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Benefits Of Nance Fruit – Methods To Include This Fruit Into The Diet!

Have you ever come across a nance fruit? What exactly is a nance fruit? Do you want to explore this tropical treasure and know more ...

by Barbara Evans

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Have you ever come across a nance fruit? What exactly is a nance fruit? Do you want to explore this tropical treasure and know more about its benefits and flavors? With its striking resemblance to cherries, nance fruit is a culinary delight that has a unique taste and color.

Join us as we discuss more about this beneficial fruit. This article will discuss the nutritional value, health benefits, side effects, precautions, and different methods to incorporate this fruit into the diet.  

What Is Nance Fruit?

Grown throughout Central and Latin America and across the Caribbean, nance fruit resembles cherries in shape. Depending on the region, nance fruit has several other names. It is called nanche in parts of Mexico, hogberry in Jamaica, and yaca in Colombia.

Nance fruit is golden or yellow-orange-colored with oily white flesh and a unique flavor that can be either sweet or acidic. It has a large pit that holds two or three seeds. 

What Is The Nutritional Value Of Nance Fruit?

Nance fruit helps to reduce the risks of cancer, stroke, and heart disease with its rich vitamin C content, dietary fiber, and antioxidant properties. It is also a good source of other components, such as:

  • Folate
  • Manganese
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin A  
Nutritional Value Of Nance Fruit

What Are The Health Benefits Of Nance Fruit?

Nance fruit can be used in desserts, juices, or consumed raw. When incorporated with other nutritional approaches, such as including iron, vitamin C, and calcium-rich foods in your diet, nance fruit helps you lower blood sugar levels.

Vitamin C may also aid in boosting the immune system and protecting you from infections. Other health benefits of nance fruit include: 

Supports Digestive Health

The rich digestive fiber content in the nance fruit helps to improve your digestive health. Dietary fiber supports gut bacteria, facilitates digestion, and adds bulk to stools.

Foods rich in dietary fiber enhance satiety levels, which creates a feeling of fullness and reduces calorie intake. 

Reduces The Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases

Despite the lack of research, particularly with nance fruit, studies mention that the nutrients in white-fleshed fruits help reduce cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

Daily consumption of white-fleshed fruits can aid in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels, reducing the chances of cardiovascular diseases.  

Improves Skin Health

Vitamin C supports skin health by aiding collagen production and protecting against sun damage. This protection from sun and ozone exposure helps to make the skin more resilient and youthful in appearance.

However, more research should be conducted to confirm whether nance fruit has a great effect on skin health.  

Side Effects And Precautions Of Nance Fruit

Allergic Reactions

People who have allergic reactions to acerola cherries may also develop allergic reactions to nance fruit, as they belong to the same family. It is better to seek medical advice if you have the potential for such allergies. 

Interactions With Other Medicines

Although there is little information about nance fruit’s interaction with other medications, it is advisable to include the fruit in your diet only after consulting a doctor or dietician.  

Pregnancy And Breastfeeding 

Pregnant or breastfeeding women may develop negative reactions to nance fruit. Therefore, it is better to consult a doctor before consuming it. 

Culinary Uses Of Nance Fruit

Spreads And Jams

Nance fruits are a great option for making homemade jams and spreads. It can add a unique taste to your toast and sandwiches.

Fermented Beverages

Chicha is a fermented drink made from nance fruit, found mostly in Latin and Central America. This fruit is also used to create another fermented drink called crema de nance, found in Costa Rica.

Desserts And Baked Products

Nance fruit can be added to desserts like cakes, patisserie, cookies, and pies.  

How Can You Include Nance Fruit In Your Diet?

Choosing the best nance fruit and storing them appropriately is the most important thing when incorporating them into your diet. Select golden-yellow fruits with a strong smell from supermarkets and stores. These fruits can be kept at room temperature for up to a week. Using a refrigerator is a good option to store them for up to two weeks.  

These fruits can be eaten raw or made into juices, smoothies, or jam. Salads and savory dishes can also be made with the nance fruit.  


The health benefits of nance fruit range from promoting digestion to lowering the risks of cardiovascular diseases and stroke and enhancing skin health. Due to its high nutritional content, including vitamin C, dietary fibers, and folate, it can be incorporated into any healthy diet.

However, similar to any other substance, nance fruit also has its potential risks and side effects. It can cause allergic reactions in some people and cause adverse effects when used with other medications.

It is always advisable to seek professional help before adding it to your diet. This tropical treasure can also be included in several culinary products.


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