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Get Your Gaming Posture Right – Tips For Best Gaming Position!

The infamous gamer posture is what might be causing your unexplained back pain or strain on your shoulders. It is notorious for making our body’s ...

by Hayden Vanderwaal

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The infamous gamer posture is what might be causing your unexplained back pain or strain on your shoulders. It is notorious for making our body’s position weird. And we all know how the tale of this posture begins. Most of the gamers will start with 10 mins and slowly another 20 will be added then before you know you have been sitting in front of your system for more than 2 hours.

If you are sitting for longer hours in front of your computer then you tend to automatically slouch. You may only find yourself correcting your posture maybe after hours of slouching. And it is pretty common knowledge that this compromising way of placing your body could harm you in the long run.

So here are some tips to tackle this issue and some other things that you should keep in mind. Without further ado let us dive right into it.

Cons Of Poor Gamer Posture

Before diving into tips on correcting your gaming posture you must be aware of why your body’s positioning matters and how it can affect your well-being as well as performance. So now we will see the side effects of using the wrong posture for long hours

  • Straining your eyes
  • Neck pain
  • Stiffness in your shoulder
  • Gamer thumb or De Quervain’s tenosynovitis
  • Cramps in your arms and hands
  • Back pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other painful wrist conditions

The Right Gaming Posture

Yes, there is a right way to enjoy your gaming sessions without having to compromise on your posture and well-being. You can keep this as your checklist and see that you are maintaining the right position throughout your gaming period.

Right Gaming Posture
  • Sit up straight with your lower back supported by a lumbar curve
  • Your butt and your thighs must be sharing your body weight in an equal proportion.
  • Your screen must meet you eye to eye. Do not position it in a way where your neck is in a strained position. At least 20 inches should separate your screen from your vision.
  • Your wrists are to be maintained in a proper position. It should not be overtly curved outwards or inwards. So position your mouse, controller, and keyboard accordingly
  • Use the chair armrest to support your arms and avoid using your muscles to hold your arms up for longer hours.
  • Your feet must be flat on the ground. Do not keep it twisted or crossed.
  • Knees must be bent at right angles. 
  • Proper breathing techniques

Now here are some additional checkpoints that you must be mindful of to maintain good alignment:

  • Ensure that you are taking breaks
  • Regularly stretch and walk around a bit to relieve the strain 
  • Keep a timer or alarm and set a period to play and stop playing further than that
  • Rest is extremely important. Give your body enough time to relax. 
  • Sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day
  • Hydrate yourself. Keep a water bottle near you all the time

Benefits Of A Good Gaming Posture

If you are maintaining good posture it comes with an array of benefits both for your health and performance.

  • Provide relief from aches, discomfort, and stress
  • Your bones and joints will be positioned correctly ensuring proper alignment
  • Decreases atypical wear and tear of your joint 
  • Boost your focus and performance
  • Your comfort is prioritised
  • Avoids other long-lasting risks like arthritis and other painful conditions

🕹 Ergonomic Chair

An ergonomic chair is designed to provide maximum comfort and support the human body at optimal levels. These types of chairs will be greatly beneficial for people who sit in front of their computers for longer hours.

These chairs are engineered in a way to support your body’s weak points and provide you with greater stability and comfort, making them suitable for people who face the issue of gamer posture. However, before investing in one make sure that the chair has these necessary components.

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🕹 Headrest

A headrest is crucial in supporting your upper body. Your head weighs more than you think and it requires good support, plus the neck and shoulders that do the job of balancing your head must also have good support to ensure that no wear and tear happens in the long run. An adjustable headrest might be a bonus point too

🕹 Armrest

Your arms are better off relaxed on the designated rest rather than supporting them using the muscles of your back, shoulders, and neck.

🕹 Lumbar Support

This goes without saying that good lumbar support is essential in avoiding rounding your shoulders. Plus it avoids the cases of back pain.


Gamer posture can negatively impact your body. But it can be prevented easily by keeping these tips in mind and investing in a good quality ergonomic chair that can be adjusted according to your preference. You can also take measures like keeping a checklist on your table to ensure that you are following the right posture.

Gaming is very interesting and it can keep you on your toes for long hours, there are chances that you might neglect your well-being and put yourself in compromising positions. But being aware of your consequences and being intentional in your actions is the only way to tackle this unhealthy gamer posture.

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