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Dentite Reviews: Does It Effectively Reduce Tooth Sensitivity?

Oral problems are a serious and most common issue that affects about 90% of adults in the United States. So, when a supplement claims that ...

by Jason Wesley

Oral problems are a serious and most common issue that affects about 90% of adults in the United States. So, when a supplement claims that it can restore your tooth health back to normal, it is not surprising that it would create a huge hype in the market. I am obviously talking about Denitite Cavity Healing Tooth Armor. 

Dentite is an oral health supplement that claims to be formulated with a revolutionary formula to remineralize and restore your tooth enamel. Since its introduction into the market, the supplement has been creating a huge buzz on the internet. This Dentite review will examine these claims and help you determine whether the supplement is legitimate.

Dentite Reviews: A Permanent Solution For Tooth Enamel Restoration & Whitening

Dentite Review

Rave reviews and testimonials are pouring in from common people, influencers, and medical professionals alike. But internet hype doesn’t necessarily mean the supplement actually works. 

I only realized how popular Dentite tooth armor really is, when even my 50-year-old neighbor started asking my expert opinion on it. That’s when I decided to test the supplement and write a detailed review. In this Dentite review, I will be sharing my honest opinion of the supplement, to give you a more informative view on Dentite and whether you should invest your time and money into it. So shall we begin?

Supplement NameDentite Cavity Healing Tooth Armor
TypeOral health supplement
ManufacturerMedicinal Food
IngredientsNano-hydroxyapatite, Nano Silver, Theobromine, Trace Minerals, Purified Water, Mint Essential Oil
Synergistic blend of natural and scientifically formulated ingredients
ProsCavity healing/tooth enamel restoration and whitening
Eliminating tooth sensitivities
Killing bad breath bacteria
ConsNot available at the local retail stores or online shopping platforms
Costs extra for fast delivery 
Bottle Size60 ml (2 oz)
Price$55 for one month supply
Return Policy90-day money-back guarantee
AvailabilityOfficial website only
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Dentite?

Dentite is a dental care supplement that is made with both naturally available and scientifically formulated ingredients. The manufacturer claims that this synergistic effect of nature and science can result in tooth remineralization and cavity healing. The supplement also contains ingredients that can eliminate bad breath and discoloration. The list of ingredients includes nano-hydroxyapatite, theobromine, nano silver, trace minerals, and more. 

Each bottle contains 60 ml (about 2 oz) of the supplement and it comes with a glass dropper, that makes it easier to use. A bottle of Dentite can last for about 30 days  The supplement is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and non-GMO, making it safe for most adults. Dentite cavity healing tooth armor is exclusively available through its official website. 

The supplement came in discrete packaging, within 7 days of placing my order. Overall I was impressed with the design and quality of the bottle. But that is not a matter of concern. So, let’s jump into the things that really matter, beginning with how it works. 

How does Dentite cavity healing supplement work?

As you may know, tooth caries or tooth decay happens due to tooth-adherent bacteria. They feed on the sugars and carbohydrates you consume and produce certain acids that can demineralize your tooth enamel over time, causing sensitivity, cavities, and tooth pain.  Dentite cavity healing supplement claims that it works with a revolutionary new formula that combines cutting-edge technology for safe and effective enamel restoration and true tooth remineralization. 

The supplement’s formula contains a considerably high amount of nano-hydroxyapatite. Due to its minute size, nano-hydroxyapatite can penetrate below the surface of the teeth to provide replacement calcium and phosphate ions in the demineralized areas.

It can improve the health of the teeth and restore its natural gloss. Meanwhile, the nono-silver particles can target the bad bacteria attached to your teeth and gum to eliminate the possibility of teeth caries in the future. Additionally, the theobromine content in the supplement ensures tooth enamel protection, making it less susceptible to acid attack from bacteria. 

Remineralized teeth and strong enamel will give you tooth sensitivity relief to help you consume hot or cold food or beverages with ease. By eliminating bad bacteria in the mouth, the supplement can improve bad breath. Improving the health of your teeth can also restores healthy gum.

Dentite pros & cons

Dentite is an oral Oral hygiene support formula. Regular use of the supplement can reduce tooth lesions, caries, and cavities to provide healthy teeth and gums. However, nothing in this world is a perfect 10, everything must have its own flaws. But what matters is that what outweighs the other, the flaws or the strengths. At least that’s my outlook on life. So, let’s see whether the strengths of the supplement can outweigh its cons, to make a better judgment call on whether it would be good for you or not: 


  • New revolutionary formula
  • Non-GMO, vegan, and gluten free
  • Available in 3 different bundle packs 
  • One-time purchase 
  • Comes with a dropper for ease of use 
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Not available at the local retail stores or online shopping platforms
  • Costs extra for fast delivery 

Dentite ingredient analysis

I can say from years of reviewing several health supplements that, the ingredients used in them matter the most when it comes to safety, potency, and effectiveness. According to the manufacturer, the power of nature and science works together in Dentite tooth sensitivity supplement, to give you more potent results. Let’s see what its active Dentite ingredients are: 

Nano Hydroxyapatite

It is a derived calcium phosphate that is generally found in teeth and bones. A study done by the Department of Oral and Maxillo-Facial Sciences, “Sapienza” University of Rome, Italy, concluded that nano-hydroxyapatite can support remineralization of dental caries to refurbish tooth enamel and reduce sensitivity. It is safe for most people and does not cause any harm even if swallowed.


