Something Odd? About 911 Calls Of Hartford Distributors Connecticut Shootings


In case you aren’t familiar with the story about the Connecticut shootings a gun man is alleged to have gone on a shooting spree at Hartford Distributors in Connecticut.

It is also alleged that reason for the the alleged shooting spree is months of ongoing racial discrimination in the work place which is denied by the company who employed the alleged shooter.

Family and friends say Omar Thornton was only too painfully aware of that distinction, as he claimed he was subjected to racial discrimination while working as a union driver at Hartford Distributors in Manchester.

Authorities say they still do not know what made Thornton snap — to pack two .9 mm pistols in his lunch box and a shotgun in his car before he headed to work Tuesday for a meeting with his union representative and supervisors to discuss his continued employment in what his girlfriend said was once his dream job.

He had been caught stealing beer, union and company officials said, and quietly agreed to resign after he saw the videotape. But then he went on a rampage, killing eight co-workers — some as they ran for cover, others as they warned people to run — and injuring two others before committing suicide.

Company officials have denied to The Associated Press there was any racial discrimination, and the union said Thornton never filed a formal complaint. The president of the family-owned company planned a news conference for Thursday afternoon.

I must have listened to the 911 call of the Connecticut shootings at least a dozen times on CNN and each time I do the call just seems weirder each time.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the shootings and by no means do I mean any disrespect.

People can indeed act in odd and unusual manners under times of extreme stress and most likely that is what has happened here.

In any case here is the audio of one of the Connecticut shootings 911 calls along with select audio transcript excerpts from other 911 calls made that day as provided by CNN.

The recordings were released Wednesday by police, who are investigating the shootings at a beverage distributor by employee Omar Thornton, 34, who had just signed a letter of resignation over a theft allegation. The following information has been edited and times are approximate. Not all calls are included.

7:26 a.m.: Someone from Hartford Distributors calls 911. “Hurry up, please,” he says.

7:27 a.m.: Another man: “His name is Omar. Hurry, please … He’s killing [expletive] people. … He’s going back in the building now.”

7:28 a.m.: Caller: “I guess you are on the way. We have at least five people down at Hartford Distributors.”

7:28 a.m.: Steve Hollander, company vice president, calls and describes the suspect. Hollander was grazed by a bullet and released from the hospital.

Caller: I need the cops here at Hartford Distributors right away. Shooting.

911: What’s going on? Who got shot?

Caller: Somebody got shot. I got shot.

911: I need some information, sir.

Caller: We need the cops. Omar Thornton is shooting people. I just got shot.

911: OK, I need to know what his name is.

Caller: His name is Omar Thornton, he is a black guy. Get the cops here right away, please.

911: Sir, stay on the line with me.

Caller: I’m bleeding all over the place.

911: OK, how many people got shot?

Caller: I don’t know.

911: OK, you don’t know. And you are shot where?

Caller: In my head.

911: You are shot in the head?

Caller: Yeah.

911: And what’s your name?

Caller: My name is Steve Hollander.

911: OK, who was the person shooting people again?

Caller: His name is Omar Thornton. He is a black guy. He is wearing shorts.

911: OK, black man, shorts. Anything else? What kind of gun?

Caller: I don’t know. I didn’t see it.

911: You didn’t see it. And where are you in the building, sir?

Caller: I’m hiding in an office.

911: Hiding where?

Caller: In an office. People are running all over the place.

911: OK, I understand that. Keep talking to me and we can help you more.

Caller: OK, all right, yeah.

911: And you don’t know if it was an automatic weapon or not?

Caller: He shot pretty fast.

911: OK, you are still, you are bleeding a lot?

Caller: Yeah, there’s people running all over the place.

Caller: OK. I see him running away right now. He is shooting at somebody else. He is still shooting.

911: (muffled) Shooter is outside.

Caller: He is shooting at a girl.

911: OK, how many people are down, sir?

911: (Muffled — talking to other dispatchers)

Caller: He’s got a — he is still running after people. He is not leaving.

911: OK. Do you see what kind of gun he has, sir?

Caller: It’s a black gun. I don’t know. He’s wearing a blue shirt and blue shorts. He has got — he’s got — he’s got a — oh (expletive) he is still shooting. I hear guns out there.

911: He used to work there?

Caller: Yeah, until I just fired him.

911: Today?

Caller: Today, just now, before he started shooting. He is chasing people out in the parking lot.

911: (aside) He is in the parking lot chasing people.

Caller: With his gun, shooting at them. He’s carrying a red lunch bag. He is right out in front of my office right now. I see him walking around. He’s got a black shorts and a blue shirt. He’s still walking around in the parking lot.

911: Where is he now?

