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Alexander Higgins

Michigan AG: Appeals Court Rules Recount Must Stop

The Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled that Jill Stein ...

Alexander Higgins

Russia: CIA Gave Terrorist Coordinates To Bomb Russian Hospital

Russia intercepts western intelligence communications providing Syria terrorists with coordinates ...

Alexander Higgins

Something Strange Is Taking Place In The Mediterranean

NGOs are smuggling migrants into Europe on an Industrial scale ...

Alexander Higgins

NY Times Attacks Trump’s Twitter Account As Fake News While Lying About Ivanka

The NY Times openly lies about Donald Trump and Ivanka ...

Alexander Higgins

Spirit Cooking: Satanic Tantric Sex Ritual In Pictures And Video

Pictures and videos explaining the self-mutilating cult sex rituals Hillary ...

Alexander Higgins

2016 Election Results Reportedly Posted To NBC FTP Server 1 Week Early

Reports surface the 2016 election results, including state by state ...

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