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How To Tell If The Contact Lens Is Still In The Eye? Possible Ways

Contact lenses are a common alternative to eyeglasses and laser eye surgery. Are you one of those who chose contact lenses over other methods? Have ...

by Kendra Reed

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Contact lenses are a common alternative to eyeglasses and laser eye surgery. Are you one of those who chose contact lenses over other methods? Have you ever experienced any disturbances while using them or have you ever feared losing them inside your eye?

Contact lenses offer more comfort while engaging in your day-to-day activities. But what if they get stuck in your eyes? Have you ever experienced such a situation?  Let’s look more into this topic and find the best ways to deal with it. 

Is It Possible To Lose A Contact Lens In Your Eyes?

Is it possible to lose the contact lens in your eyes? The answer is no. The structure of our eyes is such that the contact lens cannot be lost inside the eyes. The thin, moist layer in the eyes, called conjunctiva, extends from the back of the eyelids to the white portion of the eyeballs, called sclera, forming its exterior covering. This continuous structure of the conjunctiva makes losing a contact lens inside your eyes impossible.  

How To Tell If A Contact Lens Is Still In Your Eyes?

Rubbing your eyes or trying to remove the contacts can lead to their disappearance. However, there is nothing to panic about, as it is a common incident. However, it is important to identify that a contact lens is stuck inside your eyes.

Contact Lens Is Still In The  Eyes

Irritation, redness, and burning sensations are some of the common symptoms that indicate a stuck contact lens. Some of the other symptoms include:

How To Find A Stuck Contact Lens?

As it is impossible to lose contact lenses inside your eyes, they can be found by following some easy steps. Even the most clear contact lenses will have a slight tint, enabling you to identify them inside your eyes.

Examining your eyes in a mirror under a bright light will help you find your missing contact lens. The edges of the lens can be found near your iris as they move away from their place. Wash your hands and gently tug on your lower and then upper eyelids if you are still unable to see the lens. These spaces allow you to fold and tuck your contact lens in. 

Sometimes, your contact lens may get stuck inside your eyes. In such situations, do not try to pry it off, as this could create a scratch on your cornea. The best way is to moisturize your eyes until the lenses are easier to remove. Using eye moisturizers and artificial tears will also help to remove a stuck contact lens.

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How To Remove A Stuck Contact Lens From Your Eyes?

Although contact lenses can be removed with a few blinks, it does not always work. In such situations, alternative methods should be found to remove the contact lens, especially when it is stuck in your eyes.

Depending on the type of lenses you wear, there may be slight differences in removing the stuck lens. However, initially, you can try flushing them out. Using artificial tears, moisturize your eyes to aid the lens’s release. This works particularly well if your lens becomes caught due to drying out. But never use tap water—it’s not sterile and may contain bacteria.  

How To Remove Soft Lenses?

Soft contact lenses are generally comfortable to wear as they are made of plastic hydrogel. This implies that they could dry out and become lodged in the middle of your eye, in which case you would need to rehydrate them with moisturizing drops. Massaging the eyelids will help to remove a contact lens stuck under your eyelids. Once the lens is found, it should be gently taken out with clean hands. 

How To Remove Rigid Gas-Permeable Lenses?

It is important to avoid sliding the lens across your eye if it is a rigid gas-permeable lens. Sliding it would create scratches on your cornea. Rather, break the suction by lightly pressing your clean fingertip against the edge of the lens. You can also use a lens applicator, which is a little tool that resembles a suction cup, to remove the lens.  

How To Prevent Lenses From Getting Stuck?

  • Avoid sleeping with contact lenses.
  • Maintain the wear schedule of the lenses.
  • Avoid rubbing the eyes with the contact lenses inside them.
  • Try to maintain the moisture in the eyes. 

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Although contact lenses are more comfortable than eyeglasses for performing day-to-day activities, people often face problems when they get stuck or disappear in the eyes. In such situations, it is important to remember that the lenses cannot get stuck inside the eyes. It can be taken out through different methods, such as moisturizing your eyes, using artificial tears, or flushing.

Additionally, remember that on some occasions, the lenses can get stuck, even if you do not feel it. However, you can identify it through signs like irritation, redness, and a burning sensation. Also, try to avoid such situations by maintaining proper preventive measures while using a contact lens. 


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