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What 3 Drinks Should Diabetics Avoid? Can It Lead To Sugar Spike?

Diabetes is a condition that occurs when the blood glucose or blood sugar levels shoot up. Diabetes is a chronic disease, and if untreated, it ...

by Kendra Reed

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Diabetes is a condition that occurs when the blood glucose or blood sugar levels shoot up. Diabetes is a chronic disease, and if untreated, it may lead to serious health complications. It heightens the risk of heart problems, stroke, vision loss, kidney problems, poor blood flow, nerve damage, and more.

Those with diabetes should keep in mind to eat healthy food, test their blood sugar often, take medicine without fail, and be more active. Also, it is necessary to avoid fried foods, sweetened drinks, sodas, food with high salt, and bakery goods. One should be mindful to watch their diet to keep blood sugar levels under control. Now, let us see what three drinks should a diabetic person avoid.

What 3 Drinks Should Diabetics Avoid? How Does It Affect?

Sugar is something that diabetic people should avoid at all costs. Sugary drinks not only spike blood sugar levels but also increase the amount of daily caloric consumption. So, avoid drinks that cause blood sugar levels to shoot up. Diabetics should not consume the following drinks as it will worsen the condition. 

🔶 Sweetened Or Unsweetened Fruit Juices

Over 37 million Americans have diabetes, and most of them suffer from type 2 diabetes. Most people drink juices literally every day, but for a diabetic person, it can be dangerous and unhealthy. Indeed, fruits and vegetables help keep the body healthy and prevent diseases, but most fruits are naturally high in sugar, which increases blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetics. Thus, drinking fruit juices, both sweetened and unsweetened, is not recommended for those struggling with diabetes. However, consuming whole fruit rather than smoothies and juices is advised as it is high in fiber, which protects against sugar spikes. 

Children Drinking Sugar-Sweetened Soda

🔶 Regular Sodas

One can of sugar-sweetened soda contains around 150 calories, which mostly come from added sugar. So, people consuming sodas regularly have a higher risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes. This happens because the body digests sugar from the soda quickly, which causes insulin resistance resulting in high blood sugar levels. So, drinking sodas is a big no for a diabetic person. 

🔶 Energy Drinks

Sports drinks and energy drinks do more harm to a diabatic person than anything else. These drinks contain more sugar with zero nutritional value, and they have only empty calories, which contributes to unhealthy weight gain. So, those with type 2 diabetes should avoid energy drinks and sports drinks to keep blood sugar levels under control. 

Other beverages diabetes should avoid are:

🔶 Alcoholic Drinks

While alcohol is considered safe to drink for diabetic people, it is high in calories. Drinking a small amount of alcohol causes blood sugar levels to rise initially. However, excessive alcohol consumption leads to the opposite effects. It causes the blood sugar levels to come down, and this, too, can be dangerous for a diabetic person. It is better to ask the opinion of the doctor before consuming alcohol to prevent further problems. 

🔶 Sweet Tea

Tea is a beverage that is commonly consumed by most people daily, and it is one of the top drinks diabetic people should avoid. Sweet tea contains a higher sugar quantity, so it is better to drink sugar-free tea to maintain a healthy blood sugar level. 

What Drinks Are Best For Diabetes?

Even though there are medicines to keep blood sugar levels under control, we should try to maintain healthy blood glucose levels by following a diabetic-friendly diet. Also, it is necessary to keep the body hydrated as it helps flush out toxins from the body and helps manage blood sugar levels by diluting excess amounts of glucose. So, here are some of the drinks suitable for those with diabetes:

  • Normal water
  • Herbal tea
  • Green smoothies
  • Alternatives to milk, such as coconut, almond, and soy
  • Coffee
  • Tomato juice
  • Sugar-free tea
  • Apple cider vinegar 


If we don’t try to keep blood sugar levels under control, it can lead to serious health complications. Often, it is our diet that contributes to diabetes, and artificially sweetened drinks cause much harm to blood sugar levels.

Alcohol, sodas, sweet tea, and other sweetened juices are high in carbohydrates, which causes blood sugar levels to shoot up. These drinks digest sugar quickly, which is why they should be avoided at all costs. It is better to follow a healthy diet that is low in sugar. Not only those with diabetes but those who consume these drinks regularly have a high chance of developing diabetes, too. So, instead of consuming too many sugary drinks, try alternative sugar-free beverages. 

If we don’t control our blood sugar levels, it can cause permanent health issues. Some natural ways to manage blood glucose levels are regular exercise, a healthy diet, hydration, and managing stress. Along with following a healthy diet and avoiding sugary drinks, take the medications regularly to prevent blood sugar spikes. 

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