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How To Make Teeth Strong Naturally? Effective Ways Revealed!

Taking care of your teeth is very important as it reflects your entire hygiene. Though you were supposed to take care of your teeth throughout ...

by Jason Wesley

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Taking care of your teeth is very important as it reflects your entire hygiene. Though you were supposed to take care of your teeth throughout your life, you can still improve the strength of your teeth by incorporating a few healthy practices into your daily routine while also eliminating a few from it.

Starting with brushing and flossing, there are a few other methods to restore your teeth’ enamel to make them look and feel better. Even if it is chipped or cracked, you can still follow these steps to enhance the health of your enamel. 

10 Ways To Naturally Strengthen Teeth 

Practice Proper Brushing

1. Use A Fluoride-Free Toothpaste 

    Fluoride is a harmful chemical associated with a range of side effects. Using it every day on your teeth may cause the enamel to degrade eventually. Similarly, stay away from toothpaste with whitening agents. This may also weaken your enamel. 

    2. Practice Proper Brushing 

      Technique is more important than anything else when it comes to brushing your teeth. First of all, stop brushing immediately after eating a sweet or citrus. Also, make sure to use only soft-bristled brushes that too at a 45-degree angle. It would also be better if you did not brush your teeth too hard. 

      3. Add Enamel Strengthening Food Into Your Diet 

        Tooth enamel is made from calcium and hence, claim-rich food intake may benefit both your tooth enamel as well as bones. High-calcium foods help add minerals back into the surface of your teeth while also neutralizing the acid that harms the enamel. Dairy products and many vegetables like tofu, soybeans, broccoli, and kale are good sources of calcium. 

        4. Stop Eating Sugar

          Sugar is bad for your teeth. It feeds the bad bacteria in your mouth that create acid which causes damage to the enamel. Even if you do not eat sugar in its raw form, starchy foods like soft bread and chips can turn into sugar from your mouth, encouraging the growth of the same bacteria. But what is more dangerous is the combination of sugar with citrus as in sour candies. This combination can put the enamel at a greater risk. 

          5. Stop The Grind 

            Teeth grinding is a chronic condition that one may do knowingly or unknowingly. But both ways, the habit can loosen teeth entirely. You are less likely to notice teeth grinding if you are someone who does it while sleeping. It is usually caused by stress. So, if diagnosed, try to take muscle relaxants or stress relievers before bed. 

            6. Stay Hydrated 

              Drinking water has many health benefits. It helps flush away food debris as well as bacteria from your mouth. It also helps nullify the effects of the bacteria by diluting them. Similarly, dry mouth can put you at a great risk of tooth decay. So, drinking plenty of water will also enhance saliva production which will prevent mouth dryness

              7. Improve Digestion 

                Though you are eating the right foods, you may still not be satisfied with your oral health and poor digestion could be one of the reasons behind it. So, add healthy fats with each meal to improve your digestion and also improve the absorption of minerals and vitamins into your body. This will automatically improve the health of your teeth. 

                8. Clean Your Tongue 

                  Often, people brush regularly following the right brushing methods, but forget to clean their tongue, leaving space for the bad bacteria to grow. So, keep your tongue clean to reduce the bacterial growth in your mouth. Additionally, you may notice fresher breath. 

                  9. Avoid Eating Grains

                    Grains contain a substance called phytic that hinders the absorption of beneficial minerals such as iron, zinc, and calcium. If you cannot completely avoid eating grains, try to wait until they ferment as grains are less harmful after they are fermented. 

                    10. Do Regular Checkups 

                      Seeing a dentist once every 6 months might benefit your teeth and gum health. Your dentist can identify the areas that need attention and can also diagnose diseases early. 


                      Your teeth require the same attention as that of your body. Since it is the first thing that people notice, you will have to always keep it clean and healthy. The above-mentioned methods are proven to improve the strength of your teeth gradually.

                      You may incorporate each of these methods one by one to feel the difference. You are never too late to start. So, start taking measures from today to prevent your enamel from breaking as it cannot be restored.

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