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What Is Fibrosis Treatment? Prevention Methods For Fibrosis After Lipo

Pulmonary fibrosis is a chronic lung disease caused when the lung becomes exposed to toxins like dust, tobacco, and other harmful substances. These toxins scar ...

by Kendra Reed

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Pulmonary fibrosis is a chronic lung disease caused when the lung becomes exposed to toxins like dust, tobacco, and other harmful substances. These toxins scar the thin and lacy walls of the lungs blocking the airflow. This is called fibrotic.

When the scarring occurs in every part of the lungs it makes it stiffer and less efficient for the oxygen to be delivered out of the lungs into the bloodstream. The scarring makes it difficult for the lungs to expand itself resulting in breathlessness. Scarring the lung tissue increases the risks of pulmonary tract infections and other respiratory problems. 

If you are wondering about a treatment for this health issue, then no. currently, there is no cure for fibrosis. However, treatment can focus on preventing as well as slowing down the symptoms and gradually thinning the tissue.  In this document, we will explore the treatment options for fibrosis. Keep reading to find out more about it.

What Are The Treatment Options Available?

Since there is no cure available, there are multiple treatment options that can improve the condition. The treatment goal is to slow down the disease by managing the symptoms and gradually improving the quality of life by eliminating signs of lung damage. Various approaches are introduced to meet the treatment demands. The following are the treatment options for fibrosis. 

Pulmonary Rehabilitation


Pharmaceutical medications have been widely applied in treating pulmonary infections. In terms of fibrosis, medication is given after identifying the root cause. Anti-fibrotic, Anti-inflammation, and other medications are available to slow down the scarring and inflammation caused by harmful toxins. 

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen is supplied to the patient through nasal cannulas, face masks, or portable contractors. This therapy is operated when the patient finds it difficult to breathe. The supply of oxygen will help improve the breathing and activity of the blood. 

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

This is a personalized program designed as per the condition of each patient to provide education and exercises to combat pulmonary fibrosis. This helps to enhance the strength of the respiratory muscles. This comprehensive program can elevate the quality of life. 

Lung Transplant

Lung transplant is the exchange of lungs. It is done by a surgery practiced by eye surgeons. Unlike others, lung transplants may not be easy. But everyone has to go through in case of breathing.

Other treatments are emerging such as electrical stimulation, laser therapy, liposuction, and others. Some patients have seen the development of fibrosis after liposuction.

There is no evidence that fibrosis will show up right after the surgery. Liposuction scars treatment using laser therapy helps to stimulate the growth of new cells enabling them to be replaced with dead cells and tissues. 

What Are The Prevention Measures?

As it says prevention is better than cure, even in the case of fibrosis it can be prevented by implementing healthy habits. The following are the simplest life habits that you can implement in your lifestyle. 

Healthy Diet

Consuming a healthy diet can improve the nutrition intake. The healthy nutrients and vitamins may help combat free radicals as well as clean the body from toxins and other harmful substances. 

Routine Workouts

Daily working out can improve the body’s ability to renew the cells and tissues. It can also enhance the muscle movements in the lungs. Running, jogging and other activities may help to improve lung capacity.

Regular Check-Ups

Consulting a healthcare professional can help diagnose any possible signs of fibrosis in the early stage. This will help the medical experts plan the treatment procedures accordingly. 

Minimizing Exposure To Dust And Toxins

Using masks outdoors and moving away from polluted cities can minimize the absorption of toxins in the body. This can prevent any possible chances of getting fibrosis. 

Avoid Smoking Or Passive Smoking

Quitting smoking or avoiding gatherings where smoking is a habit can help your body reduce the risks of fibrosis

Is Fibrosis Permanent?

Fibrosis is historically considered to be a permanent condition which is an irreversible disease. However recent studies and treatment options have proven otherwise. With proper care and medication, fibrosis condition can be reversed but there are very slight chances of it.

Moreover, different types of innovative therapies can help remove fibrosis permanently. Proper care is crucial for the prevention of fibrosis in the future. 

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Final Say

Fibrosis is a serious condition caused by the lung. It damages the tissues in the lungs by blocking the air vents. It is mainly caused by toxins and harmful substances scarring the lung tissues. Current treatment options target gradually removing the fibrosis through various therapies.

Medical experts suggest living healthier such as consuming a healthy diet and doing regular exercise to improve the overall quality of the body. Regular checkups can easily identify the signs of fibrosis and eliminate it easily in the early stage.


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