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Ketone IQ Reviews: Are They Effective For Performance Enhancement?

Ketone IQ is a drinkable ketone technology that has been gathering quite a bit of popularity on different platforms on the internet. Related news and ...

by Samantha Grace

Ketone IQ is a drinkable ketone technology that has been gathering quite a bit of popularity on different platforms on the internet. Related news and other details suggest that Ketone IQ is the final result of research and studies conducted alongside the military and different reputed universities since 2017.

With such hype and popularity, I decided to check out the supplement and study it in detail, considering all its major aspects. This Ketone IQ review includes all the details that I have found through this analysis and will provide you with the answers to every question that you have. 

Ketone IQ Reviews: How Does It Keep Blood Sugar Levels Stable?

Ketone IQ review

With years of experience in the field, it is always better to choose a supplement only after getting to know it better than falling blindly for its popularity. As a medical reviewer myself, I always try to help people get a better view of a supplement from a different angle before purchasing it. That is what I have done with Ketone IQ too.

While the superficial features of the supplement seem quite impressive, what I have given importance to here are the more important underlying facts. 

Everything about the supplement, ranging from the ingredients used to make it to the working principle, its benefit claims, the scientific support, and the best place to purchase it from, is included in this review.

So, if you are looking for an energy booster for your body, go through this Ketone IQ review to find out if this supplement is what you have been looking for. 

What Is Ketone IQ?

Ketone IQ is an energy booster that can be used by anyone to improve the cognitive and brain performance of the body, focus, clarity, and performance. The supplement can be used by anyone, regardless of their gender and I have found that it functions effectively both as an energy booster and a brain performance booster. 

It is very clear that the maker has taken into account different conditions of the body while formulating it, and you can tell that by looking at the different ketone-iq ingredients used in it. There is not even a trace of any ingredient in the supplement that can be harmful to the body in any way.

Ketone IQ comes in two types of bottles: a travel bottle and a multi-serving bottle. While the travel bottle is a single serving, the multilevel bottle contains 10 servings. Being quite easy to use and living up to the claims made, I feel that Ketone IQ is one the best of its kind available in the market right now. 

Product NameKetone IQ
TypeEnergy and cognitive performance booster
ManufacturerManufactured in FDA-registered facility
FormulaEnergy booster drink
BenefitsEnergy booster
Cognitive performance enhancer
Weight management support
Improved sleep and blood sugar balance
Brain function booster
Monk fruit extract
Rebaudioside M
Citric Acid
Potassium Benzoate
Natural flavors
ProsHighly effective, scientifically backed, no harmful ingredients, FDA-compliant, easy to consume, budget-friendly.
ConsAvailable only on the official website, not on popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon.
Money-Back Guarantee60 Days
AvailabilityOfficial website only
Official WebsiteClick Here

How does the Ketone IQ energy booster work?

Going into the details, I was quite impressed by the level of research and studies that the makers have conducted in formulating this supplement. The basic working principle of Ketone IQ is based on the rate of body metabolism but what truly makes it stand out is that it stresses the ancient practice of using ketone as the fuel for metabolism, not sugar, as we see in the majority of supplements today.

The modern diet has extensively affected our lifestyle and as our diets are more carb-based, we often store the excess, which stops our bodies from running on ketones.

Ketone IQ has, therefore, the ability to put the body in a state of ketosis without any hard diets or fasting. This provides your body with additional ketone-iq benefits along with an elevated energy level, like proper weight management, better sleep, and even increased brain performance. 

Ketone IQ pros & Cons

Ketone IQ is quite effective when it comes to being an effective source of instant energy. However, there are certain things that you should be keen on before deciding to purchase the supplement and one among them is the pros and cons of the supplement. To get a better and more detailed understanding of Ketone IQ, here are a few pros and cons of the supplement:


  • Highly effective and scientifically backed
  • No use of any harmful ingredients
  • Follows all the regulations of the FDA
  • Easy to carry around and consume
  • Budget-friendly


  • Ketone IQ is available for purchase only from Ketone IQ official website
  • You will not find Ketone IQ on any of the popular e-commerce websites, like Amazon 

Ketone IQ ingredient analysis

The complete list of Ketone IQ ingredients used to formulate this includes:



It is a colorless, odorless liquid which is easily soluble in water. One of the major uses of the compound is that it is used in flavoring. However, coming to Ketone IQ, the major reason why the supplement is used is owing to its ability to induce ketosis without any particular diet or fasting. There are different scientific details available that can support the claims regarding the action of this ingredient. 

