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What Is Copenhagen Plank? Benefits, Technique, And How To Do It Correctly!

Exercise is vital to maintain overall health and well-being. Regular exercise helps one be fit, active, energized, and healthy. Building an exercise routine will help ...

by Jessica Bennet

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Exercise is vital to maintain overall health and well-being. Regular exercise helps one be fit, active, energized, and healthy. Building an exercise routine will help improve physical and psychological health. It also reduces the risk of getting diseases, as it strengthens the immune system.

Exercise will make one refreshed and ready for the day. There are plenty of exercise options one can practice. Different types of exercise include bone-strengthening, muscle strengthening, balancing, aerobic, and flexibility activities. Each exercise provides various benefits. Let us now look at what the Copenhagen Plank exercise is and the benefits it offers.

What Is Copenhagen Plank?

Copenhagen Plank is an exercise for improving adductor strength and hip stability. The adductor is a group of muscles that go down from the pelvic bone to the inner thigh and knee. It has gained this name as it was named after a soccer team.

The Copenhagen Plank is an exercise where you place the top leg on a bench and the bottom leg under the bench. Then, you lift the hip until the body is in a straight line position with the lower leg off the floor and hold. There are types of planks, like the adductor side plank, which is a regular side plank with a twist. Rather than keeping the feet on top of each other, the adductor plank is performed by placing the inside of the leg on an elevated surface, like a bench or box. Unlike other workouts, this exercise does not require so much gym equipment.

Copenhagen Plank is refreshingly minimalistic, and it can practiced anywhere, and all you need is a bench, box, or chair. 

This form of exercise provides support to the hips and lower body. It strengthens the body and improves mobility. By providing mobility at the hip, Copenhagen Plank prevents the risk of injuries. The best way to implement this exercise is by gradually increasing the range of motion. Also, stretching and warm-ups keep the body warm and improve blood flow to the muscles. 

How To Do The Copenhagen Plank Exercise?

First, lay on your side with a bench, box, or chair near your feet. Then, place the top leg on the bench and keep the hips and core tall and tight. Bring yourself up on your elbow of the lower arm, and with the help of your glutes, lift yourself off the ground. It will look more like a side plank with an upper leg on the bench.

Copenhagen Plank

Once you position yourself, bring your lower leg up to the bottom of the bench or chair, squeezing and abducting the bottom leg to the bench. Then, you can keep your legs intact or move them slowly up and down. While performing this exercise, ensure you keep breathing and keep the core engaged.  

Benefits Of Copenhagen Plank

Doing Copenhagen Plank exercises provides various benefits, such as;

  • Improves overall leg strength.
  • Increases balance hip stability.
  • Protects against adductor strains. 
  • Prevent groin injuries. 
  • Boosts core strength.
  • Supports explosive movements such as running and jumping. 
  • Reduce the chance of injuries. 
  • Lowers the risk of back pain.
  • Improves posture.
  • Promotes mobility even as you age. 

For Whom Is Copenhagen Plank Most Suitable

Copenhagen Plank exercises work great for those looking to shape and strengthen their legs and hips. This exercise is great for soccer and basketball players who want to improve running efficiency. Athletes mostly depend on this exercise to improve stability and strength while running, jumping, or quick movements.

Incorporating this exercise into the routine will help improve stability, performance, and strength. Those who sit for too much time or have an office job should try performing this exercise daily to improve posture and core strength. This will make physical activities easy as it supports a healthy, strong, and moving spine. It also reduces the risk of neck strains, backaches, or other conditions. 

Also, the Copenhagen Plank exercise is beginner-friendly and adaptable, making it suitable for all. This exercise is an easier solution for those who have no time to go to the gym as it requires minimal equipment and can be performed anywhere and anytime. It is not only suitable for sports performers but also for those looking to improve hip muscle strength and mobility. 

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Copenhagen Plank is an easy-to-perform exercise that requires minimal equipment, and it provides various effective results. It helps improve stability, strength, and mobility, which makes daily tasks like running, standing, and walking easy. Ensure you do a warmup before this session to get the maximum benefits out of this exercise.

Copenhagen Plank exercise improves overall leg strength and flexibility while preventing injuries. It benefits people of all ages, especially athletes as it helps make the knees and hips strong, which makes physical activities easier. 

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