Union of Concerned Scientists Are Pro-Nuclear Government Shills

Union of Concerned Scientists Are Pro-Nuclear Government Shills

Union of Concerned Scientists Are Pro-Nuclear Government Shills


Author: Kevin Holder

There’s a lot of activists and concerned citizens around the world that have good intentions yet fail to fully investigate the causes they support. I question everything, even myself sometimes. There’s SO much disinformation out there. How is anyone supposed to know the difference?

Here’s the journey on how I got here. Since I was a kid, I always knew there wasn’t something quite right in the world. In high school I hung out with the punk rockers, hippies and geeks. We didn’t like conformity and completely despised the yuppies. But even with that said in retrospect, I still watched the 10 o’clock news for information. The next day I would repeat what they said as if it were my own opinion as did most people. At family gatherings everyone would sit around and corroborate what the news said. There were arguments about the old Republican vs. Democrat paradigm and so forth. This was typical in American life and culture.

It wasn’t until my college days that I really started to question everything. I started reading books about the environment, corporations, government and class struggle. I traveled across the country camping in our National Parks. Along the way, I attended various protests and demonstrations which is where I learned a lot. It was around this time I soon discovered that this “modern world” we live in is all fabricated. One big lie that everyone held so close that they couldn’t see past. It was almost heart breaking to wake up.

Fast forward to today. We still have the same exact thing. Nothing has really changed. With so much disinformation out there and our ability to critically think diminished. It’s hard to blame anyone except corporate media and the governments army of disinformation agents.

Which brings me to my point. There’s a lot of activists and concerned citizens around the world that have good intentions. Yet fail to fully investigate the causes they support. One example of this is the “Climate Change” movement that’s been so popular lately. Which was fabricated by Obama and company by the way. I’ve had many conversations with these so called “environmentalists” and to my surprise they were actually pro-nuclear. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. How in Gods name could you claim to be an environmentalist and be pro-nuclear? It just doesn’t make sense. That’s when I came across the Union of Concerned Scientists.

This is an exerpt from their website:

Our scientists and engineers develop and implement innovative, practical solutions to some of our planet’s most pressing problems—from combating global warming and developing sustainable ways to feed, power, and transport ourselves, to fighting misinformation and reducing the threat of nuclear war.

What, what, what??? Did they just say “fighting misinformation?”

Here’s an article they wrote titled, On Nuclear Weapons, You Can Never Say Never which in my book is pro-nuclear, it’s a no-brainer.

Here’s another one titled, Exxon’s Early Knowledge of Climate Risks, Their Long Campaign of Climate Deception and Why It Matters in which they talk about climate change caused by fossil fuels. Now we all know fossil fuels cause pollution and yes we need to significantly reduce our use of it, I agree.

But when Union of Concerned Scientists state in their article:

given what they (Exxon) knew, they could have adjusted their business models to speed a transition to low-carbon energy by investing in low-carbon energy technologies

Well according to the EPA’s Clean Power Plan website, nuclear energy is considered a “clean” low-carbon energy technology. See pie chart below:

Guess what "other" stands for?

Guess what “Other” stands for?

And if you’re still not convinced check out the Union of Concerned Scientists “Make Nuclear Power Safe” section. I mean wow, really? What the hell kind of scientists are these guys anyway? I’m no rocket scientist myself but after Chernobyl, TMI, and the recent Fukushima nuclear disaster, what are they thinking? Nuclear waste lasts for 100,000 years for Gods sake. It took 14,000 years for the Great Lakes to be formed and you’re telling the world, our kids and families that nuclear energy is clean?

But that’s my point. There’s SO much disinformation out there nowadays. How can anyone know the difference? Finding the truth takes great effort and some hard core research which can literally take years to disseminate. But that’s what this website is about. That’s what I’m about. I am reality. I base my opinion on well researched scientific fact. Not some dog and pony show disinformation that’s sponsored by the nuclear industry.

I know this might seem like I’m picking on the Union of Concerned Scientists but I call it like I see it. Here’s a Reddit thread full of disinformation trolls that link to UCS website. I’m not your mommy and going to wipe your bottom and tell you everything’s going to be alright. Everything’s not going to be alright. Nuclear kills and lasts forever, that’s it. It’s not clean, it’s not affordable and it’s not necessary bottom line.

With all that said, I think you get the picture. I urge you well intentioned Climate Changers who happen to read this, don’t be put off by my critique. Do your research, look this stuff up and question everything. The future of our world depends on it, we depend on you.


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