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What Is Jagged Teeth? Causes, Prevention & Treatment!

You might have noticed a vertical uneven zig-zag shape on the biting end of your teeth. These are widely common among people and are known ...

by Jason Wesley

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You might have noticed a vertical uneven zig-zag shape on the biting end of your teeth. These are widely common among people and are known as jagged teeth. They can appear on the upper and lower central incisor and the lateral interior. This can be seen mostly among children who are developing new teeth.

Jagged teeth or mamelons tend to go away as they get older. In adults, mamelons can occur due to a variety of reasons and they should not ignore it. It is important to seek medical attention to avoid any further damage. 

Jagged teeth can also cause some discomfort, such as:

  • Pain
  • Swelling on the gums
  • discoloration of the teeth
  • sensitivity to cold or hot food items

Reasons For Having Jagged Teeth

Let’s look at some of the reasons why jagged teeth occur in adults.

🦷 Chipping

When a piece of the enamel comes off, it is called a chipped tooth. This can expose the middle part of the teeth. It can occur as an accident or if you have bit a rough piece of food. Grinding your teeth while sleeping can also cause a chipped tooth. 

Chipped Tooth

🦷 Wear And Tear 

Teeth abrasion or erosion occurs when another tooth or foreign object moves against the teeth or the destruction of teeth enamels caused by external elements or chemicals are the main causes of wear and tear of the teeth.  

🦷 Unhealthy Dental Practices 

Not brushing your teeth properly, getting regular checkups, or consuming too much sugar can badly affect your teeth and overall dental health. It could not only pave the way for cavities but also cause tooth decay where the tooth enamel crumbles or breaks. 

How Can One Prevent Jagged Teeth?

The jagged cases that occur in children get fixed as they age and most of them don’t even seek any sort of treatment. They go away over time. When it comes to adults, to prevent such conditions, one must have a healthy and hygienic dental routine. 

  • It is important to brush twice a day and use mouthwash once. You should also floss your teeth once a week or every other day. 
  • Do not bite hardened food, they are the primary reason for jagged teeth. Never use your teeth to open cans or bottle caps. 
  • While sporting, always use a teeth guard and if you grind your teeth while sleeping, it is best to use a night guard. 

How To Fix A Jagged Tooth?

There are several dental procedures available that can help fix or correct your jagged teeth. However, you should always seek medical attention and not try to fix the issue on your own.

Misleading content is available online that gives you unauthorized information about how to fix your teeth at your home. For any teeth problem, you should first consult your dentist and do it according to your dentist’s recommendations. 

So, some of the common treatments to fix jagged teeth are:

🦷 Teeth Contouring 

Teeth contouring is a procedure in which the biting end of the teeth is evened out. This is done using a laser, drill, or sandpaper. The uneven edges are polished evenly without causing any pain. This procedure will be completed in a few minutes. Remember that the enamel won’t grow back once the procedure is done. So, it is important to get it done with a certified dentist. 

🦷 Bonding 

Bonding is a procedure where the dentist will cover the jagged part of the teeth with a composite resin putty. So, jagged edges will be filled out and covered with the white mould giving it an even finish. The resin putty would be similar to the color of your teeth and you don’t have to worry about the putty being stand out from your natural teeth. 

🦷 Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are shells made to cover the jagged areas of the teeth. This is a common treatment used for people who have their teeth broken from the middle. High-quality materials, such as porcelain are used to create them. Other than jagged teeth, chips, cracks, gaps, and discoloration are covered using dental veneers

🦷 Extraction And Implants

In some cases, dentists will recommend teeth extraction. An artificial tooth is implanted on the exact spot. Two types of artificial teeth are available – removable and fixed. Removable teeth can be cleaned while fixed teeth cannot be removed for cleaning and other purposes. 


Jagged teeth can occur at any point in life due to any injury or dental condition such as tooth decay. So, it is important to consult with a dentist to identify the root cause of the condition and deploy any appropriate measures. It is recommended to get immediate treatment rather than waiting for the situation to worsen, where the whole dental health is affected. 

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