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Michigan Recount Halted After Mass Voter Fraud Discovery

Federal Judge Officially Stops Michigan Recount After Discovery of Widespread Democrat Vote Fraud Michigan Recount Halted After Discovery of Massive Democrat Vote Fraud The Michigan ...

by Alexander Higgins

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Federal Judge Officially Stops Michigan Recount After Discovery of Widespread Democrat Vote Fraud

Michigan Recount Ends After Mass Voter Fraud Discovery

Michigan Recount Halted After Discovery of Massive Democrat Vote Fraud

The Michigan elections director explains why a ballot box reported to have 306 votes only had 50 ballots.

After massive voter fraud was discovered in Democratic strongholds in Michigan, which forced over half of Hillary Clinton’s Detroit vote to face disqualification, Federal Judge U.S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith has dissolved his original temporary order and ruled that the Michigan recount be stopped immediately.

Since yesterday over 100 precincts have had their votes disqualified from recount due to widespread anomalies, including one ballot box reported to have 306 votes counted but was found to only contain 50 ballots, and that number was only increasing as more districts in the state began recounts.

Michigan GOP officials have vowed to launch investigations into the discrepancies in the vote counts even though the recount has now officially over.

HNN reported yesterday that the decision to halt the recount was ordered but the more shoddy journalism from the corporate media persisted another “fake news” lie claiming there was conflict between yesterday’s rulings even though it was clear Hillary had no chance of winning after the discovery of the fraud.

Goldsmith originally issued an order to start the recount Monday after a midnight hour ruling Sunday night but the ruling was not based on the merits of Jill Stein’s petition but was instead temporary issued because Michigan law required two days before they could grant Stein’s position.

Stein argued, and Goldsmith agreed, that if Michigan decided to grant her recount petition the recount would start too late to be completed in time to meet Federal election deadlines.

Under this basis Goldsmith ordered the recounted to begin by noon on Monday while Michigan made an official decision to grant Stein’s recount request.

Yesterday, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled to stop the recount because Jill Stein did not qualify to file a recount in the first place. The court did not dissolve Goldsmith’s order at that time but instead referred to State of Michigan to issue an official decision to stop the recount and file to reverse Goldsmith’s temporary order.

Today Michigan’s Board of Elections  voted 3 to 1 to stop the recount which was coupled with a filing by the Michigan’s Attorney General to dissolve Goldsmith’s order.

Goldsmith just released his written order moments ago overturning his temporary restraining order which effectively puts and end to Michigan’s recount.

By the end of the first day of the recount on Monday reports had come in from all over Michigan that the officially certified vote counts in Democratic strongholds that voted highly in Hillary’s favor did not match the number of votes logged into poll books by election officials.

By Tuesday morning it became clear that in many of these precincts the officially certified vote totals where higher than the number of voters logged in these Democrat controlled districts.

Under Michigan state law if voter counts didn’t match the number the precinct is disqualified from being recounted and the original count stands.

Election officials stated they were aware of the discrepancies in the counts before the original counts were certified and gave no explanation for them. Instead results across the results were certified anyway.

Officials mainly the blamed the increased vote counts on the same ballot being scanned multiple times due which resulted in ballots being counted multiple times if workers did not clear the scan from the counter.

Some doubts were cast on that explanation Tuesday night when election observers in District #152 reported a box for which 306 votes were votes cast despite the box actually only containing 50 physical ballots.

Even before the recount was officially halted hundreds of Democratic districts had already been disqualified due to discrepancies in vote counts.

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