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I’m Walking A Mile A Day: What To Expect?

If you are new to workouts and personal health care, then walking a mile a day is one of the best ways for you to ...

by Jessica Bennet

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If you are new to workouts and personal health care, then walking a mile a day is one of the best ways for you to start your routine. Being a simple task that does not require any additional effort, it is an easier way that does not put so much pressure on a beginner.

However, even though it is quite simple, the benefits that your body gets are quite high and it is equally effective for maintaining both physical and mental health. Through this article, we will be looking at the different benefits that your body can get and the different results that you can expect from walking a mile a day. 

Before jumping right into the benefits or the cages of walking a mile a day, here are some basic things that you should be clear about the whole process. 

Is Walking A Mile A Day An Easy Task?

So, if you are a beginner, then one of the biggest concerns that you might have about the process is how hard is it gonna be. To answer that question, multiple factors need to be considered. Among such factors, some of the major ones include your age, the fitness level of your body, the terrain that you choose to walk on, and so on.

Walking A Mile A Day - what to expect

Along with this, the outdoor environmental conditions and weight that you are carrying also determine whether the task is easy or not. While these are some of the general factors, your normal walking speed is also a factor that needs to be considered while determining whether the task is going to be an easy or difficult one. Typically, walking a mile a day is an easy task. 

Benefits Of Walking A Mile A Day

There is no doubt that physical activities always are beneficial to the body in multiple ways and the same is the case with walking too, if it is followed properly on a daily basis. Here are some of the general benefits of walking a mile a day;

Beneficial to cardiovascular systems

One of the biggest benefits of going for a walk is the effect that it has on your heart health. The physical activity will help you to keep your heart rate normal and the movement is also good for the proper functioning of the heart. 

Strengthens your muscles

While walking may not be the same as working out in a gym, it is a physical activity that has the power to improve the muscles in your body and strengthen them. Walking is an activity that involves the entire lower body parts and even the parts of the abdomen. So if you are able to keep up with the activity for a decent amount of time, definitely there will be changes in your overall physique. 

Improves bone health

The effect that exercise can have on bone and its proper health is supported by the National Institute of Health and according to their findings, the bone tissues respond to exercise. It makes them stronger and along with this, proper exercise or movement like walking a mile a day also prevents bone loss which results from aging. 

Improves your mood

So if you are new at walking,. One of the biggest changes that you will see in yourself is the change in your mood. Going for a good walk will help you to stay more positive, energetic, and happy than before. Rather than feeling tired, you will feel much more fresh and active after a walk. 

These are some of the major changes that you can expect if you keep walking a mile a day.      

Things To Follow While Going For A Walk

With these benefits, here are some important things that you should keep in mind while walking to stay safe. 

  • Be sure of the area that you choose to walk

Before going out for your walk, make sure that the area that you have chosen is safe for pedestrians. Also, rather than choosing a remote path, it is always good to choose a path that has a bit more people and also ensure that the area is well-lit in case you decide to go for the walk after nightfall. 

  • Get good accessories

Make sure that you have the right shoes, clothes, and other gear to make your walking much more effective. 

  • Make sure that you stay hydrated

Before going for the walk and after coming back from the walk, make sure that you drink plenty of water and maintain your body well hydrated. 

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Walking a mile a day is not a difficult task and it can be achieved quite easily. However, just because the task is a simple one, it does not mean that it is ineffective or useless in maintaining or ensuring the proper health of your baby. Walking a mile a day can bring about a lot of effective changes in you. So if you are someone who is looking for an ideal way to start working on your personal health, walking a mile a day is the best method that you can choose. 

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