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CNN outs their own report as Fake News -“ESCAPE FROM ALEPPO”

CNN is currently running an exclusive report which they are debunking as “Fake News” in their own hourly top headlines report. Someone is getting fired ...

by Alexander Higgins

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CNN is currently running an exclusive report which they are debunking as “Fake News” in their own hourly top headlines report.

Someone is getting fired from CNN before the day is over.

With the latest news of the truce in Aleppo CNN now all of the sudden has an “affiliate” on the ground in Aleppo which has recorded a CNN exclusive report that the network is running every 20 minutes.

According to their exclusive report, which anchors keep using the phrase “Escape from Aleppo” to describe, thousands of innocent civilians are stuck in Aleppo unable to evacuate. The special report implies interference from the Syrian government is preventing thousands of trapped inside Aleppo from receiving the medical help they desperately need to remain alive.

Queue dramatic graphic footage and subliminal messages about the “Crisis in Syria” and the “Battle for Aleppo” while surreal footage plays on the screen that quite honestly my children could do better at faking.

Then their own report reveals the evacuations were stopped earlier today not due to Syrian government interference but instead , as HNN reported earlier tonight, because Al Qaeda linked Islamic terrorist bombed busses slated to evacuate civilians.

But CNN doesn’t make this clear even while just a few clips later showing, in their own special report, Islamic extremists screaming Allah Akbar after they set the evacuation busses on fire which were intended to take these people out of these hospitals.

The CNN report goes onto show that the terrorist in their footage screaming that Shia Muslims (those affiliated with Iran and the Syria government as opposed to the Sunni Muslims affiliated with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, ISIS and Al Qaeda) will never be allowed to evacuate Aleppo.

Ooops. Three editor mistakes here. CNN is not supposed to admit the rebels are affiliated with Al Qaeda or ISIS. CNN is not supposed to admit that Syria’s “moderate rebels” are waging a Jihad based on religious ideology. The editor also totally dropped the ball in disproving the entire point of the special news report that Syria’s government was preventing the medical evacuations by showing Al Qaeda linked rebels blowing up the buses that were slated to conduct the evacuations under a United Nations broker peace deal.

If that isn’t bad enough CNN then concludes their special report by showing evacuation buses parked with no evacuees. CNN rolls this footage while claiming reports from the Syrian media claiming people are being are false and the footage of the park buses is proof, concluding their special report by claiming thousands of civilians are stilled trapped inside of Aleppo in dire need of medical attention.

Yet soon after CNN’s special report ends and their anchor, like a mindless zombie, recites the hours top news headlines reporting that thousands are being evacuated from Aleppo.

Yes, CNN’s own top news headlines debunk CNN’s own special report as even more false news. Their special report claims thousands are stuck inside Aleppo and can’t evacuate due to Syrian government forces. But after U.S. backed rebel terrorists were outed for attacking the evacuation convoy the “activists” (aka Syria rebel terrorists) were forced to report that people are in fact being evacuated from Aleppo. Footage from CNN’s headline reports shows the Syrian government using DIFFERENT buses to evacuate civilians out of Aleppo.

Now the first time this happened perhaps an honest mistake but I have watched CNN report their special exclusive report, which refutes itself, and then follow the special report with headline reports refuting their own special report at least 4 different times tonight. I am not talking just re-runs here either but I am talking four different news anchors reading the same headline report and playing footage debunking the same special report they just aired.

Here’s my commentary on the second time I saw it, which I set my DVR to record knowing what was going on. Watch for yourself.

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