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How To Get Rid Of Armpit Fat? 5 Best Proven Methods!

Stubborn armpit fat is a common problem among many women. It can lower your self-esteem, make clothes appear unflattering, and make wearing a swimsuit a ...

by Arie Jansen

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Stubborn armpit fat is a common problem among many women. It can lower your self-esteem, make clothes appear unflattering, and make wearing a swimsuit a misery. It is a common problem among most women, irrespective of their body size and shape.

It can affect even physically fit women because underarm fat is extremely difficult to lose, even with exercise. How can we tackle this problem? Read more to learn about five proven methods to get rid of armpit fat.

What Is Armpit Fat?

Excess fatty tissue that builds up behind the armpits is the cause of armpit fat, alternatively referred to as axillary fat. It gives the impression of folds emerging from your armpit, which makes most ladies self-conscious about it.

When you wear certain clothes, such as sports bras, sleeveless tops, or tank tops, axillary fat rolls stand out more. As a result, many women decide to wear apparel that covers their underarms. Exercise and diet tend to be ineffective on axillary fat tissue. It is common among adult women and worsens with aging. 

What are the reasons for armpit fat?

Axillary fat can be deceiving since it can occasionally be axillary breast tissue rather than fat cells. Therefore, the problem persists even after repeated efforts to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet. Some of the reasons for armpit fat are:

✅ Genetics 

Body fat distribution can be significantly affected by heredity and genetics. Numerous studies support the theory that your body’s fat storage location is mostly determined by genetics. Having said that, you are more likely to develop axillary fat if you have big fat deposits beneath your arms, similar to those of your mother or grandmother.


Although armpit fat affects most women irrespective of their body size, women who have experienced significant weight gain are more prone to developing armpit fat.

You will most likely develop axillary fat if you are overweight or have extra fat and your body is predisposed genetically to store subcutaneous fat in the upper torso or under the arms. 

✅ Axillary Breast Tissue

The tissue that develops around the armpit or axilla area is called axillary breast tissue. Sometimes these tissues pretend to be armpit fat. While armpit fat and axillary breast tissue are mostly referred to as the same, they possess considerable differences. 

✅ Hormones 

Hormonal changes can have a significant impact on fat storage since breast tissue is sensitive to them. The cause of your armpit fat rolls may be hormonal variations related to adolescence, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause.

Breast tissue enlargement may result from a change in the synthesis of the hormones progesterone and estrogen. Hormonal changes brought on by a woman’s natural occurrences may result in underarm fat, enlarged breast tissue, and altered skin elasticity.

How do I get rid of armpit fat?

Removal Of Armpit Fat

Losing armpit fat might be challenging. Although many people turn to surgery, there are other very successful non-surgical weight-loss methods. Some of the effective ways for armpit fat removal are:

1. Exercise 

Regular exercise and a healthy diet are proven methods to lose weight. But as armpit fat is tricky to lose, all exercises might not work here. When attempting to reduce underarm fat, it is better to stick to cardio workouts. It is better not to write off the strength training, as it will help to tone the muscles under the armpits.

  • Pushups: The best workout to lose armpit fat is the age-old basic pushup. This exercise stimulates multiple muscles at once, including the ones in the upper arms, shoulders, and chest, in addition to aiding in the reduction of axillary fat. 
  • Jumping jacks: Another great and entertaining workout to reduce axillary fat is jumping jacks. Among the most comprehensive cardio workouts, this works the hands, abdomen, hips, legs, and glutes.
  • Mountain climbers: This exercise exerts pressure on the arms and helps to burn the fat under the armpit. 

2. Adjusting the Posture

Although it won’t cause armpit fat, bad posture can make it more noticeable. Maintaining a straight posture might help minimize the appearance of excess fat or breast tissue behind the armpits. Both exercise and posture correction bras can help improve posture.

3. Cool Sculpting

A non-invasive weight-loss technique that works well for pinpointing regions where you struggle to burn fat is called cool sculpting. Cells enter apoptosis, or freezing, using this technique and eventually die. Your body breaks down fat during apoptosis and excretes it through the lymphatic system.

4. Red Light Therapy

Lipomelt red light therapy is another non-invasive weight loss technique that has become more famous recently. Numerous health advantages of red light include body fat reduction and antiaging. This method is effective as you can decide which body part needs to be treated. 

5. Armpit Fat Removal Surgery

Having surgery to remove fat from the armpit is the final option. These operations are typically saved for those who are obese, overweight, or who have not been able to reduce their axillary fat using non-surgical approaches. Brachioplasty, laser lipo, and armpit liposuction are a few surgical techniques for removing underarm fat.


Compared to belly or tight fat, armpit fat is not as commonly discussed. But having too much fat beneath your arms can make you feel self-conscious while you’re wearing your favorite outfit or swimwear.

Although axillary fat is common in adult women and does not pose a health risk, it can negatively affect one’s self-esteem. Even though it is difficult to tackle this issue, several proven methods help reduce it.


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