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How To Get Rid Of Sacral Fat Pad? Easy Ways!

A patch of fat that forms in the lower back, above the tailbone is called a sacral fat pad. There are many reasons why someone ...

by Karen Smit

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A patch of fat that forms in the lower back, above the tailbone is called a sacral fat pad. There are many reasons why someone would be concerned about their sacral fat pad including aesthetic reasons, discomfort, lower back pain, and postural imbalance. On top of that, a sacral fat pad is also associated with an increased risk of health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and metabolic disorders. 

Spot-reducing any fat deposits can be a real challenge, especially the fat pad. So, the best way to tackle this fluffiness in your lower back is to follow a balanced diet and cardio plan to lose the overall fat from your body. Read on to find out more about the sacral fat pad and how to get rid of it.

What Causes Fat Pad Above Buttocks?

The fat pads above the buttocks or the tailbone are a common concern for many people. Before learning about the ways to get rid of it, let’s discover some of the reasons that might cause this fat annoying fat deposits that are just too hard to shake off. The causes of fat pad above the tailbone include: 

Ways to Remove Sacral Fat Pad

Body Weight

People with high body weight are more likely to experience higher levels of adipose tissue (fat) deposits on the body including the buttocks region. Body weight is also linked with the person’s calorie intake. The body will store the excess calories as fat tissues, all over the body.

Lack Of Body Movements

Your body will burn the fat stored in adipose tissues when you exercise or do physical labor that requires more energy. In case of a sedentary lifestyle with no or fewer body movements, the body wouldn’t have an outlet to convert the fat stores into energy leading to a fluffy belly, upper body, thighs, arms, legs, and lower back.

Poor Posture

Although rare, in some cases, poor posture may also contribute to a sacral fat pad. If you have a profession that requires long hours of sitting, you are more likely to slouch, weakening your back muscles and causing fat build-up in the lower back.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalances caused by the natural lifecycle, or genetic disorders can disrupt the body’s metabolism process and how it handles body fat. The variations in certain hormones can lead to overweight and increased fat deposits on different parts including the lower back.


High levels of stress can increase the level of cortisol hormone in your body. It can increase your appetite and craving leading to overeating. Over time it can increase the fat deposits in your body including the sacral fat pad. 

How To Get Rid Of Sacral Fat Pad? 

As with losing fat from any other part of your body, there are no magic spells or potions to get rid of them. The only natural option is to create a calorie deficit in your body to encourage fat-burning. When you take in fewer calories and spend more calories by exercising and increasing your body movements, the body is forced to convert the fat deposits into energy. It will reduce your overall body fat and eventually, you can get rid of the sacral fat pad. 


It is also important to eat a nutritious diet to support your overall health. So, make sure to include a variety of vegetables, fruits, and vegetables in your diet. Moderate portions of protein sources such as boiled chicken breast, or other lean meats can be also beneficial. Portion control is important, as you need to burn more calories than you eat. Certain foods such as watermelon, cucumber, oats, and Greek yogurt are low in calories but can make you full for longer. 


According to an article from AirSculpt, some effective exercises targeting the sacral region may include bridge pose, bird dog, and plank. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that incorporates both cardio and strength training is also beneficial for increasing fat burning. 

Lifestyle Changes 

In addition to dieting and exercise, leading a healthy lifestyle is also important for losing sacral fat pad and overall body fat.

  • Aim to get sufficient sleep of about 7 – 9 hours every night. 
  • Manage your stress by practicing techniques such as yoga, and meditation. Try not to resort to comfort foods. 
  • Include physical activities such as climbing the stairs, swimming, and walking as much as possible, even outside your regular exercise routine. 
  • Reducing alcohol intake can be also beneficial. High levels of alcohol can tarnish your overall health. 

With a proper diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle changes, you can definitely get rid of the fat deposits on your sacral fat. Just remember that losing body fat can be a long process. So, keep yourself motivated by regularly tracking your progress and giving positive self-affirmations. 


Sacral fat in the lower back of your body, above the tailbone can cause discomfort, lower back pain, and a weird structure. However many people would find it hard to get rid of this fat deposit in the lower back. But with proper diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes, you will be able to make your sacral fat pad smaller and eventually get rid of it. 

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