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What To Eat With Hummus For Weight Loss? Various Tasty Combinations!

I don’t think there are people who hate hummus. Hummus is that kid in class who is humble, liked by everyone, never brags about their ...

by Susan Debicki

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I don’t think there are people who hate hummus. Hummus is that kid in class who is humble, liked by everyone, never brags about their straight-A grades, and can be the star of your high school musical. From pasta sauces to sandwich dressing or as layers to your tacos or wraps this creamy delicacy is versatile.

It is also rich in nutrients and can be paired with many food groups and making hummus is not an ordeal too. This easy-to-cook dip is rich in protein, fiber, and several essential nutrients. The thing about protein is that it makes you feel satiated reducing your hunger. Plus the fiber in it supports effective digestion.

Hummus is also known to aid in soothing inflammation, reducing blood sugar levels, and promoting heart health, in addition, it is vegan friendly free from dairy, gluten, and nuts making it a suitable choice for people who have various dietary restrictions.

Perhaps the only group of people who cannot indulge too much in hummus would be IBS patients. Studies have shown that this dip can support optimal weight management. So today we will see how this hummus can be paired with some other foods and make some weight loss-friendly snacks.

How To Pair Hummus?

As mentioned before hummus can be incorporated in too many ways. If you are willing to experiment and be creative you might come up with an even more interesting twist than what we have to say. But let us see some combinations that might be suitable for your weight management. Weight loss doesn’t have to be just bland foods, tasty and nutritious food within calorie deficit will give you results as well as satisfaction.

Hummus Dip Paired With Pita Bread

🖍 Vegetables

Obviously, veggies are nutritious. Wanna make it more appealing, try adding hummus to the mix. Maybe eating them plain can be boring but hummus might be your apt game changer. Chop up your carrots, radishes, sweet potatoes, avocado, bell peppers, or any other veggies that you love, dip them into your hummus, and have a good time.

🖍 Salad Dressing

Hummus might be your perfect low-calorie substitute for traditional salad dressing. So next time you reach for your favorite ranch dressing or mayonnaise, just pause for a moment and change your mind. You will have a healthy and tasty time with your favorite salads. Dressing like ranch is so high in calories and you could get a lot of fiber and protein from hummus within less calories than these dressings.

🖍 Sandwich Spread

You will find quick and easy recipes for hummus sandwiches. Get your favorite bread, spread hummus in your slices, and fill in with the veggies and fruits of your choice. These sandwiches are delicious and you have the mix of everything there like vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates, and protein and it is filling too supporting your weight loss journey.

🖍 Buddha Bowls

Buddha bowls are a low-prep yet highly nutrient-rich meal. It is customizable so you can make it as per your dietary demands. The basic mix would be veggies, greens, protein sources, and complex carbohydrates. This mixture is healthy and will not compromise on taste or flavor. Adding hummus to this mix can enhance your Buddha bowl experience. It is healthy and filling and hence suitable for your weight loss meal.

🖍 Dips 

Hummus is traditionally consumed by Arabs along with pita bread. So you can give that a try. You can also eat with many other breads from around the world. In the West, it is often served with chips and crackers which is definitely a tasty combination. If you were craving for a good neck for your cheat day, this would be the one. But for a normal day make sure to maintain the caloric limit for sustainable weight loss results.


Hummus is a scrumptious and nutritious dip and it can be paired with literally anything at this point. It is tasty and filling and can add a lot of dimension to your meals. Weight loss need not always be boring foods, you can find tasty alternatives to unhealthy and highly caloric foods and enjoy your meals. 

You need not banish tasty food from your life just because you are on a weight loss journey. Do your research and be creative with how you can curate it to your calorie intake. Especially with food like hummus, the possibilities seem endless. You can make your already nutritious snacks even more nutritious and delicious as well as filling, reducing your calorie consumption compared to many other dips and sauces.

Weight loss is not just about limiting foods, it is about consuming nutritionally balanced meals within calorie restriction. In addition to balanced meals, a healthy fitness routine is also mandatory. Finding your balance be it in your meals or your physical routine is essential for optimal weight loss.

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