Nano Silver

It is a type of silver particle that is between 1 nm and 100 nm in size. It has antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties which can eliminate bad microbes in your oral cavity. The research published by the National Library of Medicine, suggests that silver nanoparticles can continuously release silver ions to kill microbes. The supplement only contains a small amount of nanosilver, which is considered safe to use.

Nano Silver


Dentite contains theobromine that is extracted from the cocoa plant. It can expand the protective apatite crystals in tooth enamel to facilitate healing. A combined study done by Oral and Dental Health Hospital, Istanbul, found that theobromine-containing toothpaste can be effective in remineralizing white spot lesions and may prevent early enamel lesions.

  • Other Ingredients: In addition to the major ingredients listed above, Dentite tooth enamel restoration supplement also contains other ingredients such as trace minerals which are essential for oral health, purified water, and mint essential oil. The supplement is sweetened with zero-glycemic and zero-sugar monkfruit.

There are no clinical trials available on the supplement. However, based on the research and scientific evidence described above, we can determine that the supplement is safe and effective. If you would be interested in getting the clinical report, just let us know in the comments. If there are enough requests, we would be more than happy to do it for you. 

Claims vs facts

Many supplements out there, promise to provide really good results, but only a few deliver what it claims it will do. So let’s compare the claims of Dentite tooth remineralization supplement and the scientific facts to determine whether it is all talk and no show, or not:

  1. Claim: Cavity healing/tooth enamel restoration and whitening.
    Fact: As we have explained the above Dentite reviews, the ingredients in Dentite can remineralize your teeth and strengthen the enamel leading to a healthier and whiter tooth and gum. 
  2. Claim: Eliminating tooth sensitivities.
    Fact: According to several sources including the Premier Dental of Ohio, tooth remineralization can fight tooth sensitivity. 
  3.  Claim: Experience the power of nature and science working together in our innovative dental product. 
    Fact: The formula combines plant extracts such as theobromine with synthetically produced ingredients such as nano-hydroxyapatite. 
  4. Claim: Studies show safety 
    Fact: Studies and clinical trials suggest that the ingredients in Dentite are not harmful to use, even if accidentally swallowed. 

Dentite manufacturer & credibility

Unlike many other health supplements out there, it wasn’t hard for me to find the details about the manufacturer of Dentite supplements. It was given on the label and was very easy to find them on the internet. 

Dentite cavity healing tooth armor is a teeth health supplement manufactured by Medicinal Food. They produce medicinal foods and supplements that are derived from nature but with a futuristic twist. With years of experience and a long line of products, they have created their own space in the health and wellness market. 

After examining the Dentite official website and the label of the supplement, I can say with confidence that the manufacturer is transparent to its customers. It is clearly stated on both the label and the website that as with other supplements, the FDA has not evaluated statements regarding the health benefits of Dentite. So, there is no reason to question the credibility, of the manufacturer. 

Dentite cost & value

Dentite is not the only oral health supplement out there, so why should you choose Dentite instead of others? Well, let’s answer this question by comparing two other similar products with Dentite: 

Dentite DenticoreFortBite
ManufacturerMedicinal FoodDenticoreFortBite
Credibility Credible manufacturer with years of experience and a large catalog of health products. Sold by Buy Goods, a global internet retailer that ensures they are selling the best quality products. Also sold by Buy Goods, so there is no reason to doubt the credibility of the manufacturer.
Result Cavity Healing/Tooth Enamel Restoration and Whitening
Eliminating Tooth Sensitivities
Killing Bad Breath Bacteria
Long lasting fresh breath
Healthy teeth & gums
Respiratory system support
Strong teeth & gum support
Supports healthy digestive system 
Cost $55 for one month of supply $49 for one month of supply $69 for one month of supply 

All of the above-listed supplements prove to be beneficial for oral health. However, in my personal opinion, Denticore has a slight edge as it provides more lasting results and is slightly cheaper than the rest. 

Dentite side effects & interaction

Dentite is a solution that you can apply directly to your teeth or mix with your regular toothpaste. It is not reported to have any notable Dentite side effects and studies show that the supplement is even safe for kids and pregnant women. It is also safe if you accidentally swallow small amounts of the supplement, but too much may lead to side effects such as stomach cramps and GI issues. 