Monk Fruit Extract Sweetner

Less than 2% of Monk fruit extract

It is one of the most powerful natural sweeteners available and is said to be around 300 times sweeter than normal table sugar. Along with this, different studies have proven that the ingredient effectively offers the needed anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to the body. It also helps to balance your blood sugar level and your body weight. 

Rebaudioside M Sweetner

Rebaudioside M

This is yet another strong sweetener that is more powerful than normal sugar. Different features of the ingredient, like its natural origin and low-calorie content, have made it much more popular these days. The fact that the ingredient does not add to the calorie intake or disrupt the blood sugar balance of the person taking it has made it an apt choice for the supplement. 

Citric Acid Ingredient

Citric Acid

Generally speaking, citric acid is a weak acid that is mainly found in citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. There are different benefits attached to this acid, like its ability to maintain the health and well-being of your skin and even its ability to prevent conditions like kidney stones. Some studies prove that the acid has a role to play in the energy metabolism of the body, making it a key ingredient in the supplement. 

Some of the additional ingredients used in Ketone IQ include 

  • Water
  • Potassium Benzoate
  • Natural flavours

Claims vs Facts

Going through the claims made by the manufacturers of Ketone IQ, the first major claim that I noticed was the supplement’s ability to improve energy levels. Even though it has multiple other benefits, Ketone IQ is marketed mainly as an energy booster.

Here, the supplement is said to have the ability to induce ketosis in your body without having to put you through hard keto diets. Experience the transformative power of the Ketone-IQ weight-loss formula.

Along with this, Ketone IQ is also credited with other benefits, such as the ability to balance the sleep cycle, body weight, and even blood sugar levels.  Ketone-IQ improves workout consistency, keeps blood sugar levels stable, and gives an extra mental boost.

Making claims regarding the effectiveness of a supplement is easy, but what’s difficult is the ability to live up to these claims. However, looking into the details of the ingredients used in Ketone IQ and the effects and benefits of these ingredients, the claims seem to be legit and achievable.

Different ingredients that account for the multiple benefits are used in the making of ketones in the right ratio. The fact that the manufacturing process of Ketone IQ is in accordance with the rules and regulations also adds to the legitimacy of the supplement. 

Manufacturer & credibility of Ketone IQ

Ketone IQ is manufactured in one of the best facilities in the country. Even though the FDA does not actually approve the supplement, it is made in a facility that is registered with the FDA, and as an additional layer of assurance for its quality, the supplement is also Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified.

You will also get an idea of the trustworthiness of the manufacturers when I say that they are supported by some of the big names, such as Amazon and BuyGood.

The manufacturers of Ketone IQ ensure to maintain transparency with their customers in almost all the different aspects of the supplement. It is also trusted by the military, NFL, NBA, and Olympians too. 

Cost & value of Ketone IQ

One of the best ways for me to choose the right supplement is by comparing it with another major supplement available on the market, and that’s what I have done here too.

I compared the major details of Ketone IQ with two other major supplements in the market and here you can see the results for yourself. This will also help you make a wise decision about which supplement to choose. 

Ketone IQKetone AidReal Ketones
BrandH.V.M.N.KetoneAidReal Ketones
Customer rating4.14.24.1
Price (pack of 3)$129.96$104.95$59.99

While the price and customer rating are major aspects, so are the credibility and legitimacy of the brand. After all, that’s where the supplement comes from. Here, the other two supplements seem alright but as the choice is your body, you must always make sure that the one you choose is the best, which in this case is Ketone IQ. All the major aspects of the supplement seem legit and trustworthy. 

Ketone IQ side-effects & interaction

To understand the supplement, I have gone through almost all the available reviews and feedback of the supplement available on the internet, and I was quite surprised to notice that there was not even a single mention of any kind of side effects from the supplement.

While there have been mentions of it being sleep-inducing and a bit nauseating, nothing of major concern has crossed my mind. However, there are certain things that you should keep in mind too.

