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30GB Bradley Foundation Data Hack Reveals $150 Million Hillary Campaign Donation

The Hacker Group Anonymous has just released 30 GB of data hacked from a foundation with close ties to the Clinton Foundation. The Hacker Group ...

by Alexander Higgins

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The Hacker Group Anonymous has just released 30 GB of data hacked from a foundation with close ties to the Clinton Foundation.


The Hacker Group Anonymous has just released 30 Gigabytes of data it claims was hacked from the Bradley Foundation which apparently serves as a money laundering front between the Rothschild Asset management, Inc.and the Hillary Clinton campaign  through the Clinton Foundation.

And to nip any complaints about the Rotchshilds behing conspiracy, Hillary discusses here ties in a Wall Street speech to Deutsche Bank just released by WikiLeaks:

We heard a similar point from a more global perspective this spring at a conference in London on inclusive capitalism organized by my friend, Lynn Rothschild, who’s here with us tonight. Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, offered what we in America might call straight talk about how the financial industry has lost its way and how to earn back public confidence.”




With the ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation due to pay to play and money laundering allegations connected to this organization things could get very interesting soon.

The FBI can add this to Wiener’s 650,000 emails and the emails from the Podesta Leaks which already provide more than enough evidence to provide a prima facie case for a RICO indictment.

Update: News spreads quick, The story is being discussed here where users are posted the screenshots of the breach saying the leak is real.

Here is the contents of the structure of the dump:


An perhaps the most damaging part of all of this is once all is said and done there will be no acid washing their servers with bleach bit as one of the documents show there are monthly back ups of there data being stored in a safety deposit box.


There is also an oddly named file called “Insurance records” which could be actual financial insurance files but given the depth of the criminal network it could also be a black mail file.

The account also posted the following which gives a document count and a screen shot of some files that appear to have data on offshore accounts.


Another apparently anonymous related account has tweeted that this dump is retribution for the Government attempting to cover up the findings of the Hillary Clinton FBI investigation.

FBI released this to let the American people know they posses the 33K emails raise hell now call call call!

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