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Are Nuts Good For Testosterone? Different Types Of Nuts! 

Nuts are tiny powerhouses of various nutrients. And the list of benefits these nuts are believed to offer is so long. One among the very ...

by Ellen Gilbert

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Nuts are tiny powerhouses of various nutrients. And the list of benefits these nuts are believed to offer is so long. One among the very long list of health benefits is spiking your t levels. Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is essential for well-being. This hormone affects many aspects of well-being like energy levels, libido, stamina, strength, and a lot more in men.

Now boosting your testosterone through natural foods like nuts is great. But are they really that effective? Do all nuts possess such abilities? There is a lot that we need to know about before making a judgment. So in this article, we will dive deeper into the world of nuts and how they might help with your t-levels, and what all claims are true and false. So without further ado let us get right into it.

Why Are Nuts Considered To Be Good For Your Testosterone Levels?

The major reason would be that nuts are a good source of quality lipids. When there are good-quality fats in your body, it usually directly translates to optimal testosterone levels. But this might not always be the case with all the nuts. Some nuts may negatively affect your pursuit of improving testosterone levels.

Various Types Of Nuts

There is a substance called PUFA or polyunsaturated fatty acids. These substances can actually do the exact opposite of what you want. Increasing your PUFA intake can adversely affect your t-levels as it increases oxidative stress damage in storage tissues. The next possible enemy in improving testosterone is phytosterols.

Phytosterols can negatively interact with the fat levels in your body. Since your testosterone is a steroid hormone built from fat, reducing your fat levels might not be a good idea to boost your T levels.

So coming to the question of why are nuts considered to be good for testosterone, the answer is not all of them actually are. In fact, some might adversely affect it too. The benefits depend on the kind of nuts that you are consuming. 

Well, since the kind of nuts decipher the effects of testosterone let us see some popular nuts and the claims associated with them

👉 Brazil Nuts

The high selenium content in these nuts is said to work in favor of boosting your testosterone levels. Selenium may also contribute to male fertility as well. Brazil nuts also possess potent antioxidants that can fight oxidative stress. Plus they are also anti-inflammatory agents.

👉 Almonds

There are mixed opinions on the impacts of almonds and their effect on testosterone. Some believe that the higher zinc and magnesium content in this nut might aid in increasing the levels of testosterone. Other studies have shown that almonds may trigger the production of SHBG or sex hormone-binding globulin. This hormone in high levels means your testosterone levels in your body drop.

👉 Walnuts

Similar to almonds, walnuts also have mixed opinions. Studies suggest that walnuts can increase the SHBG in your body causing your testosterone levels to drop. Then others indicate that they observed up to a 10% spike in testosterone levels. But still, a clear answer is missing.

👉 Macadamia

Macadamia nuts are a good source of monounsaturated fat which is positively associated with good levels of testosterone. These monounsaturated fats reduce the levels of LDL or the “bad” cholesterol. Low levels of LDL mean higher testosterone levels. Plus the magnesium content is also said to help with testosterone production.

👉 Pine Nuts

Pine nuts contain a substance called marmesin which helps with improving the production of testosterone. The arginine in these nuts is said to act as a vasodilator, dilating the blood vessels and enhancing blood flow making men last longer.          

👉 Pistachios 

A similar story to almonds and walnuts, the effectiveness of pistachios in improving the T-levels is inconclusive. Some believe that the phytosterols may negatively affect testosterone and cause it to go lower. Pistachios are believed to support male virility with its healthy amount of L-Arginine levels.

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👉 Cashews

Thanks to the optimal levels of selenium in this nut, cashews can help with improving your t-levels. The iron and minerals in these cashews support better circulation. These nuts also have a good quantity of zinc.

👉 Tiger Nuts

Tiger nuts are said to help improve the production of testosterone. Some studies have also demonstrated the potency of this nut to enhance male fertility and sex drive. These nuts are also said to have aphrodisiac properties and can hence boost libido

Wrapping Up

Nuts are very good for your overall health. But it might not be as beneficial as the hype suggests. The increase in testosterone levels clearly depends on the type of nut you are having. Some have the opposite effect of boosting your t levels.

And even if some of the nuts help you with improving your testosterone levels, it should not be considered as the sole path to boost your testosterone. Uses these nuts in moderation along with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

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