Make sure that the drink you choose to mix with Ketone IQ is also a healthy one, rather than choosing a random drink. Also, while taking the supplement, try to keep away from things that can harm your body, like alcohol and other such substances. 

Ketone IQ return policy

Ketone IQ offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, which means that you are free to return the supplement within 60 days of the original purchase and receive a full refund on the amount that you spent on its purchase.

This is an added advantage that helps to ensure that hard-earned money doesn’t go to waste. The refund process is also quite simple, and the amount will be credited back to your account within 5 to 7 business days. 

Ketone IQ Customer reviews and testimonials

To know what people had to say about Ketone IQ, I went through a great deal of Ketone IQ customer reviews. Owing to the popularity of the supplement, a lot of different customer reviews are available on the internet, and people have expressed their satisfaction through these reviews too.

According to Ketone IQ reviews, they seem quite happy and the reason is that Ketone IQ lives up to all the different claims that it makes and stays true to its function and benefits. Here are a few testimonials from customers that I have gathered from around the internet. 

“I have been using Ketone IQ for the past few months and I am blown away by the changes that it has made in me and the way it has transformed my body. No matter your profession, if you are looking for an effective energy booster, then Ketone IQ is one of the best choices that you can have. “-Anna Martell

As far as my energy levels are concerned, I love Ketone IQ. The supplement has done wonders for me and I am so glad that I gave it a try. It has completely changed my life and if you are looking for such a miraculous change, then look no further. ” –John Fredrick

It was one of my friends who suggested Ketone IQ to me, and I am so glad I gave it a chance. I remember seeing the sudden change in my friend’s life and wanting the same thing for me too. Now that I have been taking the supplement for almost 3 months, I have never been better. ” –Samuel West

Ketone IQ expert opinion

After having studied the supplement for quite some time, I strongly feel that Ketone IQ is a safe supplement that will give you the same result that its makers have promised.

I completely stand by what IO has learned from my studies, and with my experience as a medical reviewer, there are also a few things that you should keep in mind. If you are someone who takes alcohol, make sure that you stay clean from it for at least an hour before consuming the supplement.

Also, Ketone IQ is not recommended for pregnant women or for someone who is currently taking medication for issues such as cancer. You should also make sure to talk to your doctor if you are currently taking any kind of prescription medicine. 

How and where can I order Ketone IQ?

One major thing I noticed while studying the supplement is that a lot of supplements under similar names to Ketone IQ are available on the market, and often people fall for these unauthentic ones, mistaking them for the others.

To avoid that, the best place you can choose to buy it from is its official website. You can also depend on other credible sources like ClickBank and GoodBuy to ensure the authenticity of the supplement. 

Ketone IQ Reviews: Final Verdict

We have gone through almost all the major details of Ketone IQ through this review, as promised. The details included in the review about the ingredients, its efficiency and working, and the details of the side effects are all the result of months of studying the supplement in detail.

This detailed study has made it clear that Ketone IQ is not like most of the other supplements available in the market, where they make claims and fail to deliver the results. The supplement does not fall short of delivering the promised results and the highly appreciative reviews of the customers can vouch for that too.

So, if you are looking for an energy booster supplement, then Ketone IQ is one that you can choose. That’s the best I can say and the customer-reported Ketone IQ reviews are mostly positive. The final decision is completely up to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Ketone IQ help you lose weight?

A. Ketone IQ is said to have the ability to inhibit fat release and also promote the rate of body metabolism. Both these processes help the supplement support body weight loss. 

2. How do I use Ketone IQ?

A. The supplement comes in drinkable form, and you can either take it directly or mix it with any beverage of your choice. It is best to take 1-3 servings a day for best results. 

3. Does Ketone IQ have caffeine in it?

A. While Ketone IQ helps you to have an elevated energy level, the supplement does not contain or use caffeine in any stage of its manufacturing. 

4. Is ketones IQ safe for the brain?

A. The use of ketone IQ has shown improved brain function and is said to be an effective brain performance booster supplement. 

5. Is Ketone IQ FDA-approved?

A. Ketone IQ uses ingredients that are approved by the FDA to be used in food items. It is also manufactured in an FDA-registered facility in the country. 


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