It is also important to note that, you are discouraged from applying the supplement mixed with toothpaste that contains fluoride or calcium carbonate content. It is also best to avoid consuming alcohol, sugary drinks, or soda immediately after using the supplement. 

Dentite return policy

Return policy is another crucial part of determining the credibility, effectiveness, and potency of a supplement. In my experience, only the manufacturers that hundred percent believe in their supplement will provide a money-back guarantee. 

Fortunately, Dentite belongs to this category. They provide a 90-day money-back guarantee from the date of purchase. This means that you can purchase the supplement without second-guessing yourself because you have nothing to lose. 

You can place a return request by contacting the customer service department of Dentite through the mail – [email protected] and return the product to their warehouse in Chatsworth California.

Dentite customer reviews and testimonials

Upon analyzing the Dentite customer reviews, it is more than clear that almost all of them are experiencing the expected results. Users are expressing that they were able to completely alleviate the tooth problems they have had for years with just a couple of months with Dentite.

Many users have found it more helpful when combined with their regular toothpaste, but some people have experienced promising results by using the supplement twice a day separately. The benefits that the users have reported include teeth remineralization, healthy gum support, reduced bad breath, and decreased tooth sensitivity. 

Here are some of the testimonials from the customers in their own words: 

“I am a bit embarrassed to say this, but my breath has never smelled great, before using Dentite. I have been using Dentite for about 45 days and I’m already seeing an improvement in my tooth and gum health.” –Katelyn Hope (Colorado, Texas)

“I always had oral health issues. My tooth was overly sensitive and it had turned kinda yellow over the past years. But after using Dentite, I’m seeing a significant difference. My teeth have become stronger, and the color is improving.” –Froyd Nueman (Queens, New York)

“I heard about Dentite through one of my friends in the show business. I only gave it a shot because she recommended it to me. I am extremely glad that I found this supplement. It worked well for me. Now I have stronger teeth and gum.” –Frank Jacobson (North Hollywood, LA )

“I have recently begun using this product, I am enthused and so far the tooth that was uncomfortable (mild pain) has quieted down. I will continue with the protocol and anticipate positive results. Thank you for this unique product!” –Anonymous (Name masked for privacy)

Dentite expert opinion

Dentite Expert Opinion

In my opinion, Dentite is a combination of teeth support formula, gum health support formula, and fresh breath formula. With Dentite, you can kill three birds with one stone. A reputed and trustworthy company manufactures it and they follow good practices such as being upfront with their customers and only advertising claims that are factually true. The ingredients used in the supplement are safe to use and studies support its claimed oral care benefits. 

However, if you are experiencing severe stages of tooth cavities, other treatment options such as root canal and tooth replacement might be the better choice. Consult a doctor before using the supplement if you have dentures or tooth aligners, or if you are pregnant, or nursing, or under medications for other health conditions. 

Where to order and buy Dentite?

According to the manufacturer, Dentite is only available on the official website of the supplement. It is not available on other retail stores or online platforms. This means that you are purchasing the supplement directly from the manufacturer without going through a middleman. This is a good thing because it will ensure that you are getting the best value for your money and exclusive deals. It also eradicates the possibility of getting scammed by fake supplements with the same label, which is a bigger concern. 

Final verdict on Dentite reviews

Dentite cavity healing tooth armor is an oral health supplement that can help remineralize and restore your tooth enamel. It is available in liquid form and comes in a bottle that contains about 60 ml of the supplement. Regular usage of the supplement has resulted in several benefits including cavity healing/tooth enamel restoration and whitening, eliminating tooth sensitivities, and killing bad breath bacteria. 

A majority of Dentite customer reviews are positive, indicating that the supplement can work for any adult. The claims by the manufacturer have scientific backing, meaning that the supplement can deliver what it promises to do. After an in-depth Dentite review which included a direct comparison with other similar products, it can be concluded that the supplement can be beneficial for people with tooth and gum issues. 

Frequently asked questions

1. How to use Dentite? 

A. Apply 1-2 droppers directly onto teeth and brush with or without toothpaste. 

2. What happens if Dentite is swallowed?

A. If swallowed, Dentite breaks down into beneficial bio-available calcium. 

3. How to do a Dentite treatment? 

A. You can do a Dentite treatment by applying the supplement to your teeth for 5-15 minutes before bed. 

4. How to tell if the tooth is healing with Dentite? 

A. Take before and after pictures of your teeth and cavities every day to compare the difference. 

5. Does Dentite work immediately?

A. Dentite may start working immediately within the first couple of days of use. However, regular use of at least 60-90 days might be required to see more satisfying results. 


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