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Thigh Lift Surgery: All You Need To Know!

Maintaining a healthy skin tone after dramatic weight loss has become a challenging factor in adults over 50 years of age. Cosmetic surgeries have been ...

by James Powel

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Maintaining a healthy skin tone after dramatic weight loss has become a challenging factor in adults over 50 years of age. Cosmetic surgeries have been delivering solutions. At the same time, it has shown immense success in delivering the right skin tone. With the development of modern surgery procedures, the removal of excess skin has become easier. People can remove unwanted skin from various parts of the body, including the thighs. 

Experiencing weight loss leads to burning away the fats in the thighs, resulting in the skin to become shaggier than ever. It may take many years for the skin to gain its natural tone and texture. But with this thigh lift surgery, it can be done flawlessly. Thigh lift surgery has become the go-to solution after significant weight loss. 

Let us learn more about this surgery. 

What Is Thigh Lift Surgery?

Thigh lift surgery also known as thighplasty is a popular cosmetic surgery that specializes in removing excess skin and fat located in the thighs. The removal of excess skin reshapes the thigh and improves the skin tone. This surgery helps to strengthen the elasticity. It may also relieve pain and skin irritations. 

Thigh Lift Surgery Procedure

There are different types of thigh surgeries depending on the range of incisions and location of the thigh. However, the procedure for each of these surgeries is almost similar. These surgeries are painless and performed by medical experts. They make sure that it’s scarless thigh lift surgery. 

What is a thigh lift surgery procedure?

A thorough medical examination is conducted before undergoing thigh lift surgery. The doctor may ask you to stop taking medication or supplements. The surgeon will ensure that the patient is good for surgery. 

Initially, anesthesia will be administered before the procedure to make sure that the patient did not feel any pain during the surgery. It is performed by making an incision in the required part of the thighs and making a cut. Then excess skin and fat cells are removed from the thighs. After the removal, the cuts are sewed back to close up the wounds. On average, the procedure takes around two hours to complete both pre-op and post-op. 

What are the different types of thigh surgeries?

Thigh surgeries vary depending on the requirement of the surgery. Different hip surgeries are performed through various incisions. The following are the types of surgeries performed by top medical experts. 

  • Inner thigh lift 

This is one of the most common types of thigh lift surgery. It is performed in the inner thighs via an incision from your groin toward the knee area and back of the thigh. The excess fats and skin are removed from these areas to make the skin look tighter

  • Mini Thigh lift

Mini Thigh lift is done in the upper part of the thigh. The incision is performed through the groin area. Unlike others, it only requires a few incisions to remove the excess fats belonging to the upper thigh area. 

  • Outer thigh lift

Outer thigh lift surgery focuses on shedding the shaggy skin from the outer part of the thighs. This surgery also includes an incision through the groin area and head towards the lower back area and hip. 

  • Vertical thigh lift

Vertical thigh lifts focus on removing the excess skin and fats from all areas of the thigh. This procedure requires a larger incision and is extended towards the knees. These procedures require more attention and have a high risk of complications. 

  • Lift with liposuction

Liposuction is performed when the skin has poor elasticity. It is the ideal solution to remove excess fat and skin in case of shaggier skin. Liposuction helps to prevent sagging skin.

How long does the results last?

On average, recovery from thigh lift surgery may require several weeks. During the recovery, taking care of the wound and avoiding strenuous exercise until it is fully healed is crucial. It is also important to move your legs as much as possible to help the skin develop and settle in the thighs. Once it is completely healed, the skin will look tighter and in the right tone. 

With a proper diet and the right exercise, the skin tone may remain healthier and tighter for many years. The influx of healthy nutrients and vitamins helps the skin to be enriched with quality ingredients to develop natural and healthy skin.  


Despite huge success in this invasive cosmetic surgery, we suggest conducting a proper examination before opting for the same. This surgery can be painless and excess skin can be removed in a span of two to four hours. Similar to pre-op, post-op recovery is highly important to maintain skin health. 

Taking a healthy diet and workouts may help to balance the skin texture after the surgery, skin may become stiffer. Starting with low-impact exercises may help to slowly move the muscles. In this way, recovery can be achieved by improving the skin health condition.

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