost thing is to wash your hands thoroughly and ensure they are clean and dry. 
  • In the same way, ensure that your eyelids and lashes are neat and clean, free of soap, mascara, makeup, and other substances. 
  • Now you can use a cotton swab to take a very small amount of the vaseline and apply it all over your upper and lower lashes. Also, apply a generous amount to the lash lines. 
  • Clean your lashes and eyes with warm water, a makeup remover, or a cotton swab the next morning if you have applied it at night. 

This is the safest and easiest way to apply Vaseline to your lashes. Though it is safe, it might be uncomfortable for some. 

Major pitfalls and some precautions

Usually, vaseline is safe and does not cause serious issues or allergies in users. But applying it to the eyelashes has some drawbacks. 

  • It is thick in consistency. This can be sticky and cause discomfort to some users. 
  • Being thick in consistency, it can easily trap dirt and other contaminants in your lashes and thereby affect the health of your eyes. 

Let’s take a look at some of the necessary precautions that you must follow while using it on your lashes. 

  • Clean your hands and lashes thoroughly to avoid the breeding of bacteria. 
  • Avoid maximum contact with the eyes. 
  • In case of irritation, wash off the product immediately with cold water and use a cotton towel to pat dry the area. 
  • If the irritation and discomfort persist, always seek medical help. 
  • Make sure that you are using a very small amount, as it can clog your eyes and make your vision blurred. 

Other alternative home remedies to grow your eyelashes. 

There are far better choices than Vaseline to improve the growth of your lashes. Below are some of the remedies that you can use to attain thicker and fuller lashes. All the remedies mentioned are easy to follow and can be made using things that are easily available at home. 

  • Natural oils

Natural oils like coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, vitamin E oil, and so on are great additions to promote lash growth. 

  • Green tea

Rinsing your eyelashes with green tea can also be effective in attaining longer, thicker, and fuller lashes. 

  • Aloe vera

Several nutrients and vitamins inside this plant help you grow your lashes naturally. 

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All things considered, Vaseline is a great moisturizing and hydrating product. It can make your lashes less prone to breakage by locking and sealing in the moisture. It gives the appearance of fuller and thicker lashes with its thick consistency.

However, there is very little evidence that Vaseline can be effective in promoting eyelash growth. Also, there are considerably better choices to grow your eyelashes than vaseline, which are already discussed above. Bear in mind that it can be irritating to some of them, so exercise caution while using it on your lashes. 


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