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What Type Of Doctor Helps You Lose Weight? Find Out!

Weight management is something most people struggle with, and finding the right aid has been a hectic task. Most people are confused about what type ...

by Susan Debicki

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Weight management is something most people struggle with, and finding the right aid has been a hectic task. Most people are confused about what type of doctor they should consult or what measures they must take to treat obesity effectively.

If we don’t control our weight, it can lead to various health complications, including heart disease, stroke, fatigue, high blood pressure, unhealthy cholesterol levels, liver problems, diabetes, and more.

There are natural remedies to lose weight such as, regular exercise, a healthy diet, getting restful sleep, cutting down sugar, and intermittent fasting. However, before choosing any weight loss remedy, ensure you speak with a doctor first to understand the root cause of unhealthy weight gain and to get a suitable solution. 

What Type Of Doctor Helps You Lose Weight? Different Types Revealed

If losing weight on your own did not provide any progress, you should seek medical help. It is important to see the doctor first before choosing any weight loss remedy as they can help customize your weight loss journey, ensure it is safe, and monitor your progress.

They will educate you with suitable weight-loss strategies and ensure they don’t cause any adverse effects. But what type of doctor helps you lose weight? 

👉 Bariatric Surgeon

Consulting a bariatric surgeon is a better option for people who have been struggling to lose weight for a long time.  A bariatric surgeon is someone who specializes in the medical treatment of obesity and related conditions. It is a trained surgical physician for obesity.

Bariatric Surgeon

This type of surgeon ensures that the patients are provided with all the deep, essential nutritional information. They also provide customized exercise charts to prevent additional risks. The physician ensures that the surgery is safe for you and also sees if non-surgical methods work for you. 

People opt for surgery when they fail to reach their weight loss goal even after tiring weight loss training and diet. This method is recommended for those who need to lose a lot of weight in a short amount to preserve their health. 

👉 Nutritionist

A nutritionist is someone who comes to mind when thinking of losing weight. Nutritionists are experts in food and nutrition and can help make diet plans for you to achieve weight loss goals.

Food plays a major role in an individual’s overall health and weight loss, so a nutritionist can help modify diet plans to lose weight naturally and effectively while ensuring the body gets all necessary nutrients. Also, even after achieving weight loss goals, following a diet plan will help prevent gaining weight again. 

👉 General Practitioner

If you only plan to lose a few pounds, consulting a general practitioner is a better idea. The doctor will provide you with guidelines regarding healthy weight-loss tactics by determining your age and medical conditions.

Usually, this physician recommends a healthy, balanced diet and adequate exercise to manage weight. However, if you are obese and your body does not respond to diets or exercises, then this doctor refers you to a specialist. 

👉 Endocrinologist

An endocrinologist is a physician with expertise in conditions related to hormones. Hormonal changes, PCOD, or thyroid can result in unhealthy weight gain. This also includes disorders related to metabolism. If your unhealthy weight gain is due to underlying hormone problems, then an Endocrinologist can help you treat it. 

👉 Obesity Medicine Physician

There are physicians with expertise in tanning and treatment of excess body weight. They understand the complexity of obesity and work to treat it effectively. They also evaluate your medical history and weight loss history. By evaluating your overall health and weight loss journey, the physician will come up with an individualized treatment plan. 

Obesity Medicine Physician

👉 Primary Care Physician

A primary care physician is a good first step toward your weight loss journey as the healthcare provider knows a lot more about you and thus will be able to guide you regarding weight management.

They can help determine your goals by analyzing your health history. They will also recommend FDA-approved weight loss medication that will make your weight loss journey easy. If they feel their assistance is not working, they might refer you to a specialist. 


Weight management is something most people work on, and they are often confused about what remedies should they take or whom to consult. One should analyze their weight first, and if they think they need to lose so much weight, consulting an expert would be good. If one only needs to shed a few pounds, consulting a dietitian or nutritionist will be enough.

No matter what remedies we choose, we should ensure it is safe for our overall health and well-being, as not all plans, programs, or diets will be suitable for everyone. Also, make sure you consult the doctor before planning your weight loss journey to avoid any errors because losing too much weight altogether might affect overall health badly. So, seeing a suitable physician is vital for effective and safe weight management. 

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