Caller: He may be coming back into the building …

7:29 a.m. A caller is told 10 ambulances are on the way.

7:29 a.m. A woman calls from a storage closet.

911: Where are you ma’am?

Caller: I’m here, I’m here. I’m right here.

911: Are you hiding?

Caller: Yes, yes.

911: Stay down where you are and hold on one second.

Caller: (Crying)

7:30 a.m. Call from woman in storage closet.

911: Ma’am, Are you hurt?

Caller: No. No.

911: Are you hiding in a office? Is the door locked?

Caller: No, the door is not locked.

911: Get down, OK?

Caller: I am hiding in the dark.

911: Hide in the dark and get down. Is the door locked?

Caller: No.

911: I need you to hide and not move, OK?

Caller: Yes.

911: There will be people on the scene. We are trying to get everybody out of there.

Caller: I am back in the back storage paper closet. Please help me.

911: Stay back there and we will come to you, all right?

Caller: Help me, please. Help me.

911: Ma’am we are on the way. Please stay down and stay low, all right?

Caller: Yes.

911: Thank you.

7:33 a.m. Call from the woman in the building.

911: Hello?

Caller: Are you here yet?

911: We are on the scene, ma’am. Are you still in the room?

Caller: Yes, I am in the building

911: Are you in the back hiding? Can you lock the door?

Caller: I don’t want to get up. Do you have him?

911: We do not have him yet.

Caller: I do not want to get up.

911: Do you know what kind of car he drives or anything?

Caller: I don’t know anything. He is a tall black guy. He is the only black guy who works here almost.

911: We know who he is, we are just trying to locate him. Do you hear shooting? Where are you?

Caller: No.

911: You do not?

Caller: But come in the back please and come get me.

911: OK, we are on the way. But I need you to stay where you are. Stay down, stay low and in the corner, all right?

Caller: Yes.

7:34 a.m. Call to woman in closet.

911: I need you to stay down, stay low and stay in the back. We will come to you, do not go outside. OK?

Caller: OK.

911: I have to take care of more people. All right? Thank you

7:43 a.m.: From an injured man in building

Caller: Hi, I am at Hartford Distributors. I am at one of the offices. Can you find out if it is safe for me to come out yet?

911: It is not, sir. Are you bleeding heavily?

Caller: No, not heavily.

911: You feel OK right now?

Caller: Yeah.

911: How many people do you have with you?

Caller: My son, just me and my son.

(Other conversations on location)

911: I need you stay in there. Is the door locked?

Caller: Yes.

911: Stay in there and stay down. Have your son keep an eye. If you start to become less awake have him call us right away.

(More conversations)

Caller: I am fine. I know for a fact two people are dead in here inside the building, not in my office, in the hallway. They were both shot right in the head.

(Audible sigh)

911: Sir, just stay in the office with your son, please.

8:06 a.m.: East Hartford calls and gives location of suspect in the building. Police can see him through the window where deliveries are handled.

8:43 a.m.: Police call saying that a trooper is believed to be with the suspect’s body, but needing confirmation. “We don’t even know if he is down as far as I’m concerned.” Further conversations about suspect’s car.

8:44 a.m.: An officer is asked if a trooper was with Thornton’s body. “Yes, he’s deceased. The weapon was with him.”

So what is it that I find odd?

Well one caller give an audible sigh during the 911 call which is something I just would not expect during a massacre.

Another the caller, the one in the audio above, seems to be extremely calm for someone who is witnessing a man running around with a gun shooting people.

Perhaps even more startling is he is so calm after being shot in the head and is “bleeding all over the place”.

The other thing that is just weird is after the caller reports the shooting the 911 responder gives the following response.

911: What’s going on? Who got shot?

The caller who has been shot in the head and “bleeding all over the place” responds.

Caller: Somebody got shot. I got shot.

Now of course, this is totally out of context and we only have the audio.

I just find it highly odd that someone just shot in the head responds “Somebody got shot.”………. “I got shot”.

Again, perhaps the lack of contextual information explains it or maybe it can just be explained by the psychology of a normal person facing extreme trauma, especially head trauma, but I just find it so weird.

Perhaps another oddity is the Teamsters Union is involved here which is alleged to have a long history of connections to organized crime including recent charges connected the Teamsters Union to the Colombo crime family in March of 2010.

In fact Jim Hoffa the Teamsters Union General President gave the following statement about the shooting.

“The 1.4 million members of the Teamsters Union are mourning the loss of seven innocent union brothers in yesterday’s senseless shooting in Manchester, but none more so than members of Local 1035 in South Windsor, Conn. They lost friends, family, co-workers and a dedicated union President.

So odd 911 calls combined with the involvement with the Teamsters Union were 7 teamsters die along with a union President.

Hmmm…. What do you think?


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