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Guide To Skin Care: Tips And Tricks For Every Skin Type!

Skincare is your way of showing your skin some love. It is your abode and your first line of defense from pollution, dust, and whatnot. ...

by Sarah Waldorf

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Skincare is your way of showing your skin some love. It is your abode and your first line of defense from pollution, dust, and whatnot. With the changing climate and significantly more exposure to pollutants, it is a must to take care of your skin with a solid routine that is not too harsh but still gets the job done. Skincare can be a bit scary these days with all these influencers coming up with their 10 to 15-gazillion-step routines, expensive branded creams, and weird contraptions.

Well, do not let that dishearten you from starting your skin care. Your skincare routine just has to be simple to follow so that you stay consistent with it and affordable so that you have the provision to continue it and cater to your skin type, so it suits your skin type well.

Not every skincare item might be suitable for every skin type. So understanding that and developing a solid routine is a must. But there are some essential skin care steps that everyone must follow irrespective of their skin type. Let us dive deeper into the basics now.

Essentials For Skin Care

The essentials of skin care are basically the most simple stuff. All that you need to keep in mind is you have to cleanse your skin off of the stuff that it is exposed to, moisturize your skin so that it soothes and nourishes your natural skin barrier, and then protect it from sunlight and blue light with sunscreen. That’s it. These three steps are the basics or the foundation, irrespective of your skin type.

Essentials For Skin Care

The only thing that you have to be careful of, is the products that you use, which must be suitable for your skin type. You can add more to the routine if you feel like it. But if you are just starting out then these three steps are solid enough.

If you want to, you can add more steps like toner and other creams. But as a beginner guide to skincare, these steps are ok as well. Make sure that you also exfoliate your skin once or twice a week to remove all the excess dirt and dead skin cells. This also helps your skin look more refreshed.

Things To Be Mindful Of For Oily And Acne-Prone People

The first and foremost would be to choose non-comedogenic products. These products would not clog your pores and cause more acne or blackheads. Use a gentle cleanser that is not oil-based. Go for a light water-based moisturizer. Do not forget about your sunscreen.

Make sure that you are not going too hard on your face with the rubbing and scrubbing as it might irritate the skin causing more oil to release. If there is too much oil in your face then you can try using bloating papers. Try to reduce the consumption of greasy foods as well.

Combination Skin Hacks

Use products with oil-balancing ingredients like ceramides or salicylic acid. Make sure to cleanse your face properly. People with combination skin must be extra careful and it’s kind of like walking on a narrow string. We must keep the oil in control as well as reduce the redness, dryness, and flakiness in the other areas. So avoid comedogenic, oil-based products and drying alcohols on your skin.

Tips For Dry Skin 

Choose gentle cleansers free from AHAs, sulfates, fragrances, etc that can dry your skin out. It might be better if you cleanse your face just at night. Twice a day can strip out all the oils. Also, do not exfoliate too much. Once a week is more than enough.

Choose heavier and oil-based moisturizers that can help you lock in the moisture for longer hours. Petroleum jelly might be your best friend in treating dry skin and chapped lips. You can also try coconut oils, aloe vera gel, and such natural products that might soothe your skin.

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When it comes to skincare, consistency is the key. So choose a routine that you can be consistent with. Your skin will love the attention that it gets and over time you will see that love and care manifesting as nice-looking skin. Another important aspect is choosing the right skincare that suits your skin type. The attention to such details only aids in the betterment of your skin health. 

In addition to using products to treat and take care of your skin, make sure to stay hydrated, and eat healthy and nutritious meals as they all help with good skin from within. It is a cliche skincare tip to drink water, but even if it is said a million times before does not mean they are not effective.

Skincare doesn’t have to be intimidating or expensive to be effective, it just has to be simple and suitable for your skin type. Follow a healthy lifestyle and use adequate skincare for healthy and glowing skin.

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